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Ornery Mas Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


Tl;dr - amazing characters and story, a highly unfriendly gacha that forces you to choose between progress or new characters, and, speaking as a Class 6 f2p player who's already hit the glass ceiling, an endgame farming that's as frustrating as time consuming (~6 times your usual gacha dailies)

A little background, I am a fluent Japanese speaker and had no trouble navigating the game and jp youtube videos and forums for tips, so none of my opinions are affected by any language barriers. I played non-stop since release and has decided to uninstall today. writing this so casual players / non-whales can be aware of the major flaws of this mega hit which the die hard fans aren't talking about:

graphics - blows old gen gacha games out of the water, but these days there are open world gacha games out there so not top of the line, but still, impressive enough

sound - personal preference here but ugh I hate idol songs, as for bgm it's pretty generic

story - the character stories and main story are good, really good, better than its own anime and honestly funnier and more moving than any of currently airing seasonal animes. looking back now, it's the only reason I played for as long as I did, I uninstalled but honestly I'd probably still dig up videos of new story/character chapters when bored in the future

gameplay - this is the big one, the biggest one. so first things first, at the time of uninstall I'm Class 6 in arena and my campaign success rate aka winning URA FINALS is like, 99.9%, I'm about as high ranked and successful as a f2p player can hope to be, so I'm not calling it frustrating because I don't know how to play. so here we go:

1) Gameplay is luck-based. Oh God it feels good to say that out loud. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Drives me crazy watching the fanboys on jp forums insist that it's not. the status distribution is random, the events are random, the important events rewards are random, AND THEN, during the race, the skill activation is random, the status performance is random, the position is random (yes even with reposition skills because again, skill activation is random), oh and the uma musume race condition which applies a global buff/debuff to their whole performance during the race? Random. You can literally do everything right during a campaign and the game can slap you with 4 bad condition events consecutively, ruining your hope of getting a good stats run at no fault of your own. HOW is this not a luck based gameplay ffs it's the definition of complete chaos. which brings me to the second thing.

2) As of right now, we don't Really know what the gameplay is. That's right. I see other reviews have explained what power and stamina and so on are but those are not accurate, no one knows, in-game descriptions have been proved by jp players to be inaccurate, there are a bunch of theories flying around and here's the cherry on top, the fanboys are treating this like a good thing. yeah. "wow this game is so deep this is why I can't quit! xd" That's not deep, that's the game designer not doing their basic job. In-game description of character stats need to be, well, descriptive, and accurate, the game is making players spend hundreds of thousands of stamina to figure out how these stats actually work. Imagine if a game didn't use HP, MP, stamina and just made up a bunch new concepts for character stats and didn't explain what they did, that's what uma musume is like right now. Cygames has a lot of good will, and honestly for good reasons but watching people defend this is maddening.

3) Gacha. Brutal. And yes I realize they just did a free 5640 jewels giveaway and that still won't help, that's how brutal this is. Character and support cards separated completely. Sounds good in theory right, especially for the FGO players out there who's tired of seeing mapo tofu on their character PU? Uh-uh, not here. Why? Because support cards are EVERYTHING in this game. You don't get stronger by getting new characters, you get stronger by stacking support cards so they reach max bond levels faster and give out more points during training. What does this mean for non-whales? It means you have to make a choice. Either give up on new characters completely, stack support cards so you actually progress as a player, or pull your waifus and see little to no progression in your gameplay until the game is out of service. It's a gacha game, pulling for characters you like is 99.9% of the motivation, and this gacha system forces you to give that up if you want to progress. Yeah, this really killed my mood of continuing as well.

4) the daily chore of this game is A LOT longer than other gacha games and not any more interesting once the cloud clears and you figure out the pattern of raisi ng the uma musumes of different types (long distance, short distance, nige, senkou, etc etc), it just...all becomes the same thing every day. You might be thinking, well isn't that every gacha game, and you're right, in every gacha game after reaching endgame of the current update you're just doing the same dailies every day but, the dailies in uma musume take way too long. I think it's 5~6 campaigns you can play daily with natural stamina regen, and that's at least an hour for me, much longer if you take in the thinking and planning. Like I got other games to play and I need my gacha dailies to take less than 20 minutes per game.
Elli Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


Gamenya bagus, tapi yahhh kebanyakan game cygames begini [不滿]. Ane udah maen princess connect jadi gak kaget lagi fiturnya kek gimana. Rate gachanya juga gak terlalu kaget lagi [不滿]. Fitur, Ui, Naikin bintang 1 jadi bintang 5, upgrade character, dan blablabla. Fitur naikin rank tiap char juga mirip" kayak The idolmaster Shining Colour besutan bandai. Fitur "kencan" juga gak terlalu asing. Well, overall layak dicoba kok. Walaupun memang gak terlalu ada perbedaan dengan game-game jepang lainnya. Mungkin bedanya cuman temanya aja kali ya. Soalnya disini temanya pacuan kuda dan idol stage performance. Yahh buat fans berat animenya, game ini sih wajib dicoba. Gitu aja sihh [不滿].
Kosaka Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


Little guide that most may or may not already know

Stat :
Speed : Affect maximum speed.
Generally useful, but don't specialized in this if you didn't use Escape (from the pack) strategy, or most race was Short distances and Miles (Sakura Bakushin O).

Stamina : Affect how much your speed decrease in a match.
You don't need to specialized it if your horse didn't race in mid and long distances. You need moderate stamina in mid distances(Mejiro McQueen) and specialized in it if you need to conquer long distances (Rice Shower)

Strength : Affect acceleration and course taking.
Pretty useful for Chase, Insert, and Lead strategy but generally useless for Escape strategy.
Why is it useful? simple, it was because!
No matter how fast or strong you are if you got surrounded by the pack, then you are over!

Guts : Affect last spurt.
Good for Chase, Insert, and Lead strategy.
It affect horse determination to win at the last corner and make them easier to overtake their opponent.
After much training trying to specialzed in it, I found out that it was basically useless to specialized in it since this stat was shitty if your other stat was shitty.

Intelligent : Affect your skill
Generally good for all uma musume, especially if you have lots of skills. You don't need to specialized in this , but having more intelligent would be advantage in a race.

Additional info...
Yellow skill added your uma usume capabilities in a race.

Blue skill affect your uma musume stamina recovery.

Red skill debuff your rival uma musume.

Green skill affect your uma musume adaptivity.

That's all for stat I guess. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Sơn Đặng Hông Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


game đồ hoạ đẹp, mới lạ , nhạc hay, có điều gameplay ko có nhiều hơi chán nên để sự play khi đang chạy đua như sài skill, chỉnh hướng hay phần hát thì kiểu như idol m@ster vậy, do mới nên còn khó hiểu mấy cái nâng cấp, cần pro nào đó chỉ dẫn thêm , với chỉ mình cách xoá dữ liệu gg play để bind dữ liệu mới vào với, mới vào ko có 3* nên reroll lại. Thank u :))
Asuna Yuuki Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


Pensaba que este juego no me iba a enganchar para nada ya que no es mi estilo de juego pero la verdad, debo decir que estaba equivocada. Estoy muy enganchada a este juego desde hace días y además se ve muy bonito. Espero salga pronto en global porque lo malo hay muchas cosas que cuesta entender sin un traductor Google XD
Aún así un 10 de 10! Ha valido la pena la espera jaja [色色]
Bagus Rizzki Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


Umamusume Pretty Derby,game yang diadaptasi dri serial animasi dengan judul yang sama. Nyeritain karapan jaran based on real event,mereka semua nyata hanya moe-fikasinya saja yng membedakannya. Kepribadian mereka sndiri diambil dri kuda yang nyata,event race series diambil dari kisah nyata. Mereka semua diambil dari kisah nyata.

Gamenya bagus,role play jadi trainer yang kerjaannya melatih para uma buat jadi yang terbaik dan mewujudkan impian tiap uma. Kesenangan tersendiri uma mu berada di barisan paling depan saat konser Winning Live,apa lagi memenangkan URA Final sebanyak 3 ronde dengan kemenangan,joget joget sndiri liat konser Umapyoi densetsunya wkekwkwkwk.

Model gamenya pun g main main,Cygames berani bikin 3D dalam scale 1:1 seukuran manusia. Bukan 2d chibiyang joget joget kek gim sebelah *plak
Chibinya pun dibikin 3d,lucu lucu semua mw ku ambil 😅. Mini games seperti capitan mainan buat nambah mood uma,apa lagi onsen scene. Yallah aku ke skip mulu scene itu,mau nangis rasanya 😭😭

Mekanisme game yang mudah jika sudah tau cara memainkan gamenya,kalian bisa menggunakan translate atau mengikuti komunitas Umamusume tiap region. Kalian sendiri biaa cek ke Umamusume Indonesia ya! tenang,sepuhnya pada friendly kok!

Bertanya lah dari pada sesat dijalan

Musiknya 👍
Desain chara 👍
Gameplay (standar game gacha)
Storyline □ nda bisa bahasa nihon

Btw Oguri Cap punya gwe
Narusagi Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


De très beaux graphismes et le jeu m'intéresse beaucoup mais il y a la barrière de la langue qui m'empêche grandement d'apprécier le tout.
Il y a certains jeux où le japonais n'est pas gênant mais sur ce type de jeu je trouve que c'est difficile de s'en sortir sans rien comprendre.
Ça n'arrivera sûrement jamais mais une traduction en anglais serait super.
Całł me OATzëe Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


เป็นเกมที่สามารถทำให้​ ความฝันม้าเป็นจริงได้​ แม้ว่าจะไม่ใช่ตัวเอก​ เราสามารถปั้นม้าที่เราชอบให้เก่งสู้ดาวเยอะกว่าได้​ รู้สึกอินไปกับม้าที่เราได้ปั้น​ ว่าพวกนางสามารถไปตามความฝันพวกนางได้สำเร็จ ถ้าคุณเป็นสายunderdog จะเข้าใจดีว่า​ ถึงแม้ตัวเราจะไม่ดีเด่นเหมือนคนอื่น​ แต่เราสามารถทำให้พวกนางเทพได้ด้วยตัวเราเอง​
shimada mayu Moderador Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


Cuando salga dejará mi reseña uwu
Estaré traduciendo los eventos y algunas partes de la historia solo si son full voices,queda mejor con full voces que solo por texto [厲害] confío en cygames.
El juego sale el día 23 a las 4 de la madrugada Europa España / Francia
23 /02 21:00 hora latinoamerica ( Ecuador / Chile)
Las traducciones las llevaré con calma ya que tengo cosas pendiente por traducir para otras personas en otros juegos.
Discord en español del juego
Con traducciónes y guías al español
Price Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


kampret gw maen di samsung a20s patah² anyink😭
MaríaFernanda Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


El juego es genial, como entrenas a tu uma y ganas carreras conocidas así como la Arima, la Tenoshou, entre otras. Los gráficos están muy buenos, al igual que el sonido y todo. Además te permite conocer más a las chicas que casi ni salen en la serie, o la historia mejor contada de las mismas protagonistas. Para mí que vi la serie el juego completa todas las expectativas y esta al nivel de la serie, pero me gustaría poder hacer más cosas que no solo entrenar, así como ir a la cafetería o salir a la pista de entrenamiento y ver a otras chicas entrenar y que no afecte a la idea esencial del juego que sería entrenar a la uma, también me gustaría poder entrenar a más chicas a la vez, eso sería genial. Si se pudira que a la hora de ir a correr en G-2 y G-3 a mi uma le pongan el traje de ese tipo de carreras y no el especial. Espero que esto les sirva de ayuda esto, por otra parte el juego es perfecto.

Por favor, pongan a Mejiro Palmer.
Norami Kung Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


ระบบเกมเพลย์จะเหมือนกับเกม Idolmaster Shiny ที่จะให้เราฝึกสาวๆแล้วไปแข่งขันอีกที เกมค่อนข้างไปทางสายอดทนค่ะ ใครเคยเล่นimas shyมาก่อนจะพอรู้ว่าตอนฝึกสาวๆโคตรเหนื่อย เพราะต้องใช้เวลาพอสมควร (เกมนี้เหนื่อยกว่าเดิมเพราะต้องมาลุ้นสาวๆวิ่งแข่งกับคนอื่นอีก55555)

เกมนี้ใครสายชิลไม่ค่อยจิงจังอาจจะเล่นยากหน่อยนะคะ การศึกษาเกมเพลย์จนความรู้แน่นก็เป็นตัวช่วยในการเล่นเช่นกัน และที่ขาดไม่ได้คือดวงค่ะ คุณต้องมาพร้อมกับดวงที่สามารถเปิดหาตัวโหดและการ์ดสกิลโหดได้

*ส่วนเรื่องการรีไอดีสามารถทำได้โดยไม่ต้องลบข้อมูลโหลดใหม่ค่ะ วิธีคือ
2. กดไอคอนมุมขวาล่าง
3. ให้เลือกหัวข้ออันสุดท้ายจะเป็นการลบบัญชีถาวร
4. หลังจากนี้เราสามารถ Skip โหมด Tutorial ได้ค่ะ

**นี่เป็นการรีวิวครั้งแรกของเราค่ะ มีอะไรขัดใจก็ต้องขออภัยด้วยนะคะ แล้วก็ขอให้ทุกคนโชคดีกับการสุ่มกาช่านะคะ[開心]
K0chan Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


эти лошадки сделали меня лесбиянкой. спасибо девочкам из хололайва, что познакомили меня с этой игрой
Iotaepsilon Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


This game is amazing. It's a very challenging game for those who like to play Japanese gacha games blindfolded, or just like to go for random stuff at the start.

I can tell you guys a couple of conclusive tips from watching Japanese guides, and just from experience.

You want 2-3 highly rated SSR or SR cards for speed, endurance, stamina, and wits. The only training card you care about is the tutorial girl, the one with green clothes. This is one of the support card that you can borrow, so dont bother rerolling for it. Keep in mind, the cards needed differs on the unit that you use so dont generalize that you always need 3 speed cards for every horse girls. Some horse girls do need 3 stamina, some need 3 speed, and so on. But we know for sure that guts support card is universally terrible. Guts is basically the one with the flame icon.

This means you have to priotize support cards not characters. When you do your gacha, make sure to do support cards and get the right deck first, then summon for characters. A character is useless without good support cards.

There are 5 training routines that you could do. Depending on the meters or the type of race that you're doing, you will either need more blue skills if you have below than average stamina but a lot of speed and endurance; or, if you have above than average stamina, endurance, or wits, yellow skills are the token to victory in place of speed. Even so, having high raw speed is always nice.

Speed > Endurance > Wits (skill activation rate) > Stamina > Guts (increase speed midpoint of the race). You should priotize your stats by that order. 4 and 5 can be skipped entirely. Unless you're doing like a 1800+ long race, stamina at 300-500 is a good range. If you have too much stamina for short races, it's kinda like having 5 chances to hit a ball, but the challenge was to hit the ball once, the other 4 chances are seen as a wasted stat.

Simply put, just train mostly speed, endurance, and wits. Raising endurance can indirectly increase your stamina so dont bother too much on doing the stamina training and only do a few of them, unless you're doing the long races.

There will be an option to check your status, whether it meets the requirement for the race or not, before you start your race. This represents in "O", "X", and a triangle symbol. O = you have enough, double O for exceeding the race's requirement (you dont want this on stamina), X = you know what, triangle = you're between O and X, barely passing.

And that will be it, have fun everyone. You can find deck guides online if you cant clear the entire tournament. It's rough but not impossible without it. Search for your horse girl and what deck they used for her. Also, skill order is another important factor to getting every 1st place in each race, but you should really just have fun and play around with what you got.
Yukuroo Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


I'm a girl, I don't usually play games that is focused on male audience because I know there won't be any male characters but UmaMusume.....THIS GAME IS AN EXCEPTION OK [開心] I LEGIT LOVE ALL THE HORSES

I have not play similar games to UmaMusume before so I find the training concept rather hard. But that didn't stop me frm plying it. Had always wanted to have a game with harder challenges so this game really suit me a lot!!

This game is basically a 'train your idol' game but horse version. All the horses are pretty (pretty illustrations), even the support cards are so nicely drawn!!! Different horses have different personalities & specialties so you really have to plan your training menu well in order to make your selected horse get 1st placing in the last UMA FINALS!

Comes to the story section, where you get to read main story and your horse waifu's stories. (Ngl when I first saw Oguri racing in main story, I was admiring how cool she looks! >
Absølut 0 Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


Ada yang tau cara mengatasi force close ketika mau buka gacha gak...? ?

Ato Device-nya yg kurang mwmungkinakan...

Gua Pke Chipset Snapdragon 662

Cuma Gk Bsa Gacha Aj Sih, Klo Mainny Lancar Aj, Skali Mau Buka Gacha Langsung Force Close
ꨄAyaꨄ Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


اللعبة صراحة جدا متعوب عليها بس هي تحكي قصة الأنمي أنا شاهدت الأنمي و كنت أظن أن اللعبة تخليك تلعب و تتسابق مع اللاعبين الآخرين بشخصيات الأنمي و بس اللعبة كتييييير حلوة.
ภูพฤกษ์ จำปามูล Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


★_Loli_TNT_Spectre_★ Uma Musume: Pretty Derby



Acompanhei o anime dês de o começo e me apaixonei pelas meninas-Cavalo! um anime que vale a pena assistir, ainda mais com sua segunda temporada em andamento agora.

O jogo está muito Fiel e ele possui uma personalização para seu tipo de dispositivo (configurações gráficas) que da pra rodar em telefones mais fracos também.

O Gacha não trava como dizem porém é no meu ,_,) na vdd ate trava um pouco menos na qualidade alta quando entro na tela do Gacha xd
mas é isso~ o jogo é Ótimo e tem Uma mecânica viciante. boa sorte a todos vocês ;3 (Amo a Suzuka)
Roze Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


"Finally we can meet with everyone"
Finally, indeed.

A bit of refresher.
Uma Musume is a multimedia project first announced in 2016 about anthropomorphized horse girls. All of the girls are based on real life racing horses that are registered in Japan's Hall of Fame in the last 30 years (most of them are long departed). Due to the snag that is how serious business horse racing in Japan is and probably dealings with the real life owner of the actual horses; the game is delayed but anime hit greenlight in 2018. The anime managed to gain attention from fans due to how many shout-out it gives to the actual racing horse counterpart, even looking at JRA's website can spoil you on the race outcome. It also feels more like a sports anime, despite the idol and moe first impression.

Game continued to hit snag, while the remaining project launched with 3 manga and 1 more anime (Umayon!). Finally the game got the greenlight on 2021 in the middle of main anime's second season. The launch was a big hit, it actually gain around 2 billion yen in just 5 days.

So what is Uma Musume: Pretty Derby?
It is a management game about horse race, somewhat in similar tone to shinym@s game. The 'career' mode, dubbed....*cough*URA FINALS(thanks, principal) where you can raise one horse that you own (everyone always start with at least Daiwa Scarlet, Vodka, Haru Urara, and Bakushin). There is also main story, and it follow somewhat close to the second season's anime with few alterations here and there (like removal of Trainer and Hana Toujo in exchange for you). First chapter is about McQueen and the 'ace'; while second chapter is about Rice Shower and the 'hero'.

You can support the start with inheritance and support cards. Inheritance basically means you add some initial stats and skills fom another 2 horse that already finish their training session. You can use your follow's registered horses (please update your profile horses when you get the one you're satisfied with) 3 times per one day. Also to note, every girls have compability with each other.....so always aim for the OO inherit in the top right screen.

Support card helps with building stats during training and add random events that give you more stats or skills. Needless to say, this is the one you should reroll for (recomended are Tazuna and Nishino Flower support card). You can just go without reroll, but you will have to do more. Main story gives you SSR support card as well, so you are not really required to reroll if you got meh results. What you will do is ultimately back to each person.

Once you pick the 'parents' and the support card, the training will start. Each girls have their speciality, strong point, and running style (example: Bakushin excel at short race, grass field, and either escape or advancing-style). For each mandatory race, you have limited amount of time to train them symbolized with turns. There are five stats: Speed, Stamina, Power, Guts, and Intelligence. Each girls have two stats which they excel at and will gain additional stats gain if you train that. After each train, a random event will occur with some of them happened at fixed time.

Each girls have their own pre-URA Finals training regiment objective, some matched with the RL career. Aside from the 'main' URA Finals story, each girls will have their own storyline that touch bits of the real life counterpart. Like Vodka and Scarlet's rivalry, Urara consoling Rice about her defeat, and Silence Suzuka with her leg injury. It is a reading-heavy stuff, so without Japanese language knowledge it will be hard to know about the personal story of each horses. Does it affect your enjoyment? Maybe a little, but the training part is honestly really fun even without knowing the story. And that's not adding the support stories that touched some aspect of the girls that you have no idea of.

This game is really scary in emulating the feels of the real life owners and horse race fans (minus the betting). You will be amused by their antics, you will be frustrated if they are injured, you will cheer for them during races to use their skills, you will be proud of them if they are managed to be the centre in Winning Live.

With Winning Live songs you can get (plus 2 solo-exclusive song from main story), unique-ness of each girls, trophies you can get for each girls, and how even with the exact same support will not make the next run identical; it will be hard to being bored with the gameplay (except if you are not interested in management-style game ofc)

Per usual case of Cygames, their music is always top notch. Each Winning Live is amazing to look at, even commentator during race add yet another enjoyment to the race portion.

Gacha rates as follow


Per 10 pull
Pull 1 to 9
3% for *3 girls
18% for *2 girls
79% for *1 girls

Pull 10
3% for *3 girls
97% for *2 girls

Same rates applied for support card. Not all girls start from the *3, but even *1 and *2 girls will get their signature costume when raised to *3, so even garbage roll for girls will benefit you one day. There is spark system for every 200 rolls.

Personally, I think this game's really good. From the 3d to the Winning Live to the UI, it all screams high value production. Starting without help will make you confused as you have a lot to monitor from each girls......but once you get the hang of it, it is a fun game.

Looks like all the wait really worked for both the fans and Cygames, huh?

On a side note
1. Some IPs are blocked from this game. Korea is one of them, but more because Kakao Games are working to make the localized version. Kakao Games have a good relation with Cygames, so Korea players should not worry (aside of starting over). As for other IPs, can't really say.

2. This game is battery-hungry. For those that does not have a strong or compatible smartphone, PC version will be released at March 10th via DMM Games

3. AirServer are known to crap a lot with this game.


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