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Sasha Elenskiy AFK Arena | Global


Satō Yuuka AFK Arena | Global


De los mejores juegos que he probado, entre por un anuncio y al final me vició, la gente es muy amigable o por lo menos la que me he encontrado si lo era conmigo,les recomiendo que lo descargueis y entreis a buestro perfil y pongais codigos(los buscais en google), es lo que recomiendo para volveros mas fuertes en poco tiempo ;)

El gameplay, los eventos(los eventos son de los mejores y el gameplay es aceptable al menos) y la probabilidad de que te toquen personajes morados o SSR es muy alta, o soy yo que tengo mucha suerte xD.
En General el juego es muy bueno, RECOMENDADO.
Fox AFK Arena | Global


Muy buen juego, tiene auto play que ayuda mucho, constantemente amplian el mundo del juego, los eventos son fenomenales, mejoraron las traducciones ,es sin duda de mis favoritos y el que mas llevo jugando)cosa rara me aburro rapido)
puedo decir que es muy divertido podes estar horas, ¿se puede volver complivado? si, como todo juego pero con paciencia logras vastante.
Clément Jacquet AFK Arena | Global


les graphiques sont vraiment bon niveau du son rien a redire le gamplay et vraiment excellent je trouve que ça change on voit que les développeur on fait un scénario pour l'histoire et même pour des modes de jeux qui sont hors de l'histoire certes petite mais ils l'ont fais contrairement a beaucoup de jeux qui ne l'aurais pas fait .
子猫山 AFK Arena | Global


I've been playing for quite a while and there's aways a new event with good prises, new heroes and new functions. the only recent problem was about the Expedition. but still, not much people understand what the event is about and don't cooperate with each other. Lots of groups get prejudiced by people who don't do anything there and don't even use the chat. The auto translation system is ok, but separating militias by language would be a great help! I loved the chinese guild from the first militia I was in, they did cooperate and talk with each other. This last time I was in a mostly korean militia and there were arount 10 people playing and cooperating for real. I think if someone is not going to cooperate and play the event, they are needless there and another person could take their place. I do like the event, it gives great prises, but 10 people (out of God knows how many were there) can't reach the boss alone.
Ramsmeat AFK Arena | Global


Gioco carino, con una grafica piacevole ed uno stile molto gradevole. Personaggi variegati e tutti interessanti.
Le attività da svolgere sono molte ed il lore da vita ad un mondo ricco. Tendenzialmente evito come la peste (o il covid) questo genere di giochi, ma devo ammettere che AFK Arena mi da minuti di svago piacevoli. Quindi, ottimo gioco che vale la pena di avere sul proprio telefono, che tuttavia non mi tiene incollato allo schermo come altri titoli.
Dan Dos Ds AFK Arena | Global


Muy buen juego me engancho desde que lo descargue por casualidad buena jugabilidad te permite ser participe en las batallas y los personajes están genial [賣萌]
Ferret Dookadook AFK Arena | Global


The people who rated value higher than 1 are smoking. After a certain point in the game almost any form of progression takes premium currency and takes quite a bit of it. It comes very very slow as f2p. I can't even imagine the type of person that would spend 50 bucks for 10 roll on a simple near eventless idle game.
кустарник AFK Arena | Global


The best thing I've played
Weaboo_Gamer AFK Arena | Global


Graphics are not all good, it lags sometimes. Sound, doesn't have any charm. Gameplay, you farm & you repeat & the process gets a little boring. Storyline, it's a trope among many storylines. One of the best things about it is the chat, honestly.
SateSateSate AFK Arena | Global


El juego no está mal, si estas aburrido conviene jugarlo, es un juego que no están difícil y que si le tienes un tiempo podrías ser bastante bueno, no es tan pay to win, y se entiende muy bien, los personajes muy creativos y las historias también.
Ricardo Da Costa AFK Arena | Global


Pretty fun, honestly. The PVP element is reserved for whales, but as long as you don't take it too seriously it's a nice time waster while you pop a squat at work.
Personally I really like the art and the Labyrinth allows you to play with characters you don't own, so it's really fun for F2P players like myself. Basically just find the character you wish you had and pretend you do! I don't know any other game that lets you use characters that you don't own, to get rewards for the ones you do lol
Progress does slow around the start of the double digit chapters, that's true, but tbh that shouldn't matter? It's AFK Arena, not MMORPG Arena, temper your expectation on a free game with continuous updates.
FERESHTEH AFK Arena | Global


Wasabi69 AFK Arena | Global


Its good game if you consider the name of it...AFK. So don't expect too much of course.
But for a AFK game it has pretty nice amount of content to do.
If you don't feel like grinding, you can just log in, 7 minutes and the daily missions are done.

The Character Artworks are very nice.
The gameplay can be pretty interesting.
Skins for Characters are mostly locked behind a paywall.
The further you progress in the game the more it really becomes an AFK game. Since you can't really progress that quickly anymore after a certain point, you just log in, do your daily stuff and log out.
Ur_ mum_xd AFK Arena | Global


good ass AFK game. It's still young, but makes quality of life changes on a constant. Probably the least niche and easy to get into idle game.
EnderDJGirl AFK Arena | Global


The game started out okay. It had a mildly interesting plot and it was cured my bordem. However, there's a certain point where idl games get way to hard and boring. That point came way to soon in this game. I could just check up every hour and come back to more gold and items. It's so easy to become overpowered and it takes the fun out of it.
If you want a game that's challenging and gives you a sense of reward for finishing a level, this game isn't for you.
ユーリア AFK Arena | Global


亞瑟 AFK Arena | Global


a question to the game's developer: you really think people are going to play your game without the ability to grind their first roll?
Billy Waffles AFK Arena | Global


pretty easy to get good characters! also a litty titty
Hntrynyhhytjy Game Hunter AFK Arena | Global


Uzun zaman diyebileceğim kafadır oynuyorum ilerleme başlarda hızlı olsada normal olarak yavaşlıyor sonra comp lar çok çeşitli olsada bazı op karakterler de yok değil bkz. shemira thoran vs kısacası çerezlik oyun shemira candır shemira waifu


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