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Ex-Machina Custom Cast


Sialannn sagne parah
Anakonder98 Custom Cast


Nice game but i give some tips:

-Make the app in english
-Pls allow to interact with her 😍
Rabbin8ter Custom Cast


Ever wanted to make your own Virtual YouTuber but never had the talent and skills to create and animate a 3D model? Custom Cast is here for folk looking to create an animated 3D avatar for just that, with the ability to animate the model via preset animations and even face-tracking and lip syncing! Being a free app, the game does offer a lot of customization options, although with some limits. For one, you can only make female characters, albeit very customizable ones. The clothing options are very limited, but offer up some additional options to really make your character stand out. Once you've created a character, you can try getting the "Vtuber" part of the app working by fiddling with the animation options. It's probably just my phone, but I couldn't really get face tracking and lip syncing to work very well. A more up-to-date phone with a better camera is probably necessary to make this work well! All in all, it's a decent app with a neat character creator to play around with.
เริ่มเกมมาก็นกแล้ว Custom Cast


ShigoAkagane Custom Cast


i wish there is a english version
Bayaya Custom Cast


in the future i hope they will give users ability to color the hair part independently.
AzureKaos Custom Cast


Black Screen...
greyson107 Custom Cast


小米8目前没法玩 坐等更新
moshuku Custom Cast


it's good but it lacks a lot in the costume department
it might just be me but it seems like a lot of the budget went to hair customization because this game has a lot of hair customization options but clothing facial and height seem to be lacking a lot of options I haven't seen any ads or paying to get anything so I don't know for sure
RaidZ Custom Cast


add English please
ShiroiYuuki58~ Custom Cast


I really liked it!~ Its pretty fun to use, a big complicated at first, because i dont know Japanese, but wandering around in the app, and tryinf to understand the image tutorials that pop out sometimes, i managed to at least know the basics of the app
Josaki Johan Custom Cast


good for weebs
_riottt015 Custom Cast


I hope you can add more like deliquents clothes and make her can hold something like sword, gun, umbrella,, etc ///
MoonCat64 Custom Cast


I'm enjoying this more than I should. I would love to see an English version of this though too![賣萌]
Tsiox Custom Cast


EDIT: It works now, 2019 March 31.
Well this is like a light pocket version of Custom Maid 3D 2, I rather play the original on PC with all my mods :)

Old comment:
The app didn't work for me, I use Xperia X compact.
Okawari Fukawa Custom Cast


weh mantap bisa bikin bacol sendiri
Xul Custom Cast


dont support samsung galaxy s7 T^T
あつゆき Custom Cast


Indra Alamsyah Custom Cast


nice game but i hope ur game available on English or Indonesia language
〘いざと〙イザト Custom Cast




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