UrsulaPixels Epic Seven


Gráficos fenomenais! Musica e design de personagens também! Muita gente reclama de ter que grindar muito, e é verdade que o grind nos níveis mais altos é bem cansativo, mas comparado com outros jogos Gacha, é bem melhor porque você não se sente grindando só pra pegar as moedinhas do Gacha. Você também pega equipamentos e runas pra melhorar suas unidades. A história é bacana, mas nada extremamente inovador. As histórias paralelas são interessantes também porque mostram bastante como cada unidade é e etc. Os desenvolvedores parecem prestar bastante atenção à opinião de quem joga, o que sempre ajuda o jogo a melhorar!
Solana De Luja Epic Seven


No auto or skip effect function. Hard grinding game. Low drop rate. Confusing summon fuction when card and chars are all together. But the rate is super low. No freebies at all. In game event rewards are lame
Rayan Padre Epic Seven


Ce jeu est incroyable
phong thanh Epic Seven


relly bad service bad support from GM!!!
Daekho Epic Seven


love this game
Ishihara Kanzo Epic Seven


People that gives 1-3stars are a complete douchebags.
argue me..
Zyu The Silver King Hazuki Epic Seven


Top of the line superb animation, character designs, attack and specials animations as well as color vibrancy, gacha rates for 5 star characters are the only downside as they are rare to land and is the only area needed to be improved on by the developer, a side from that, cant wait for global launch.
WaHa Ha Epic Seven


Graphic is good, the animation and background is superb
been playing GBF, FGO, and now im stuck in this game

Since they've added the jap voice over and got some fav seiyuu to note, pretty neat
BGM is not that much tho, gbf was great hahaha

Gameplay is kind of bland unless you got godlike rng gear rolls and super status
Not really into the pvp one, really rigged with that wtf luck on defending AI the RTA is only for heavy grinder, wont stand a chance for casual player always back to square one, God Gear Rolls
Some stage is pretty niche, which require certain hero needed to easy clear
You can clear with hero X, with hero Y, but still back to the rule 1, God Gear Rolls so its not really helpful
not really friendly with beginner or low luck player

Gacha rate is good imo, 121 pull, better than 300 pull to guarantee 1 hero
You got daily 1 summon, which is really helpful (got lots of good heroes here, during first 3 months of playing i got no *5, but now i have like 65% of all heroes) f2p here
which is obtainable within 3 month playing since you get the gacha material around 1000 weekly for f2p
could be faster if you get pulling ticket from shop, event, and drops from adventure

Some event give very useful *5, not that many tho

Pet allows auto battle and gaining odds in the game, also got daily pet summon as well, starts from lv 45 if im not mistaken
There is mystic summon (from guild war) and element summon (from guild as well, got 2 *5 here, nice)
element started from lv 50 to appear on the summon menu
if the guild is not active, better leave it and search for active one for free summon

some story was good, some was not
just like gbf imo, fgo is better at the story imo

just did it daily since i played as usual, and some days with grind fest (during double drops event or some crucial event with nice prize)
i had better time than in gbf
not that same with fgo
but this game is worth a try, the dev is fixing stuff at really slow pace which is kinda worrysome

if youre going to play this game, the grinding is like arknight (once you cleared it easily, it will go auto), the gear collecting is like magna grind in gbf (looking for gear drops), the upgrade stuff is like fgo (the material and stuff)

if youre not familiar with those games, this game is kinda tiresome
good luck and stop playing the one that stop sparing joy
game is for refreshment, not the stressor.

have a nice day
Muhammad Hanif Epic Seven


man the game is so smooth, don't have long loading like other rpg. cant wait for global release
Tzeo Arudaloo Epic Seven


Gourgeous animations...that's about it, I've definitely enjoyed this game, made it to chapter 10 simply focusing on 4 heroes only to realize they were trash when reaching further pve content, I can live with this type of game being p2w in pvp but pve content being too strong that you must have crucial heroes is incredibly bad. F2p players you can enjoy this but it won't last, look elsewhere.
Muhamad Fauzi Epic Seven


Ok this game is very good
Kitnanmak Epic Seven




this game used to be great, now i can barely play this shit.
SilverES Epic Seven


About the only thing I don't like and I REALLY don't like it is the gacha setup. Not so much the drop rate of 5*...even though that's bad, if 3* and 4* can be developed and there's a good amount of them that can be solid/form a solid team with. Fine, I might can live with that. But it's the items + characters in one pool...and items are higher rate overall (54%). Even with the 30 draws early (a good idea), it's diminished some with the mixing. I will also state my everlasting wish for truly skippable (or short and done) tutorials. I really don't need to be told how to play these games at this point. Have them for people who need them, allow others to skip by and get on with it.


Genial juego, amigable con el Free player, los ML y el farmeo de equipo es pesado. Pero las gráficas, la historia y los modos de juego son geniales. Una maravilla
Saleh S. Court Epic Seven


Idk fam, I'm f2p, I have literally 1 ml5* to my name. No avild, no ssb, no Basar, no mchloe, no extinction characters or revive at all and honestly?

I love this game. Its fun! You get Montmorancy for free through connections and her specialty change still makes her one of the best healers in the game. Lena is a nat 3* and is a brilliant farmer. Ains is a nat 3* and is basically mini ken. Kluri is a nat3* and is brilliant. Judith is a cleave enabling icon and oh look she's nat 3*.

You can reroll until you get a 5* you want (from the starting pool ofc) and guess who I chose! Baal and Sezan! I chose a hero that people never use! And I built them, and I still use them today! And they're great.

My guild is in x5 rewards in guild war, and I'm one of the people with the highest win records, my defense team has Khawana AND the aforementioned Baal and Sezan in it, people in x5 rewards still lose to it. You don't need to bow down to any kind of meta and you don't need to yeet your wallet at the game.

It's a grindy game, you have to put work in. You have to get gear, and hell yeah the gear rng is gonna feel like it's kicking you into next week sometimes, but that's part of the game. You're playing a gacha game for Pete's sake of course it's gonna be heavily rng.

The gacha has pity banners, there are no banners exclusively for paid currency.

The dev team respond pretty quickly to issues now too, despite the community being overly hostile towards them.

This game isn't gonna be for everyone, that's fine, but the point is that you've gotta find that out for yourseld, but don't just skip out on giving it a chance because you read a 1* review from some dude who's upset he didn't get 7 different ml5* in the space of 2 months.
Lsedrik Epic Seven


Последние обновы заставляют задумываться что разрабам похуй на игру
Proto Mega Epic Seven


attractive for newer players and f2p friendly at the beginning of the game. But it falls hard when reaching late game since getting your first 6 star maybe quite a task.
For the heroes, good design and you can use alot of 3 stars for pve content. Summon currency is quite easy to get early game. But it gets harder in the mid-early late game. In the late game you can just farm the currency. Getting the op ml heroes needs some luck though. Been playing since release and i only have 3 nat5 mls yet these mls are not even that good compared to the others. Also 6 starring is also quite a hassle because of lacking fodder.

Energy system may be good at first sight but don't let it fool you. At the early game you might find yourself having a thousand energy, but the energy cost for late game grind is huge. After spending 1k energy on hunts won't even give you the guarantee to drop decent gear(tried spending 5k but didn't drop anything decent). This is one of the main flaws of the game.(The dev herself told doesn't even play the game. Plus they don't want people to get good gear) max energy cap is 144 and spending currency to refresh it doesn't even refresh it to max(only 60 and 80)

Gold system is just like the energy system. You might get alot in the early game but in the late game you will find yourself not reaching 100k gold because there is so much things to spend on(upgrades, crafting, promotion)

Gear system is mentioned above, hard to get even with crafting. playing since release but I can't even decently gear 15 of my heroes. Gear removal needs gold.

PVE content is meh. cost+effort>rewards. Abyss is the only good pve content imo since it gives you good rewards for completing it. The raids and hellraid doesn't even give you guaranteed gear/bm drops. Imagine going to a once in a week dungeon where you will get nothing buy ten thousand gold and some cheap gear. Hunts costs 20 energy which doesn't add up with the rewards you are getting which is around 30k gold, around 10-15 crafting materials
and either gear or other currency. Side stories come out every other week which adds to the grind. it has good storyline and makes getting catalyst easier. but energy costs is a burden.

PvP content is full of op units that you might not even get even if you whale. not much variety in arena as you can only see around 10 repeating heroes in defenses, rta is coming despite people can't even properly gear their heroes. gear is also a huge factor, spd is like the deciding factor in most cases if you will win or not. they nerf and buff heroes often so hopefully they can balance it out.

i can rant more but I'm tired of typing. if you want to collect heroes/waifus i recommend this game, but if you want to spend alot for pvp and other content i suggest go find another game. Devs and admin are killing the game because of their greed. Even the number one guild in global disbanded because mainly of lack of content and other reasons.

PS: this is made by someone who is borderline champion-legend in arena, mingling around top100 in guild wars.
Francisco Akashima CF Epic Seven


Fácil todo es hermoso menos el rate de mierda y eso caga a la mayoría dropeando el juego.
En conclusión no se lo recomiendo a gente que se sale de quicio por rates culeros
~☆Jayson☆~ Epic Seven


I enjoy it. It's pretty difficult from most recent Gasha Games and I definitely love the artstyle and gameplay it provides. Grinding is a bit of a hassle for some but that is not an issue for me. You get use to this agter playing many JPRGs, Destiny 2 and etc. Actually I quite like how friendly this game is towards those who choose to be F2P though it would benefit a lot of players more to be P2P or at least a mixed of both. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy Turn Based Games with interesting plot and cutesy-cool artistic direction. English Dubbed isn't bad. I actually like it. [微笑]


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