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1881eagle Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


the controls will screw you over. you have to be so damn precise over anything otherwise your dead. it feels so damn clunky amd couldve made it easier to use skills. you dont know how many times i ACCIDENTALLY dashed into the boss and died when all i wanted to do was use a skill. id rather not get pissed of anymore on a game just because the controls sucks
Kensin0 Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


This is a typical gatcha in Castlevania skin. It aims to resemble the old games in the series, meaning the graphics is old and retro. Music is so so. The gameplay is 2D side scrolling with single and co-op mode. The game has no autoplay, and has controller support. I repeat: No auto play, has controller support.

Spoiler: Story is ripped directly from Another Eden Princess side story.

As for the gatcha, you have 3 gatchas for weapons (character exclusive), sub weapons (shared between some char) and amours (free for all). It has elements, and a character can equip multiple amours and weapons, so you will have to roll the blasted thing over and over again. Gem is somewhat easy to get (co op has rank, which rewards gems). Btw, characters are unlocked through story missions, no roll needed.

And last but not least, the game is grindy (typical Jap gatcha). They have free skip tickets, though.

Fan of Castlevania will defenitely love this game. But most of them should be too old for it.[發困]
Dayvyd Souza Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


nao vou da nota 5 pq ele ta dando muito leg no J5 prime, se parar de da leg dou 5, mas pelos graficos parece ser bom funcionando normal.
AliceAusterlitz Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


Castlevania es mi saga de vídeojuegos favorita así que grimoire of soul me lo tenian vendido desde el minuto 1. El juego tiene muchisimo fanservice y es vomo jugar a un castlevania clasico. Tiene varias opciones de juego y gatchas para armas, subarmas y armaduras. Los personajes son desbloqueables y por ahora no es un pay to win.
The Cool nerd Colress Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


For some reason, this game is unplayable. Everything is just messed up, The models seem like someone kicked them in every polgyon, the controls are laggy as hell, and in general i feel im gonna have a seizure. I have NO idea why the game is like this, My phone isnt a 1990 Nokia or something like that, I hope im not the only one with this problem
Red-Angel Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


Enfin un nouveau Castlevania Harmony of Despair, ça fait tellement longtemps j’attendais un nouveau jeu dans ce style. Ce jeu était tellement cool sur map et coopération entre joueurs, je jouais au jeu précédent avec Charlotte a spammer les « HEAL » ! J’espère qu’ils ont remis ce sort et garder toujours ce côté fun de farm les équipements. :3
J’ai hâte que mes amis soit tous sur le jeu pour se lancer dans l’aventure comme avant, afin d’affronter les nouveaux boss. Si il y a aussi d’autres joueurs français, je suis pas contre de jouer avec eux. On pourrait même faire un discord pour la coordination et d’entraide vocal.
En attendant voici un lien d’un groupe QooApp FR sur Castlevania, principalement créé pour rassembler ceux qui sont intéressés à rejoindre le jeu:
Groupe QooApp: “Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls FR”
Vous pouvez aussi m’envoyer une requête d’ami ou me follow si vous voulez. ; )
Perso je suis super chaud de commencer le jeu ce soir et fouettez les fesses de Dracula. :3
fighting otaku Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


just like Rockman X Dive im really surprised with how well made the game is

the gameplay is perfect, the music is amazing, and the overall look is great
Huda Niki Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


Shiro Emia Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


Старая добрая Кастыль-вания. И всё бы ничего, но управление ужасно не приветливо. Хочешь развернуть перса, а он пробегает пол экрана прямо на врага. Хочешь сдвинуть - стоит пока атака не долетит... Да и все эти флики... Без джостика играть гиблое дело.
tyo pras Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


like the old days
ClauCat Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


Oohh!! Excelente juego de la Saga Castlevania Konami, Esperando mas de los desarrolladores, el comienzo siempre es algo molesto "que la carga Loader, la pantalla se congela, Etc... pero es normal es asi el principio, esperemo lo mejor de cada actualizacion para este gran juego muchas gracias :3 y Existo!!
arthur andreas Luciano Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


do a favor to everyone, do play KOF all star and check the controls on that game. the game has so much potential, but the controls suck, if you play on your phone like me. fix that asap guys, the dash/roll just keep kickin in when i just want to change directions quick, that killed me more than the monsters...
MochiFtw Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


Im a castlevania fan and all but this is pretty meh
Aria Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


The game is pretty good, but you depend too much on the gacha to be strong.
The multiplayer should be improved, also the 4 ppl mode is really boring, they should change it to a boss killing event or something like that.
Gabriel (Noob) Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


porra muito bom
Peach Story TV special Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


i like it..
Gonzalo Barreda Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


lo que no me gusta es que tapo mucha pantalla con mis dedos. bueno la musica y los graficos son geniales pero en cuestion de gameplay castlevania siempre ha sido exploración de escenaro, si quitan eso y ponen pequeños escenarios en misiones interrumpidos cada vez por la trama, mucho yada yada bla bla mucha historia, uno quiere matar monstruos!
Ledahgrim Angel Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


sprites don't load, clunky and bad controls... genrally a bad launch and as expected everything is recycled from older castlevania games... overall not worth it.

do yourself a favor and play symphony of the night if you want an actually fun castlevania game...
Daniel Lequerica Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


well.... is pretty good game, it sticks the gameplay of the original so this game requires certain degrain of skill, is gacha but.... it depends your skill, like i said a good castlevania game, excellent gameplay and hope they add more chars, come on the universe of castlevania is big!
toygamelan Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls


good game,but need more


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