Untima Eskpomma Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


ก็ OK เพลินๆ แจกหมุนกาชาฟรีเยอะเล่นใหม่ก็ไม่มีปัญหา ขาดแต่พวกตัวที่เป็นตัว Top จริงๆผ่านไปแล้วหาหมุนไม่ได้ และตัวละคร EP2 ดันเริ่มมักง่ายทำ 3D กันหมด เปลี่ยนร่างชุดไม่เปลี่ยน พวกตัว 2D เก่าๆทำมาดูสวยกว่าด้วย แต่ตัวละครชายดูดีไม่กี่ตัว ที่เหลือเน้นลุงๆหมด
Faith Stay Knight Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Only playing this s*** for pso2 weekly SG.
This game became worser to f2p player ever since EP 2.
1. Its became harder to get SD, they reduce the daily Star Diamond (SD) from 100 to 50 and rarely give free SD from event since most of event at idola is only small scale.
2. New banner = new meta. Giselle and New Stella everywhere at high rankings arena also there is this new limited quest become easier if u use new Stella and of course you can only get them from SD only gacha.
3. Sometimes they changed event and weekly mission SD reward to scam ticket (there is a lot of tickets at idola, the only useful ticket that equal to 3k SD is only 10x roll ticket).
シュウサウラ Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


in terms of graphics it is good, in terms of the game is good and very similar to FGO games, and in terms of gacha sometimes it can be good and sometimes it can be worse at least better this game than Gacha FGO game, the main thing is this game, even though it's memory the storage is quite large, around 1GB more
Darg Kilua Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


so much potential wasted.. boring game
San Nguyễn Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Character mới không change form khi battle, toàn làm char mới cho nhiều nhưng quá cẩu thả, họ chả tôn trọng old char khi buff new char quá hư cấu, cũng chả qua tâm người chơi trong khi mọi thứ phải qua gacha
Roze Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Comparison to FGO makes sense on first glance; but when you actually dive into the game, it does have its own identity.

Story are interesting and compelling with hints and nudges toward the parent franchise. Man, SEGA's storytelling in the mobile division are really improved. Good thing PSO2's storywriting also picking up its pace these days.

Gacha rates are....gacha rates. No comment on that part. 😐

Music is as good as it is. You can count on SEGA to not screwing up in music division.
Anh Khoai Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


+ Beautiful drawings
+ Amazing soundtrack, especially login screen song
+ Rare and super cards are not really hard to obtain

- Super laggy. Music keeps playing, but screen and animation stop working
- Extremely time-consuming. You have to grind hella a lot in this game
- I can't figure out how to skip battle cutscenes when each character uses special skills. Therefore, a battle drags way too long to finish
- Voice acting seems off, some sound emotionless, a few sounds okay
- Anime art style is not good enough. I feel like it lack something. Developers should have skipped this part

I uninstalled it after 2 weeks playing. Guess this game is not for me.
Robert Clarke Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


it's a surprisingly great game. Combat is simple but has a good amount of depth to it, with you being able to switch between 2 4 man parties mid fight. The story that I've done is actually pretty interesting and I look forward to progressing further in it. it's easy to reroll right now as you get the free 10 pull with a 5 star guaranteedbnb plus enough gems for 2 10 pulls and an item for a 10 pull. Rates are also quite good, pulled 4 times outside the starting pull and have 5 5 stars other than free pull one. music is beautiful and fitting. All in all I plan to continue playing.
ユーリア Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


фго как-то изменилась, не в лучшую сторону. скучно и однообразно. странная игра.
Neppuru® SH Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


if the event not gonna be like fgo where need to cleared the latest, longest chapter to participate im gonna love this game forever
KPCahyadi Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


"It's different game from FGO"

I.. admit that my previous review saying it was different and boy i think i kinda feels bad about it because aside from the mechanism/gameplay the game was really feels kinda similar in one way or another.

The original part:
-Idola and roster/team system(gameplay)
-The artstyle(?)

The similar part:
-The setting that kinda same as the competitor, like it was set in the isekai feel worlds (mediaeval and pirate stuff while keeping things feels modern in way)
-The Character that look like from old-time (while it's not a historic based) and also the modern-time
-The sprite obviously

Despite of that i don't feel like hating the game though it's just feels kinda odd that we can't make or choose our chara race and job (even though it let's you pick the date for your character birthday),and it's just different from the phatansy star that we knew back then and i think the game just feels like sega want to cash out same game as the competitor.
V - Yakamura Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


It's pretty fun
San Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


This game is the best wtf, it has Gustav.
yuk tube Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


maen ni game cuma buat farm idola poin nya doank buat pso2 wkwk
Andre Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Please, make a bind account from facebook :)
Sakurazaki Tatsuki Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Wonderful... Amazing game!![色色]
Filipe Bonan Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


super well polished game, amazing gameplay, i wish there was an english version or a translation so I could read the story :/
Xela Ison Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


Great game so far! I think comparing it to FGO is a bit rough, considering it's very different in most ways. Yes it essentially has a CE system but I'd say it's more like Draglia Lost but turn based. The rates are 2% which is really good compared to FGO. The graphics are great! I love them! If this game can keep bringing out good content an such it will last a long time!
Steam msn Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


The game has Valkyria Chronicles collab event and Selvaria Bles as Gacha unit, not regretting playing it.
ArmoredS Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese


not bad


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