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Ngacomix GrandChase | Global


Final version : October 2022

Grand Chase (GC) is looks fun and unique at first, but i'm not gonna to recommend it because :

+ The graphic is one of the main charm of GC. Female characters are waifuable [鬼臉]
ahem, let's get serious...

- The developer (KOG) is extremely lazy. They don't care much with bug, typo, non-competitive cheater, also old game features and system improvement.
- Poor game optimization and drain lots of phone battery.
- Terrible story and full of poor writing. E.g. encounter random characters which suddenly come into fight, and some of them become as a playable character and feels forced to story.
- Reuse asset, especially character arts and musics (musics are mostly from original GC PC game).
- SR (technically SSR) playable character is just bunch of randoms with a little background story. Tho original GCPC characters are more likeable imo.
- Non SR characters are useless, even if some are usable, it will be useless later, because KOG keep trying to make all SR character useful.
- New character or a character which obtain a latest update is overpowered.
- Powercreep meta, either for PvE or PvP.
- Braindead gameplay, also character do auto attack whenever near the enemy. So, just bring meta teams or copying other players lineup, and press auto skill to win.
- Very grindy, have a lot of contents, but lacking of skip or sweep feature. Even, event on GC is a slavery too.
- Weekly content (Hell's Furnace) is stupid and time-consuming, also have a lot of rewards than monthly content (Berkas who?).
- KOG is trying much to give proper hard content or event, but imo it's always failed and forgot if it's not suited for the gameplay, even some hard contents are not suited for players with bad eyesight or older eyes (maybe the game don't have a real tester).
- Also, trying to give a big update, but make GC less unique and extra absurd, like suddenly released attribute system for GC and make it allowed to bring a same character (with a different class, known as T character, yep weird naming) into one party.
- Boring and predictable in-game update. For now, it's all about T character.
- GC is just a cash grab. Paid skins, package, and items everywhere (*cough* latest T character update). Also, there are daily (15x) ads on this game.
- Only KR voices for T characters.
- BP different with spender is keep going bigger and bigger for each main update.
- Dead game, not much active players. Even, it's easy to enter top 1000 on every ranking board.
- etc.

Tl;dr GC is a cash grab, no fun, grindy game, and the dev don't care much with their players.


Extra, if you're looking for time-consuming or grindy RPG, i suggest to play a similar game which still have a lot of active players or more fun.
For example : Granblue Fantasy, FGO, Arknights, Another Eden, etc.
みかんすき GrandChase | Global


Been a long time player of the original PC game so I had to try this mobile release and I have to say liked it a lot....I mainly play the game for its story and the familiar characters but the gameplay isnt that bad either in fact you can even say its great...

The game is very generous in terms of events its a pretty f2p friendly game theres no reason to whale in the game in terms of progression there are some minor convinience that whales can get for a decent price but other microtransactions for resources are stupidly expensive and are relatively easy to actually just farm in game, most whales only buy the costumes...

The worst thing about the game is that PVP is annoyingly frustrating(This time a terrible point system). Always has been for every KOG game... Its mainly a battle for who has the Highest BPs, still possible to cheese a lot of them with a lower BP but theres a limit to what you can beat with huge gap in BP.... I dont recommend mainly playing for this content

Edit: The devs became really lazy and stopped adding proper content it's always the same SR Bingo event and the same grinding you do all day, PVP meta became super stale. I've stopped playing for a while now, it's funny because this is how all KOG games end up, starts really fun but ends up being just the same grindy game and terrible PVP, holds true for GrandChase PC, Elsword and even Kurtzpel who died on release.

Hard to recommend starting this late, was a pretty good game at launch and a year but its practically dead now.
Dzakwan Khalafidari Elli GrandChase | Global


Addicting game without energies to play the quests
good gameplay with amazing storyline!
And especially you dont need to pay if you want to became OP. Paying just making the progress faster. (you still can farming if you are f2p) SR rates are sucks as always, but sometimes the devs give it free for some events. Great game KoG!
Nong May GrandChase | Global


Shehbi IV GrandChase | Global


I used to love this game, it had the whole package, fun gameplay, interesting story, lots of contents and cool soundtracks.

BUT i will not deny that it's really p2w heavy by the time you reach the endgame, plus it uses the infamous DUPE system..

Although i will still recommend that you give it a try and enjoy the unique gameplay and story!
ᴳᵒᵈȤxyη︎ø☯︎ツ™ GrandChase | Global


Das Spiel ist einfach der Hammer! Geile Musik, schöne Grafik, geile Story, gut aussehene Charaktere und die Events sind auch sehr cool aber leider ist auch dieses Spiel ein Gacha, aber auch ohne Geld auszugeben kann man weit kommen, weil die Events dir viele gute Belohnungen geben auch im Endgame sind die Belohnungen ziemlich gut.
Ich würde mir aber wünschen, dass die Skins nicht so teuer wären und das die Auswahl an den f2p skins steigen würden.
Hokekiyo Game Hunter GrandChase | Global


semenjak update terbaru, sistem nya di ubah jadi gampang naikin charakter, limit break gak di persulit, gampang nyari bahan bahan item buat equipment, dll [開心]

gua main di emulator biar bisa ditinggal AFK pas "Repeat Play", tapi kenapa dan kenapa, ini game stuck di login screen.. [大哭]
Brayan Salvador Rsb GrandChase | Global


[no] odio este apk ya que solo .se puede usar en paises chinos .o cm y .no me parese que solo ellos puedan difsfrutar del grand juego pediria que corrigieran eso .y den chanse de jugarlo en diferentes paises le puse a too excelent por q creo q lo es y pues mi juego de mi infancias en compus espero su actualizacion
Donzelão200260 GrandChase | Global


[厲害]Vale o tempo, se vc quiser pôr mt tempo em algo, verdadeiramente. Em suma, ele é muito bom. Tem diversos eventos e modos, att semanais, sistemas simples (às vezes muito demorados) de evolução. A história é cativante e "sempre" terá mais. Os gráficos são bons, o mesmo pode ser dito das artes das personagens, que são bem feitas. O contra é o preço dos produtos [發火] mt caro slk
Dylan 1 Deymi 2 GrandChase | Global


el mejor juego de mi vida si pudiera trabajar de programador en algun juego a escoger seria este y hasta lo haria gratis ^^
tam le van GrandChase | Global


âm nhạc trong game rất hay. nhân vật cute. hy vọng game sẽ có amine. và cốt truyện game sẽ có tiếng việt
Zyphiria GrandChase | Global


It may be a different gameplay but for me this is still grandchase and I am playing it since the pc franchise starts till it's last day of service.
Calcitra GrandChase | Global


It's easily the best KoG has released since Grand Chase last existed.

Awesome gameplay with a challenge, great graphics, and amazing soundtrack!

I definitely feel tons of nostalgia even with this new game.
Jhangonca GrandChase | Global


una joya de juego, hay que recalcar que es P2W, pero puedes llegar muy lejos sin gastar ni un peso. hermosa historia y bien customizable.

juega con los campeones que te gustan y disfruta el juego
Raleigh Irvine Asuncion GrandChase | Global


It's an amazing game for Old pc gamers who played the pc version and for new players....
Kuorya GrandChase | Global


Very nice game with beautiful artworks but the creator need to speed things up for newbie to progress better
Kazuhiko GrandChase | Global


Pas pertma kali main game ini, awalnya karena kuota dikit lagi jadi download yg low res (2gb lebih) pas in game nya, "lah kok ini ini game burik banget masa download data 2gb graphics kaya gini; trus nyobain download yg high res (3gb an), sumpah ini perbedaan graphics nya signifikan banget.

Overall game ini dari storynya menarik kesannya fantasy banget, Bgm sama musik nya juga bagus banget enak didengar, trus disain karakternya juga keren keren (banyak yg waifuable sama husbuable).

Cuma kalo dari gameplay game ini kayaknya kurang cocok buat player yg gak suka sama game auto, tapi buat player yg suka build karakter sampai damage jutaan game ini recommended banget, karena game ini ramah buat free player (asal rajin)

Btw buat player lama grandchase yg terpaksa hiatus karena tutup server, main game ini serasa nostalgia banget.
OneBlood GrandChase | Global


Nice game its very addictive. I didin't expect that this game is very addictive i like the story it make me realize that i am reading a manga...[開心][開心]
Азаза Азаза GrandChase | Global


Great game, but gacha meh. Anyway, you get SR as you progress and there are choices, so not that bad.

Bugs, bugs everywere. I can't use party skill if it is not 1 slot. WTF? Raid battles are f*cked up too. Straight line attack, huh? AOE all over the map, stupid player.
IDoNotComprehend GrandChase | Global


Unpopular opinion, that's probably the worst and the laziest mobile game I played so far. Pavé ahead :
The game is furiously unbalanced so don't expect to be able to play your favorite units only (some SR are close to useless too) and prepare to always see the same f- team in PvP because most players prefer to resort to the overpowered META by convenience; AI is incredibly dumb, better to look at your characters all the time in dungeons because they're really good at dying for nothing and let's not talk about these moments you cannot see your characters in the screen because they scattered in every corners so you don't understand what's happening anymore; RNG is omnipresent and absolutely atrocious (FGO bad RNG is freaking generous in comparison), prepare to farm, farm, farm, farm and only farm, since it's the whole gameplay, in the hope to come to something good; Events are recycled again and again and again, and of course most are only about farming like a pig, again; Do not expect elaborated characters or anything, devs don't know how to write characters so many just have single-trait personality or are copy/paste concepts of each others; Many units have no purpose, and many are just good at being casted away for prana or transformed to grow main SR characters so don't bother to upgrade non-SR units to a better rank or anything, you'll be disappointed at the end (Also forget SR Gaian and Arslad, devs abandonned them); Lore means shit in the gameplay. And if you actually care about it, you'll have to dig hard to really understand the world functioning or anything anyway; Outside of the main story, there's no cinematics to announce big events like a chapter release or anything, and no real introductions of new characters, you just get some comics pages from time to time that spoil a part of the story, and deal with it. You also get very few new arts, it's mostly re-used arts except when they release new skins or upgrade (and even then [汗顏]). We have the most ecologic -and especially economical- devs here, they recycle everything all the time; The game is timevore as f- and there's too many things to do every days and every weeks, and by many, I mean always the same boring stuff that mainly consist at doing the exact same things several times but with a different naming, so don't expect getting lot of bonuses just by connecting; Do not expect side stories or enthralling stuff, there's literaly nothing that happens in the whole game aside of the main story (which is slow to release or progress ofc), the only good side ressources are likabilities and connections (you'll not get much new infos from the latter though except the confirmation that devs can't write characters or don't care); There's no real freedom, if you want to go through the game without suffering too much, you'll have to play the expected teams with the expected characters with the expected equipments with the expected stats, there's no place for strategy or anything, you just follow the group like a good sheep. You CAN play without submitting like this but prepare to struggle; There's not much contents, even less for F2P players; Rewards, especially for F2P players, are really poor. Prepare to take a lot of times and ressources to get not much in return; Translation is terrible, it's google-trad level but worse, (prepare to translate their translations); Beware about complaining for your dissatisfactions or in-games problems, devs does not hesitate to delete your account without warning if you bother them too much (I saw people to whom it happened when they tried to get better compensations after terrible updates).
What's good then, you may ask? Not much really, except maybe some pretty good chara-designs (when devs made efforts) and characters than can be endearing for any reason.
For new players, I only recommend this game for P2W players (mainly), waifu-lovers, PVP-lovers, people who don't give a crap about stories and lore, and easy-going people that prefer to have it easy by using META than working their brain to progress in games. Other people will mostly likely grown frustrated at the end, just like dummy me. To the GC fans who keep playing despite the game worsening with time (even if you're on GC only since Dimensional Chasers), I wish you courage.


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