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AkibaPlus Re:Volvers 8


All characters are totally black, why?
ゼッドディントン Re:Volvers 8


just like "the other game we all known" straight pay to win. you can't convince me otherwise. the saving grace is the skill animation, but you'll get annoyed by it soon when your opponent didn't skip it in your match. Two thumbs down.
KPCahyadi Re:Volvers 8


Like another CR clone... it plays same as that.

It's not that bad but if you already played similar game is just same but with more different art style, so called "Balanced" matchmaking, ost, and minor change in gameplay such as camera angle, skill and leader system.

I may sound too harsh on the game but it already played out harsh itself, the fact sometimes you got enemy from the next tier arena in your match it just nonsense, like they have the next tier card with your current tier card high level it just not fair.

P.S the game just came out yesterday and i am indeed aware of that, and also i aware the fact they give out free next tier card if you reach that next tier.. and yes it is "balanced" as of current state but i don't know for the longer term though.
koga88 Re:Volvers 8


Straight pay to win with very little going for it outside of some good visuals. Stay clear unless you're willing to spend a lot for very little.
regern Re:Volvers 8


Kornelius Dan Re:Volvers 8


the characters designed good, but I love the most is not the gameplay, I love the character's special skill
Tzeo Arudaloo Re:Volvers 8


it's basically clash royale but with better anime style graphics, it does have a unique mechanic which are the skills, skill timing in this game is so crucial making the game that much deep in strategy, if you're not good at strategy games this is going to be a real challenge as when before ranking up onto pvp league you'd have to fight someone on a higher tier to rank up, I highly recommend the main quest since they teach you effective strategy with the heroes you actually have on hand. I manage up to league 4 thx to the quest. Momotaro SP skill is still super strong[開心] at league 4.
Peter Craig Brunskill Re:Volvers 8


loving it so far, looks great
-Quiveleo- Re:Volvers 8


Very good game, glad I didnt played clash royale
SFaXS Re:Volvers 8


merxerys Re:Volvers 8


After months of beta testing the game comes out with a bug called "Red riding hood"
At the moment i cant tell the game is pay2win, for what i see its like every other game on the store, its obvious that who pays have more levelled cards.


Full game pay to​ win
SIX-2-O Re:Volvers 8


Revolvers8 is about a tournament that happens every 100 years. It's a PVP game where you can battle players real-time in league battles.

⭐ Collect decks from books or from increasing your league ranking

⭐Unlock story chapters as you rank up

⭐ Full Japanese voice acting
otakumikoto Re:Volvers 8


Anime Fairytale Game Are Great Game
William Chang Re:Volvers 8


quite nice and challenging
Jinxelin Valent Re:Volvers 8


it's a really fun game , I like it
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