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Kiryonn Akira Kick-Flight


completement inmaniable. je sais meme pas comment je suis censé faire une attaque de base!

edit : ouai non cé bon j'ai compris. En fait on gère pas ca. c'est nul je suis dsl mais au moins mettez un joystick. quand je veux descendre mon perso s'arrête. Et pour ce qui est de l'attaque de base, mettez un bouton svp.

Ce jeu a du potentiel. Genre vraiment. Mais il est pas exploité.
Hennry Kick-Flight


First of all, this game has an amazing and fresh concept that might be enjoyable for some of you.
It's 4 VS 4 Between Player that instead of the usual Kill-All-To-Win, you must Gather "Crystal Point". You Win The Game If Your Team Has Higher Point Than Your Opponents Team.

F2P Friendly Rate: 10/10
Heck Yeah. For those who still re-rolling, still don't know, or still wonder if this game is f2p friendly. There's a "Challenge" tab on each character. You can get 1k Gold And Many other Rewards Per Character if you clear all the Challenge Quest for each Character. Resulting of total 13,2k Gold AND Many Other Rewards. Enough to do x4 Multis Pull on disc Banner. And for The character, you will get the Character tickets after you do a certain pull on Disc banner (Mainly After Multis Pull) so you should got all of them pretty easily. Imo tho, you should pull character first instead of their alternative costume. Cause you won't get the duplicate on character banner.

Graphics And Character Art: 10/10
Anime-Style Game will always has a plus point, aight? seriously tho, this game's graphic and art is one of the best in recent game release.

Sound And Music: 8/10
Fine BGM, Not really that catchy but it sure is not Bad.

Gameplay And Control: 6/10 (Previously 3/10)
After Played It for at least 1 day, i can assure you that you can get a hang at this control system if you have lot of free time to try LONG enough. and i can see some people addicted to this game, including myself. still not a fan of it's Sensitivity of the control tho.

Storyline: NA/10
You Expect A Story in PvP-Focused Game?

Character Balancing: 7/10 (previously 6/10)
I Don't like using the word "Weak" to any character in any game, because if you use it right you still can win. but still, there's "weak" character in this game and if you happen to use them, you will have a hard time. Fortunately There's Disc (Basically Skill) in this game that somehow balanced things out. but still, this game has 3 modes. Some characters that may be weak at 1 mode might be pretty OP at Other Mode, so i guess that also Balanced things out?

Gacha Rate: 7/10
Pretty decent rates so far, already play the game long enough to do 2 multis pull and got 2 UR Disc along with many SR.

Current State Of The Game: 8/10 (Previously 5/10)
Beside Minor Connection Issue that some people may have, everything else is smooth. no mods or bug as of now.

Overall, Pretty decent game. make sure you have some free time when starting out this game cause you need some times to get a hang at first.
Man Mfsero Kick-Flight


เริ่มมีพวกโปรแล้วนะเกมนี้ มะกี้เจอมากะตัวยิงมันจนมันเกือบตายHPแม่งเด้งเฉย แถมเด้งลัวๆเลยด้วย
Franck kamonou Kick-Flight


bon jeu mais beug a la folie svp corriger les beug juste ça et le réseau en ligne [暈] a part que le jeu crash et beug chez moi jai pas de problème avec le gameplay parce que ce jeu me fait pensé a un autre jeu que j'aime bien c'est CAMPASS la seul différence c'est qu'on peut volé dans fight kick. C'est les crash et beug qui me fond rager c'est tout
Nguyễn Giang Kick-Flight


so good
Ordinary Human Kick-Flight


Ephraim Gazali Kick-Flight


Nice Concept, but lacking some basic features like quick chat and report button.

Also it probably just me, but the matchmaking really sucks, and i always teamed with some brainlet who can't read the map and making the team lose.
futatsuki92 Kick-Flight


Best japanese portrait moba on market, number 2 and 3 was Compass and Linqs Rings. Definitely must play on the list. [開心][哇噻]
KetsuekiShu Kick-Flight


Me encanta aaaaaaaaa[開心][開心][開心][開心]
Lance• Kick-Flight


Nice & Great Game for me this better than One Piece Bounty Rush.

Small yet compact and will hit your face hard when it comes to small sized application yet you can play it fully hd, graphics & if your phone sucks you can still play it by tuning low modification that will make the game better.

Can be played on different language, cool sfx, nice characters you can wear costume & build coop stat disc. Nice Balance on different element and role you use. Balance on using different equip disc from atk,trap,move,buff,warp & heal.

A game of strategy, skill and technique.
for people who dont have 2 hands to play will sure have a hard time playing this because its fast pace team pvp from ramble, team flag & base point atk/def.

Support is Good if you report someone cheating/hackers they will act fast and ban those kind of users. All of your games will be recorded and can rewatch you can even watch other players play and learn from them if your new.

Control is hard but if your persistent to learn will get a hang of it for noobs try playing tutorials first before going to war.

For people saying the spirit orb rasen shuriken is imba 1 word i can say Idiots its intended to do that kind of dmg so that tankers and healer can be killed your so salty by being hit by 999999 have you been played with 4 tankers with team heals try to play with that then tell to my face that skill is imbalance. Also the Ultimate is not spammable and you need to hit normal atk 1st to do ultimate while disc can be spam when cooldown is done.

Gacha Rate one of the best you can get 5 UR or SR and if your rank is high you can earn more % chance of obtaining ultimates. Character Summon No Brainer I already have all the characters just by playing 1 Day by doing the time limited quest. By playing the Game also gives you 1 summon disc and can be open up to 3 & 6 if you got game pass like mario kart but not to extent of being unbalance from f2p to p2p players. You can Also have free Summons every 6hrs.

The only thing that i hate when the server becomes laggy and the wifi icon shows up when im playing even my internet connection is excellent.

Overall 9.0/10
Chiroukotomine Kick-Flight


esto ami me dise error de conexión cuando tengo bueno el internet ????


Pablro Kick-Flight


los que le va mal es por su telefono de mierda 😪
RuriStruass Kick-Flight


It's a #コンパス copy but flying
Faremuelandroid Kick-Flight


muy buen juego, super facil el manejo y no pesa tanto, con muy buenos graficos
ทัยกุล ตาทิพย์ Kick-Flight


CBT ลองมาแล้วสนุกมากครับ
กลุ่มคนไทยนะครับ https://www.facebook.com/groups/621958624940140/
Aikawa Ayumu Kick-Flight


nice so far. is like playing Sword Art Online Lost Song flying around
Artem Zikol Kick-Flight


So, let's start. I've played this game since launch, and let me tell you its something new! The formula hasn't beenused befpre, and I haven't seen a game like this before. The combat isn't repetitive because you always play against different people. Its a little hard to get used to the controls, but once you understand, it's really easy! I think the game has a bright future ahead! [色色]
HoldMyHand 77 Kick-Flight


Shemuel Green Kick-Flight


I love this game somuch ahhhhhh


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