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Youmi Hirosue Helix Waltz | English


The characters are drawn by various artist at the same time, not gonna do any comparison but it is a refreshing experience for me.
The intel we have to gather to exchange for items and info of each NPC have different ranges as well, and whenever a character comes to ask me for some intels he/she needs, I never get them until the time runs out, which is absolutely funny to me. But you can always memorise what info you need and meet a certain NPC (Hosta) at the Slum to buy them with money or diamond too :3
Game are very generous, even with hearts you can roll 6* clothes too, you can also roll 1 heart gacha a day and 1 diamond gacha for each 2 days.
The UI is cute, the clothes are absolutely adorable and the characters' interactions are well written too. I'm rooting for a love affair of 2 NPCs this time haha.
Gonna stick with it for a while and see how the story turns out to be. Oh and the music, gosh I love those so much, gonna make them my ringtone soon!
Kananika Helix Waltz | English


Well, this game is rich out-in. You can customise your characters, is well enough to force your sense of fashion to mix the style on Illusion Contest.

The prize, is surprisingly, nice. Simple, and not prized based on rank but the vote you got plus your vote on others' style.

And very well keep the favoritism in a secrecy. As well as battling with players, out of nowhere and is not part of Illusion Contest so that you can get Spark or whatever to enchant. This is what PvP for you.


As for the clothes, is legit generous. You can have 600 hearts in less than 1 week you know? I get this heart in just 3-4 days and get *3-*4, even sweet ol' *6 clothes.

Moreover, there's 35 non playable characters available, therefore you have 35 Imperial Egg (each had 10 random clothes, but will be all new mostly). Tada, you may as well have 350 new clothes per *4 Favor from NPCs. And is legit easy as you memorise their fav topic and choices.

Kairin cham Helix Waltz | English


um, pas nge unduh file lancar pas main trs"an network error knp ya? pdhal pas ngeunduh file nya biasa aja pas main nya network error trs pdhal wifi lancar + cuma gua doang yg make :/
MayThir Helix Waltz | English


What a pleasant suprise!

Yes its another dress up game and yes the demographic is still young female, but the quality, the quality is so very extremely good it outbeats all those dress up game out there!

Gosh where do I even start.

Ok first the storyline is very mature and a bit dark i might say. It definitely isnt the kind of storyline that treats players like 5 yrs old kids.

Second the BGM omg the BGM, sound director -sama, please receive a most respectful bow from this humble fan of yours! It fits the game so well and the BGM itself is so addictive and is actually good!

Finally in game features. I have to say I really like the "you can flirt with whoever you want" feature, it gives the player a sense of awareness, and that these NPCs are different individuals that you can invest your feelings into and receive sth back.

Wow i have much more to say but the word limit is up sob sob. Well anyways, thanks devs for bringing such a lovely game to us.
MadAlicez Helix Waltz | English


ตอนแรกก็นึกว่าคล้ายกับนิกกี้แต่พอได้ลองเล่นแล้วมันต่างมากๆๆ เลยล่ะทุกคน มีความโอโตเมะเกมผสมการแต่งตัวสุดๆ เสื้อผ้าในเกมสวยมาก ใครที่พอจะอ่านภาษาอังกฤษรู้เรื่องก็ลองโหลดมาเล่นดูน้า
Cloud-gazer Game Hunter Helix Waltz | English


Helix Waltz is a fashion-based narrative game and it's one of those games that actually applied several minigames related to it's genre to create a fun game system.
The attires are so cute and there's a plethora of them! The soundtrack matches the theme which I find myself immersed into the scenes of the story.
And, the tutorials are well done and I must say that the characters are very interesting-- I also love how reflective Magda is and I really look forward to her growth through the story!
The theme of the gameplay is to prepare your appearance to go to parties for nobility. A big piece of advice is to always wear an attire with the best Chic points on the party's theme so you could easily win the fashion battles.
The choice-based part of the game is in the main story, and is also present as a minigame during the parties. You try to win the favor of a certain character in order to unlock a feature where Magda gets to pry information out of the others in order to raise the Ellenstein Household back to the Senate.

Overall, this is a well-thought fashion-game, and I definitely enjoyed this.
Mariah Lucca Helix Waltz | English


amo o jogo, jogo ele ha algum tempo já, e mesmo assim ainda sinto falta de uma tradução. Porem se vc souber o básico da pra se virar bem, não é complexo.
deerychan Helix Waltz | English


наверное единственная dress up-игра в которую играю не из-за тряпок а потому что идея и геймплей и истории интересные
Anh Khoai Helix Waltz | English


+ Beautiful art (there are about 150 clothing sets; each one includes more than 10 items and you can freely mix them)
+ Loveable characters (there are 55 NPCs who can be friends or foes depending on your choice)
+ Unique story (even NPCs have their own stories. If you have good relationship with them, they will reveal their true nature and spicy secrets to you [厲害])
+ Addictive gameplay (I spend one whole day and a sleepless night on my first time playing this game)
+ Music really suits the theme
+ Game is generous with giving high-star (3* - 6*) items (you can use coins/ gems/ hearts gained from NPCs and real friends to buy or exchange high quality items frequently)
Saliz Elizabeth Helix Waltz | English


It great !!! I love the storyline it very special for every character . The art and music also very beautiful. l love this game ^^[開心]
Nerine Helix Waltz | English


The distributor is very stingy, but it's otherwise a pretty good Love Nikki alternative. The story's easily the best part about it though.
Regina Helix Waltz | English


Helix Waltz is a pretty good game. You play as Magda, the adopted daughter of a noble family in its decline, and it's up to you to restore the Ellenstein family to greatness. The storyline and cast are interesting. Characters that seem to have not much relevance in Season 1 get more important in Season Two (and some of them get glow-ups)

The clothing sets you can collect range from simple to fancy, and even some plain items can get higher scores in beauty contests by enchanting them. It's also easier to obtain items from previous events of Material Egg set, as the designs can appear in shops, allowing you to craft them.
You can even get sets by maxing out character's favour and doing their quests. The prestige sets are all stunning and the first four are based on the four big families in the setting.

The dancing minigame can be a bit of a pain, but there's an option to skip it if you don't want to do it.

There are also daily quests and requests that give awards. Money can be gained through either going ro balls or working at the Maid's Lodge. After a certain point, you can just skip balls with Blitz Tickets for the rewards.

There are also the Illusion Contest and the Championship.
The Illusion Contest is all about getting votes from other players for styling an outfit with randomly-assigned items.
The Championship is more like the in-game PVP beauty contests, except there is a central theme.

All in all, I do recommend playing the game.
Thảo Lâm Liên Helix Waltz | English


Art is beautiful, lots of clothes and there're also clothes for the npc. Gosh! No need for more word! This is great! [開心][開心][開心] Some may find the story is kinda long, i won't judge that.
Jun Itomi Helix Waltz | English


Please help! I've been wanting to download the game but the in-game download always stops at 2.83 MB. I've tried re-downloading it but didn't work. Can anybody help me? I want to hurry and play the game [大哭][大哭][大哭]
HoneyBlossom Helix Waltz | English


Beautiful art and designs, engaging characters, and a somewhat solid storyline. I love that it isn't your typical dress-up game; it adds so much more to it than that. There's an actual plot and other activities such as gathering intelligence. The music is beautiful but can get repetitive. Much different than other dress-up games on the market, would definitely recommend. [厲害]
Kurl Helix Waltz | English


Have been playig since last year, this is a really beautiful game. The devs also made it really easy for us to memorise what answers to give to the characters, there are many guides around but I never really found the need to use them. The story is rich and well written, and the character interactions are SO GOOD. The gameplay is great for what they're going for. It is simple, not so clear-cut but once you read a basic guide you're good for the whole game. The outfits are well-designed and in general, the art is just absolutely gorgeous. The devs are very generous, you could basically play without paying anything. You get an imperial eggs, which guarantees 10 piece of clothing everytime a character reaches 4* affinity with you. I would say it takes around 1~3days with casual playing. I got to a few thousand gems pretty easily, and I dont even have to spend them yet bcs of how many clothings I've go FOR FREE. This game is so well designed for F2P and Paying-players! I love it so much
ChiyukiSuishou Helix Waltz | English


It's a social-oriented sim game with lots of features, stories and events. There are characters which you would love or hate to interact with, but in a good way.

You will also be spoilt with the array of outfits and accessories that this game has to offer. Not only that, you can also gain partners to join you in balls. Plus the music is superbly good.

As a player who has been playing this game from the beginning, the dev team has been helpful in all cases and very community-oriented.

o(≧v≦)o~~ GJ
Chuki Sama Helix Waltz | English


From what I have played, it has really good balance. Other games focus too much in the ticket system, but this one is not like that.
You can do a lot of things like working as a maid to win coins and doing the missions to get more items.
My favorite thing is obviously the fact that you have to get close to a lot of characters by choosing the right option [哇噻]...and is really hard, I'm not sure why but that makes me really fire up[怪笑].
The music is really nice, if I'm not wrong the main theme is in french and it goes very well with the game.
For now I am curious to get to know more about the story. <( ̄▽ ̄)>
Kleine Helix Waltz | English


My id is 235114, i just played this game, add and support me, arigatou minna-san \(*T▽T*)/


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