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ыва Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


я ждал этого 12 лет в Азербайджане
Lloyd Alojado Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


I feel like a lot of people is expecting SIFAS to be like the old SIF . In All Stars, your not suppose to be the one doing the lives , in a sense . Your(the Player/MC/Ayumu's childhood friend ) is suppose to be assisting them , managing things , helping them improve in doing what THEY do, which is doing lives , that's why we have AutoPlay now . Even in the story , your character tells everyone that he/she is NOT a school idol . He/she just supports them(like in a managerial sense , not like a fan ) some of the girls even call the Player Buchou , which I think translates to chief in a business sense . But well , that's how I've been seeing the game as , so I'm not really that bothered with the Player not being able to do Hard lives early on. I assume being an Idol takes a lot of hardwork to "get to thetop", so it makes sense to not be able to do Hard lives yet . But well , I'm rambling . Anyways , great game . I would suggest it to others , and I do. But don't expect SIF gameplay .
angel Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


Juego mediocre para personas que merecen más. pienso que Klab se está burlando de los Love Livers pero el amor por las musitas acuosas y pdp es más grande. Este es un juego en el que una vez tienes buenas cartas eres invencible con solo entender las misiones y maxear el arbol de sus cartas y los lives se convierten en repetitivos y aburridos. en este juego no importa tu skill en juegos rítmicos, por lo que no existe esa mejora de jugador en cuanto a nivel individual, sólo mejoras tu equipo por lo que la diferencia entre un jugador "TOP" y uno promedio aquí es sólo la de dedicación y suerte. He visto también que en las últimas semanas muchos jugadores han decidido desistir de este juego (incluyéndome) por lo que muchos que deciden seguir jugando tienden a insultar, menospreciar y a llamarlos "falsos fans" pienso que hay muchos obsesionados con Love Live a tal punto de ser incapaces de criticar o tener una opinión constructiva para el juego. No por criticar vas a ser un tóxico.
sasara_the_best_boy Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


ллсифас не подведи прошу
darkness_yamii1 Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


📌มาแล้วนะครับสำหรับเกม Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS รวมไอดอลเลิฟไลฟ์ทั้งหมด3โรงเรียนเลยจ้า การเล่นจะใช้นิ้วมือทั้งสองข้างกดตามตัวโน้ตที่ขึ้นบนจอให้ตรงจังหวะ มีการอัพเกรดไอดอลที่เราเลือกจัดทีมและมีสายต่างๆให้จัดทีมเล่นอีกด้วย
🌟สรุปปัญหา &วิธีการแก้ไข
Q:โหลดไม่ได้ (ปุ่มไม่มี กดโหลดไม่ได้)?
A:โทรศัพท์ไม่รองรับกับเกม ต้องเสียใจด้วยคร้าป

Q:เกิดปัญหา Invalid APK ไม่ให้ติดตั้ง?
A:ไปโหมดDeveloper ปิดตัวช่วยเร่งของ XiaoMi วิธีมีลิงค์อยู่ในคอมเม้น

คนไทยมาใหม่มารวมกันรีวิวนี้ เพื่อนๆคนไหนติดปัญหาตรงไหน เม้นช่วยเหลือกันได้เต็มที่ครับ 😘เพื่อนๆคนไหนถูกใจรีวิวของ
Raccoon Ch สามารถกดติดตาม และกด like เป็นกำลังใจให้ด้วยนะครับ😆ต้องการรีเควสเกมไหนหรือติดอะไรทักถามแอดเพื่อนQooApp ได้เลยนะ
queennutti Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


Конечно, много чего я от него и не ждала, но в глубине души надеялась, что всё будет не так плохо, как думалось. Однако нет, всё точно так же, как и в трейлерах, нам честно показали продукт как он есть. И, собственно, какой он?
Тут далеко за словом ходить не придётся, ответ простой и однозначный - Скучный. Олстарс скучный.
Я могу сравнить ощущения от игры с такими, ну вы наверняка знаете, шоколадными дедами морозами в красивых, ярких и блескучих упаковках, открыв которого вы получите только невкусный шоколад низкого качества. Вот точнее не придумаешь, так олстарс и ощущается.
Невкусная конфета в красивой обёртке.
MakiFan Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


а как какать
Kaoru Rei Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


Finally the 3D version that we deserve has arrived. In general the game has a very high quality production values, fully voiced story, amazing artwork and design, top of the line waifus, good story so far to introduce the new group, new rhythm game gameplay which is refreshing, and best of all, high gacha rates values!

5% UR rates which is basically 40% chance to get one or more UR every 10 pulls. That's really high for any gacha games out there. The best thing about it is of course getting to know the waifus that you know and love. The dialogues are always good. Not only do we get the usual 2 groups that we love, there is one more group added exclusively for this game, and all of them are really waifu material. [色色]

Whether you are a new player or already a fan of the series, it's a game that everyone could enjoy.
chakichaki Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


Ту мач русских игроков
Рина Тенноджи лучшая девочка и этим всё сказано стэньте Рину Тенноджи Тенноджи Рину
リーリー☆ Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


EDIT: For the love of god, PLEASE stop commentimg on this. This review is over a year old, and I'm tired of getting random notifications of angry simps saying "uHm WeLl AcKsHuAlLy..." No. Just stop. Let me live in peace, please.

It's whale hell. Don't bother playing the game seriously unless you're a well-off individual who can afford blowing off all their money on overpriced in-game currency.

The game relies way too much on having good cards rather than being good at the game. I can't play higher level difficulty songs because my cards are shit. But I can't gacha for better cards because I'm a broke kid. Leaving me stuck on all these easy and normal difficulty songs, which are boring as hell to play.

And just imagine how much fun it is desperately grinding for event points on easy difficulty because there's a limited UR Ruby Kurosawa (best girl) available for people who rank 50,000 or lower, but you can only rank 150,000 at best because the game favors people who pay money over people with skill.

There's a lot of things I can put up with for my idol babies. But this shitty system is not one of those things. Oh well. I like Idolmaster more, anyway. Back to Deresute and Mirishita, then.

EDIT: So, my opinion has changed a bit. They've added more methods of gaining Stars, so they're significantly easier to obtain. My pull rates (emphasis on "MY") are still shit, personally. But my luck is awful, so that might have a hand in it. Events on the JPN servers are impossible to rank without bekng PtP, but it's much easier to rank on the international servers. This is NOT a rhythm game, it is an RPG. Doesn't excuse it for getting boring, through. Game is still definitely a cash grab, but it's *our* cash grab.
Haruka6996 Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


Сделать игру с 9 кнопками, сильным геймплеем, а потом сделать вот это подобие ритм игры. Вау, здорово
К слову, с сосущими карточками вы даже хард не пройдёте, здорово, правда?
Mateo Lasprilla Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


Imagina darle 5.0 sin haberlo jugado jsjaj
Yosh Wataitō Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


You best waifu. [怪笑]
Erik Figueroa Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


los graficos son hermosos, las animaciones y el 3D tambien es hermoso los menus son hermosos y muy fluidos, pero el gameplay la verdad es feo, quisieron ser originales al querer combinar el genero rpg y el ritmico pero no salio bien, el hecho de que al estar tocando bien se te baje la stamina es horrible, el farmeo necesario para poder subir tus cartas es algo eterno, ademas en la parte del ritmo solo tenemos 2 botones no los 9 que teniamos en sif.
la verdad a mi me parecio un gran potencial desperdiciado por querer hacer algo original que al final resulto ser muy frustrante y aburrido
Bodo_Kyun~ Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


the best lah ini game o(〃^▽^〃)o
Aelita Yoon Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


I feel like people who don't understand Japanese aren't able to take full advantage of this game. It took me a week of serious deducing for some of the fast-reading parts to realize the fine gameplay aspects, but once I figured it out, the game became SO much more fun.

For the record, you DON'T have to buy gems to enjoy the game. Getting gems work LITERALLY the exact same way as SIF classic, and the game is just too early to introduce tickets. (SIF Classic didn't get tickets until it's 3rd year in NA)

What makes a good "deck" is how you EVOLVE the cards, and I think that's the part that throw a lot of people off. Each song has a different set of "appeal missions" - sometimes it's how many Voltage points per note, sometimes it's how many DIFFERENT GIRLS per appeal period, sometimes it's timing an SP burst at the right moment.

Watch tutorials on how to play the game PROPERLY, and I can promise you that you'll enjoy it! (›´ω`‹ )
ROBERT.E.O SPEEDWAGON Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


Love live finally got their own version of 3d
Ngl it looks good, but I'm scared when I saw umi face somehow [汗顏]
The gacha rate is 5% which is 40% chance
For you to get UR from your 10x
The gameplay reminds me of osu taiko but instead of one there's two of them
Which is refreshing after seeing so many rhythm game using the same old board
There's also skills panel between the two taiko lines
That you need to keep watch on
Everytime it fully charge you get points for it

For combos you need to hit above nice to keep the combo (which is almost hitting the whole middle circle minimal , A little off and your combos gone)
Also don't release the lines when you hold them because when it reach the middle it will apply itself

Now happy hunting and try to stay away from the salt
Schavel Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


В общем потыкал-поиграл, более менее разобрался и могу сказать, что сейчас ощущения от игры в РАЗЫ лучше, чем когда я только начал и вообще не понимал что и зачем. Это как очень хорошая смесь продюс гейма и ритмача, с чуть большим уклоном в продюс. В тимбилдинге скорее всего начну разбираться только с выходом англ версии, но геймплей чудесный. В отличии от уже немного приевшихся ритмачей я тут не сижу в прокрастинации в надежде что руки сами все за себя сделают, тут мне приходится следить за происходящим и продумывать все свои действия, что на удивление приносит удовольствие (все мы знаем что думать это не весело). К тому же для ритмача все еще есть обычный сиф, которому сифас задумывался как дополнение, а не замена.
И! Модели! А если быть точнее то те, что в костюмах от УР, просто прелесть. Эффекты на лайвах (если говорить про самую ((эффектную)) сцену) тоже очень хорошие, 5% на УР очень хорошо, карты красивые, девочки милые, дайте денег за позитивное ревью
テディ Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese


indo berkumpul kuy😏


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