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OtaQoo1416702 Dragalia Lost


this game is pretty much the shit child of nintendo and cygames, it got the grindy as hell progression typical of cygames and the shitty service of nintendont

coop is a must in this game if you want to progress like a normal person but the waiting time for your room to fill up is pretty ass. you can make a room while taking a shit and your toilet will fill up faster than your room

and soloing to grind is not exatcly an option because the AI in this game have a similar intelligence to a rock, you probably will have a better winning chance playing with a 4 year old instead because the AI just keep killing themselves like jihad squad

music is good indeed but only like 1 or 2 piece of them the rest are basically the same track with the same tune just with a different instrument or pacing

all in all, play this game only if you have friends to play this with. at least you can share the pain together. or really just play something else.
ルイシャナ Dragalia Lost


I don't know why everyone talking about gacha being bad as this game not really have to get the gacha item to be enjoyed. I mean you play the game to enjoy the game not pulling the gacha. A *3 character can even drag your sh*t to high lvl content with right tuning.

As grindy as this game but it only when people rush their thing. I actually like how grindy this game while its not really grindy at all (see granblue with their never ending grind). It can be enjoyed forever.

The story not really having it muse. But it decent for generic fantasy. I mean its only realesed and can't complain about story yet.

As for gameplay i enjoyed it so far. With bug there and therw is to be expected with new game. Actually they responsive and try to fix it asap.

For music its Daoko for you. up to everyones taste.

The graphic is a mix for portrait character being nintendo and wyrmprind for cygames. I dont know why they saying the art suck for not being cygames, while the nintendo art itself good.
Bunny☆ Dragalia Lost


friendship with gbf ended dragalia lost is my new friend
ไกรสิง นิ่มนวล Dragalia Lost


best song of game
sidefury Dragalia Lost


The reviews that shit on this game for low rates, "stealing your money", p2w whatever--it's a garbage opinion. This game lets you use any unit and any dragons and you can still optimize your playstyle because the battles are entirely skill based. Learn to play the game and you can make 3*s godly even if you're f2p. I'm a minnow and I play maybe 1 hour of this a day, and I was able to complete the Halloween Hero title (exclusive by beating waves of enemies). This game has amazing bgm picked from DAOKO's best, and true Nintendo polish. Mmo style raid events, actual coop play, constant improvements from Cygames.
daninut intanin Dragalia Lost


granblue fantasy + white cat =dragalia lost
Burritomen Dragalia Lost


Puta merda,nunca cheguei ao ponto de começar a jogar um jogo com bateria 100%,e só parar quando ela tivesse no 2%,o joguinho miserável...
Bryan Ho Dragalia Lost


The devs are very receptive and they frequently inform players on what's ahead for the game. There was once where I reported a bug and I received a reply in less than a day! They also give out tenfold tickets for every new update.

While true it can be grindy but there's no pvp aspect so you can play at your own pace. 3* and 4* units/dragons in this game are actually viable if you decide to invest in them a bit. Heck, some of these units have broken skills that makes them more useful than some 5* or even allows budget team builds. For example, Melody (3* unit) in High Mercury trial.

Also, they are going to revamp the gacha system on April 25. Wyrmprints will not be in the pool anymore! Instead, you can obtain any wyrmprint you like by trading with Eldwater. They will also compensate any dupe adventurers you've obtained, so check the news for more info.

This update is absolutely insane and if this doesn't prove that Dragalia is the most generous game ever I don't know what is.
Jettero Dragalia Lost


Enjoyable initially, disappointing overall.

I didn't have to reroll for this game, as I got "one of the best" 5* Character and 5* Dragon currently available in the game. It would be a waste if I didn't give it a shot, so I played it for three days.

The soundtrack is amazing, I'll still listen to it even though I've dropped this game. The UI is quirky good, like probably one of the best UI I've seen in a mobage. The graphics are okay, and the story is actually pretty compelling.

What went wrong? The gacha and the gameplay.
The gacha is god-awful, like even though I'm pretty set with my account, I just have to say it. 0.5% for a 5* Character/Dragon, which are the most optimal characters? Nahhh, don't do it. The gameplay is co-op, which isn't even a problem in and of itself, but you know how it goes. Bad teammates lead to bad gameplay, which makes playing the game just frustrating. Plus it's super grindy co-op.

I dropped this game, but I recommend you give it a try.
Feryan Dragalia Lost


If you like typical gacha games, this one is a must! Cygames has been extremely good at listening to feedback and implementing changes so far. The game now controls well, auto-mode no longer leaves chests behind, co-op is fun and easy to do, premium currency is being handed out like candy even at higher levels, UI and menus work like a charm with very fluid transitions and minimal loading times, and they're not cluttered, which personally bothers me the most in other similar games.

Drawing from the gacha is the only way of getting characters currently, aside from the few story and event freebies. The gacha itself has okay rates, but wyrmprints and dragons (think equipment) is all in the same pool with the characters, which can get frustrating. Still, you're quaranteed a 4* with every 10-pull (out of 5 stars) and even some 3* will carry you all the way through the story and endgame. The game is more about skill than stats and random chance.

And the music is fricking fantastic!
Toni Ton (Locher) Dragalia Lost


Just like FEH or F/GO, a very gacha-heavy game but forgiving consequences as there is NO PVP to be found. A general droprate of 0.1% for 5*-units will make it certain that you will be tempted to reroll. Especially if you take into account that the gacha pool is shared among active units, support and wyrmprints. But this game is decent fun if you dont care about 5*-units and endgame team compositions. This game is definitely NOT for collectors and completionists who want 100% of the content. Well, if you want to stay F2P that is. Best enjoyed casually and by playing co-op multiplayer. Also expect an astonishing soundtrack with JPop and DAOKO. The soundtrack may outlive the game.[可憐]
Arek Dragalia Lost


this game is beyond amazing , I've never seen such a good game , I never get bored of it even when I don't get what I want from the gacha cuz there are so many good things in this game like how careful the developers try making the game the best they can by adding new modes, new ways to do co-op and giving good rewards in events making u want to keep playing and wanting to know what they will do , Dragalia Lost is a must have imo, I do hope u like it because i love it l :) also , Lucretia best waifu XD.
(edit : wow , 10 likes , thank you [色色])
Gustavo Henrique Dragalia Lost


Melhor jogo mobile que você vai achar, Cygames realmente cuida dos seus jogadores, diferente de outras empresas e seus gatchas
thelord123456789 Dragalia Lost


the art is just phenomenal
and the music... masterpiece ( DAOKO)
gacha ain't that hard
edit: bro they made the gacha cheaper from 1500 wyrmites to 1200 which is a big YES for us
Oslash Dragalia Lost


this is a shameless white cat project, nintendo one sued colopl because its controls and they cant even make theirs right
the gacha is awful, you need all 3 the dragon, the character and the card, and you need multiple copies of the card, also has an stamina system, the rates are way too low and the low star characters will get you no far, evetually you need 5 star characters or you get stuck,
so, in a nutshell, this is white cat project but with all that stuff you hate from mobile games
Zurita Julio Dragalia Lost


As someone who plays more gacha games than he should (About to get stuck in M2 grind forever in gbf), the game has plenty to enjoy as a game more than a gacha
Controls? A little stiff, targetting can be a bit of a pain sometimes but you end up getting used to it
Grind? If you pace it, it helps the game last you way more than just going hard a few days to then say "this game sucks" (smh all these reviews)
Gacha? Rates aren't AS bad as people makes you believe, and you can honestly make do with some 4* characters and wyrmprints (having a 5* something doesn't guarantee you'll do good, the amount of times I have had to carry people with full 5* gear is...more than it should)
Story? Nothing new here, but I appreciate the lil Cygames touch in the character/dragon/castle stories
Soundtrack? Gr8, not much else to say here
Summary, better than the average. Also, quality options are a plus for someone with a potato tablet
OrionMA Dragalia Lost


No event for the release !!! Shame...
After a couple hours i had no interesting things to do . White cat project is 100 times better . Greedy compagny , low rate , no event , wow !

Nintendo , Ubisoft , Gameloft , Nexon , Netmarble , EA , avoid these compagnies at all cost !
Red-Angel Dragalia Lost


L’histoire de ce jeu est très intéressante, je trouve que ce jeu a une très bonne image à lui-même qui lui convient. Ce qui m’a le plus attiré sur le jeu c’est les futurs événements qui vont arriver sur le jeu pour son premier anniversaire, après avoir vu la vidéo je l’ai téléchargé de suite !
J’ai des amis qui aiment ce genre de jeu, mais le souci c’est qu’ils ont du mal avec l’anglais et ont refusés de suite d’essayer ce bon titre lorsqu’ils ont entendu qu’il était seulement en anglais...
Le jeu possède un très bon gameplay, même si une manette serai vraiment pas mal pour la précision des déplacements et des attaques, je trouve qu’il atteint les attentes placées en lui tout en restant fun.
J’ai entendu parler d’un portage sur switch dans le futur, j’ai fait quelques recherches mais je n’ai rien trouvé de concluant. Du coup je voudrais savoir si c’est vrai, quand ça sortira et est-ce que ça sera traduit en français ?
Igor Kenskiy Dragalia Lost


GBF collab doko? x)
Maxi Nouille Dragalia Lost


Sûrement le meilleur jeu mobile qui existe mérite largement un portage sur switch !


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