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Yami Ikeda Terra Battle


A game that I played since day one, and knowing that is going to be over it gives me so mixed feelings, this is a game that makes you feel that you are playing something unique, aside of the grinding you could enjoy it without spending large amounts of money to play, I'm sad but grateful.

thanks Mr. Hironobu for this ⚔️✨
Nina Tutturu Terra Battle


The game will be terminating service at the end of this month and it honestly makes me so sad, because it had such an addicting gameplay, wonderful graphics and character design, a nice story, no P2W... it had literally everything you could wish for and it's without question one of the best games I've ever played!!!
I'm still hoping that the console version will get a release date soon so that you can still get into this breathtaking experience that is Terra Battle.
Would be sad if one of the last great mobile games just vanishes from existence.
Leo Lionhart Terra Battle


(This review has been thoroughly updated)
TL;DR: One of the simplest yet hardest and most endurable mobile games. Yet the cycle of grinding and farming will bore most of us...if you outlast that year of rotation hell, you might just get to enjoy the game finally.

Difficulty according to progress:
Early Game - Please Jesus, kill me!
Mid Game - Why does it take so many resources!?
Late Game - When will I ever get there!?
End Game - Finally, I am on the highest point of Mt. Everest!

Detailed review:
Even it is discontinued, this is one of those games you can keep on playing till forever.

The gameplay is simply fast-paced yet strategical (I wouldn't say it offers too many complex strategies for players to execute). The graphic and sound are of fair quality. Honestly, the grinding is real...it's been years, I still haven't get any characters to Luck 100...(6 years? Or 3 years? I don't even remember)

Material farming is also extremely hard, having over 80% of my characters do not have Job 2 or 3 or ^. It's a pain if I need to grind for 6 months to fully upgrade a character...and I still haven't gotten his/her luck to a 100...(I really tried)

By end game, you can strategically use so many combinations that give you endless challenges and variations. But it does take quite a while.

But if you want a lasting game with simple gameplay that allows you to have some fun without any P2W elements, this is still one game you can hold onto.
weallone Terra Battle


my country locked, so fu![懵懂]
Shi Ba Terra Battle


I miss Sarah 😂
ゲンガー Terra Battle


Love this game so far[憋屈] an RPG stripped down to its barest bones, and...it works surprisingly well. Special mention to the music: masterpieces[哇噻]
Denni Mäkinen Terra Battle


The game is great.
Ledkings DE Terra Battle


Can't join plz help
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