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Yunoki My Secret Bistro | Global


This is my 2nd time playing back the game after got cyberbully past 3 years. The game is indeed casual. No stress about collecting gems as you can obtain via ads or leveling the foods and etc. [白眼]

Characters so far are yes wonderful. In form of chibi cute appearance. [懵懂]

Pets...hmm since I've returned from hiatus, I still haven't get a grip what's the function to me obviously. Eggs can be found in exploration and need to be hatch (using incubator which also limited usage) before you put it into contract in between time limits chosen. To level up pets consume pretty high coins. Since it's pets, you need to feed it to get fabulous gifts in return. [白眼]

New function added recently is guild. Nothing interesting from my view. You need to level up guild with 3 options; coins, gems & foods. [懵懂]

Lastly, I know my english isn't good still, doesn't expect others to be so persistent in asking part-time jobs from restricted floor. I already marked them for ‘not free / for exchange pt’ still — [發困] being cooperative is wonderful. Thank you and goodbye [睡覺]
Celeste My Secret Bistro | Global


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