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maruchinsu polytone


polytone is your average straightforward rhythm game. the graphics are kind of simple but don't take the attention from the actual note targets, and it's possible to adjust graphic quality settings. it doesn't rely on story like other rhythm games but polytone is good in its own right.
╭∩╮ polytone


the game is good but i dont like how the song dont match with the thing that we should tap *sorry i dont know what that call*
プンプン polytone


The game is pretty good, like average rhytm game, the background is wholesome tbh, but despite the graphic, the control is little bit wonky sometimes the game didn't register my tap. On onher side tho level is not quite challenging, sowe of the hard level is on paid song or playlist, if you want to unlock the free one you need to grind it, cus most of the song only have one level.[不滿]
AngeloHye polytone


El juego es bueno, pero seria genial si hicieran colaboraciones con Hatsune Miku.
además le hace falta historia.
y aveces las luces son muy fuertes.[不滿][鬼臉]
dikocok²AHhh polytone


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