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Darg Kilua Epic Seven


too cash heavy bait.. even if you whale you wont get what you want w awful gacha rates.. and to build 1 hero require alot of grinding and materials.. before you finish 1 hero you will find better hero and regret later for all golds, catalysts, runes you wasted
Not very friendly game unless you are masochist
MarkSein Epic Seven


Awesome game, can't wait for global ver Q4 this year
NomNom Yang Epic Seven


Just past ch. 1. Art and animation are amazing. Gameplay is somewhat satisfying, but repetitive. Free 10x roll, 30 times once you complete the 1st chapter. Characters and equipments are in the same roll and 1.25% to get characters. 300 dollars doesn't get you a 5*, I've made the mistake for you :) other than the gacha, game is fantastic and emersive with dozens of ways to earn free crystals.
Shiny☆ Epic Seven


Great game cant wait to play the Eng version :D
WaifuKurumi Epic Seven


It's okay, I like the art and skills animation as they are very good. One thing is the no auto repeat when it's kind of a grind and can get annoyed very fast. Waiting for global release.
Patrick Liao Epic Seven


Phenomenal graphics, music, and character design. A lot of people complain about the grind, and yes, endgame grind can be hell. But compared to other gacha games I've played, you're not solely grinding for the summoning currency. You grind for gear, runes, and such to actually build a unit. Story is nice, I personally haven't read to much into main story. Side stories provide a nice insight on units. The Developers are being a bit more responsive than the past. By far my favourite gacha style game.
Tachibana Kanade Epic Seven


Turn based game from Korea with anime style but really awesome skill ・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧

I uninstall it after playing more than 1 years because i hate the rate of this game. Status Rate, debuff applied rate, gatcha rate, etc..
What i want to say is If your the luckies one in the world.. well this game will brother with you..
Just telling you, even you have rate 99%, the game will giving you more intens the 1%.
Artinan Narisan Epic Seven


I need jp voices.
Abdu Jr. Epic Seven


Waiting for Version English [開心]

°¬ Epic Seven ¬° Version English >> Coming Soon in Play Store [賣萌][大哭][色色]
вош шош Epic Seven


русские идите нахуй пожалуйста
King Xalchyr Epic Seven


love the game but a bit heavy on the difficulty curve considering how much work you have to do to progress. unless you get certain heroes (as always) you'll get stuck.
Jefffffffff Epic Seven


here is my opinions about the game after 1hr
pros: great concept,great soundtracks. smooth animation. decent VA. no loading screen
cons: server issues. typical turn based game nothing special at all just smash the first skill( im not sure about this, may change later in mid/late game). the gacha sucks, rate for a 5* is 1.75%, u also have chance get something like card which boost character's power(fgo alike). ill perfectly fine if this game is a pve mobage game like fgo or gbf, arena probably filled up with dolphins and whales [發困]
Zerum Epic Seven


Good art, animations and sounds... and thats it. Gacha rates are 0.25% better than FGO for 5* and 4* rates are worse than some other games rates for 5*. They added pity system that you may be able to use twice a year. Initial 30 reroll is nice and insulting. Its like a honeypot meant only to entrap you in thinking that gacha isnt that bad but even then if you dont get what you want, you either stick with last result or from now on you will be known as XXXsephiroth420blazeit#69, they could simply not limit it. You can beat story with 3* but if rarity truly doesnt matter then why not have everyone same rarity.
Progressions is one of the worst, when farming gear you need to pay attention to: which slot it takes, tier, rarity, primary stat, secondary stats and after each enchant which stat got upgraded, all of it totally rng.
Personally I wouldnt bother with this one for too long. Its similar to AAA pc games these days good graphics with shit monetization and out of touch devs.
Kevin Poandy Epic Seven


so when is the global(english) version released..?
I heard that at the end of this year.
Was that right?
Nope (Nope) Epic Seven


story, graphics is good, amazing animations but

Gacha system is very bad, they took FGO system and make it worse

Theme events gift is weak, very weak

QoL is decreasing

Additional/delay maintenance never announced, only after they already gone in additional maintenance then they announced it only their official platform which happen often after every update, no compensation for it either

Many fb community events to only result on nerfing characters

Expensive packs with very lack luster items, $50 for a single light/dark pull with not even enough gem for a 10 pull pack, even worse for the $100 pack

Developer refuse to listen to the community, ignore all feedbacks, listened once after global release about gacha system and promise a guarantee system but only to become a joke no less
YamiKasai Epic Seven


Omar Romani Epic Seven


Trash Rate
立花 ひなみ Epic Seven


It would be one of the greatest mobile games if it werent for the gacha system.. the worst ive ever seen.
Thịnh Lê Epic Seven


I dont know Korean, so I hardly play Korean game.Recently I was very bored, I played all the famous games and new games out of Japan, China,... but it didnt interest me. So I try this game, I really like it, a great game, 5 stars.
✈SPEED.TON.TH✈ Epic Seven


ok ดีหมดน่ะ .. ภาพสวย...สนุกด้วย😊


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