J0k3r Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


great game but the loading soo long
KPCahyadi Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


"It's different game from FGO"

I.. admit that my previous review saying it was different and boy i think i kinda feels bad about it because aside from the mechanism/gameplay the game was really feels kinda similar in one way or another.

The original part:
-Idola and roster/team system(gameplay)
-The artstyle(?)

The similar part:
-The setting that kinda same as the competitor, like it was set in the isekai feel worlds (mediaeval and pirate stuff while keeping things feels modern in way)
-The Character that look like from old-time (while it's not a historic based) and also the modern-time
-The sprite obviously

Despite of that i don't feel like hating the game though it's just feels kinda odd that we can't make or choose our chara race and job (even though it let's you pick the date for your character birthday),and it's just different from the phatansy star that we knew back then and i think the game just feels like sega want to cash out same game as the competitor.
Jack Flintwood Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


The game has potential but as of current, the animation within the game is quite lacking and needs improvement. The game might look like FGO but it's actually done more than FGO and probably more fun than FGO since they added a lot.of features to it. Music is actually decent. Nothing to complain or praise about gacha rate. I'd say give it a chance rather than jumping into conclusion. I know the 30th celebration shouldn't end up like this which upsets majority of Phantasy Star fans but give it a bit of try
蓝海 Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


played when this game just came out,loved it at first. The problem was the events are all grinding events, and all have a very short time in between each other.So after awhile I felt tired and just drop the game. Not a bad game, but need to improve the ai during autocombat and adjust the schedule of events.
*This was when the game just came out though, hopefully it does improve
ArmoredS Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


not bad
Igna Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


This review includes a rant-view + tips of units to get. Three month player so please don't expect much.

RNG, all the time, everywhere. Events requiring more grind than PSO2, my phone is not a jpeg factory. Not expecting Luther, but even Matoi is not on daily free banner. Arena can go from meh to absolute Elemental Blast BS.

Most of the game description has been covered by other reviews. Gonna cover gacha here.

Unless you have too many 5* limit breakers, don't spend any on your four stars, none of them are really worth pushing to 100.Play and wait for 5*
You can build a pure and decent fire team easily ( Giselle, RE Rosalinde, Stella Memoria/Law Edwin, Summer Popona/Flammi for example) for free and carve a decent place in arena and later guild battles. Till date, Idols are great additions to teams and can really produce rage inducing cheese teams. Looking at you, idol stella. Aoe + eb generator + heals (!)

tl, dr :Reroll, Roll step-up, roll idol step up, build dual ele teams + eb generators/healers and troll. Buy monthly pass(no) for occasional paid rolls for guaranteed good 5*

Try to reroll for:
Summer Popona
Idol Quna
Summer Gene
Red Emperor Rosa
Stella Memoria/Idol/New Aspirations (Lmao, She has 3S tier versions , this is how BS the game is.

Fugging likehate this shit because pso2 link.[發困]
Shio Senpai Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Don't put cache if full download.. I just clean it =_=
Change it to data not to cache
fuyune Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Decent gameplay

Nice graphics, it makes fgo looks so bad

Pretty good soundtrack

Gacha however, its pretty bad. People who actually think 2% is generous should try play other mobages with 5% and azur with 7% rate and tell me how 1% more than fgo is "generous"
Laysief von Albstein Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


GIB ME STELLA PLEASE !!!! [大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭]
MelonGrace Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


I won't recommended you to play this game
If you're not PSO2 player cuz these 2 games works together.. Playing idola with the same Account that you play PSO2 You will be able to obtain Idola points can be use to Exchange Many Items exclusive for PSO2
And i say PSO2 not PSO2es

And Don't expected the game to be like F/GO
Cuz it's not... the only thing that similar to F/GO
Is The sidescroll and Gacha
SlokaiWorshipper Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Idola Phantasy Star (IPS) is a gacha game that you ever wish for: permanent free x10 rolls daily, lot of freebie, spark-able banner, fun gameplay, various contents, great events and an understanding developer. And yet there are quite things that often hestitate one to actually enjoy the game wholeheartedly.

Let us first understand its positive aspects. Gameplay. Mobile games for general standard are needed to be easy to engage without often consuming your times too much. According to this viewpoint, IPS did a good job of creating an undemanding turn-based mechanic with the implementation of auto battle, auto repeat, x2 spead and skippable animation. One may argue that these aspects would butcher the "actual gameplay", I disagreed for in this review I am discussing about gacha games, which are entirely different from pc or console respectively. Thus, IPS could be picked up and played without worrying yourself too much.

Content, pvp and events insofar as the time of writing this review. IPS for the most cases understood its fanbase in particular and newcomers in general very well. The game knew what we often expect, let say summer event. Great banner, good rate-up, new characters with beautiful illustration, pre-event and main event with alot of freebies/material to farm for. Additionally, IPS also offers you with daily x10 rolls permanently on general banner. At the core itself, there are main story to play, side missions for farming, daily activities, Idola mode (similar to raid), fate chapters and finally pvp. On the basic, most of them are the same as other gacha games, nonetheless providing you with sufficient amount of enjoyment in a less time-consuming manner.

PvP itself. If There is a tier list, there will be meta. IPS is no exception from this notion. However, in retrospective, most of my experiences with pvp were rather pleasant. The pvp is seperated into three sub-categories which I shall call bronze, silver and gold. Each will match you up with suitable opponents. Bronze usually starts at B+ (low power), Silver is often at A~, and Gold is usually against S~. Each yields different amount of pvp currency for pvp gachas, which included exclusive characters, x2 rate, material... Hence, even if you feel underlevel or do not have "meta chars", you can still save up enough currency for rolling notwithstanding.

The game strongest gimmick may actually lie in its design orientation. Beautiful illustrations without falling under the spell of oversexualization for fan-service and cheap marketing. Factoring with its free chaos /law/neutral system, which is similar to light/shadow in e7, and you have abundance of great design to be entertained.

Now we come to discuss where IPS did fall off. the never ending cycle of dupe system, one of the greatest sin in gaming history we ever witness if sins are permitted (joke). Under the scope of consumers, this decision is but infuriating and unfair due to Appalling rate for 5* characters, unparalleled growth. Notwithstanding the subtituted materials, this system is far from making the game enjoyable.

Very interesting universe connecting with Phantasy star online and yet the game cannot go beyond "interesting" with its subpar writing, forgettable characters and poorly written villains. Fate episodes are not even an improvement, however, they provide with sufficient information to understand your favourite characters insomuch as the writing allows you to.

Finally, the loading time. Personally, this problem stemmed from my own experience with the game, which was similar to let say "F**", everything was under this annoying, slow loading screen before I could actually play anything. Hence, scrapping my entirely playing section with continuous alt-tab in order to wait.

IPS is a greater game in term of customer service and listening to their fanbase. Yet it is without fault and many often hesistate too look past these problems. Notwithstanding these matters, Idola Phantasy Star is definitely time-worthy and one should play if he/she is looking for another good gacha on the market.

P/S: Global version is CBT right now and maybe wait for official release if you could not bring yourself to put everything in google translator.
заебумба Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Йоу. Искал что то наподобие фго, а эта игра заинтересовала ещё во время пг. Что я могу сказать? Это слишком охуенно. Музыка, визуал, история. Максимально ублюдская гача, но хуй с ней, с гачи на нг выпал рар и заебись. В общем кто заебался дрочить фго, в принципе норм варик отвлечься. А бля, чо забыл, состав пати тоже уебанский. Есть два ст.. пака карт, и хуй ты воткнешь в один пак всех тех персов которые тебе нравятся, нужно делить и меня это бесит. Кому не лень чекните сюжет, он и правда охуенный. Ну все ебать, чилл пацанва
SIX-2-O Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


⭐ A feature in the game allows you to alternate a character between "Law" or "Chaos"

⭐ Vocal OST

⭐ Use Zodiacs to take down giant enemies

Good luck with the gacha
M.Dava Algifari Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


The 3d model is dissapointed in another way,you know what i mean.
Andre Cesario Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Played since 2018. Don't have any comment about the game up until Stella (new resolve) came. Multiple elemental blast animations gives this game a different feels. Too bad they removed this after Stella (new resolve) got released. Although the animation is better and can freely change fates, that multiple elemental blast animations are one of the reason I start playing this game. It'd be great if they add this feature again in the future
Brower100 Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


I feel like the F/GO Comparisons are a bit unfair. t
The game has improved in visuals since its initial trailer, distancing itself from F/GO in that department. The game starts with a guaranteed 5☆ gacha pull, and after that the gacha rates are fairly forgiving, at 2% for a 5☆ Character, a step above recent games like Dragalia Lost.
The battle system has nuance, with the ability to set up 2 teams of 4 characters each, with a burst limit system and a slider of attacks for each character. There is also a x2 and auto options, and the AI is decent enough most of the time not to get themselves killed.
For pre-registration you're given enough stars for a 10 pull along with a 10 pull ticket, making rerolling easy, especially with the first free gacha being after a short initial download. I have a lot of faith in this game, and am having a lot of fun with it so far.
Can Chan Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Pongsapat Oil Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Hgtv Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Ricky ZayaS Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


I'll give the game this. It actually does well in staying within the phantasy star lore. This game is a bit more easier to get into, than FGO. While the gacha is slightly better, atleast the game guarrantees you one 5* at the start, as a safety net. If you're an FGO player that gets frustrated with FGO alot, then this game will be a breath of fresh air for you. While I'm dissapointed that this is the bug project sega had for the phantasy star anniversary. Atleast this game is better than PSO2Es.


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