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RayGlanZ Readyyy!


It's a project I've been following since announcement. It is very dear to me and I loved the seiyuus as well. I don't care what people think about this game, I'm really happy that it is finally released and I'm enjoying every single part of it. Thank you 🅱️ega
Sherrice jackson Readyyy!


all that hype and this game literally brings nothing new to the table.

it's the same "girl manages idol groups" story. only difference is you don't have to deal with another rhythm game.
helios396p Readyyy!


Like others said, too bad this isn't a rhythm game.
But on the other hand, it also has a little strategy element so it's not too passive or overly simplistic either.

Graphics amazing, the characters are well written. The voice actors are all newbies so some can soundpretty meh at times (some are trying way too hard to sound cute). It's also part of the charm I guess, we're watchng the voice actors grow together with their in-game characters.
Suzunyan Readyyy!


I have been waiting for ages for this game.. since they made the announcement and I follow their Twitter and YouTube channel.. All the boys so gorgeous! I love them all! Rhythm or not Rhythm they are still precious to me! And finally I can play the game.. ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ(being producer in different games are so idoling the world of anime) ♡♡♡
Nanchi Readyyy!


I've been following this project since the beginning and was really excited for the release date. As expected SEGA tried its hardest to push details about Gameplay to the last minute so fans wouldn't make an uproar about it. If you're expecting something revolutionary you won't find it here. Unless it's for animation/Music which is done beautifully. However Readyyy is quite lacking in almost every other aspect and I'll tell you why.

Characters: Stereotypes. Your typical archetypes. Extremely lazy written and predictable. There is no depths to most of the boys in here. Some being quite frankly annoying as f.

Story: By far not as engaging as some would hope it's your typical "we want to debut!" plot, however the pacing in some chapters is really off. They try to introduce you to the different units but in the end it just resolves around 1 single dude in said unit. (Exception Maten Rocket, worst one: Just4U)

Continues down below-------
Yukuroo Readyyy!


I'd been following up real close after SEGA decided to close down Ycast! It really is amazing that SEGA comes up with another amazing game! ❤

This game requires a lot of patience (as you, the producer need to train dem babies to stronk bois) Regardless, the artstyle looks superb and this game had got me hooked! (Been playing for hours!!)

Also, I'm quite surprised that the game is more complicated as it seems! But worry not! there's an Eng community discord available for those who needs help! (Just joined it recently & it's amazing with all the helps i got frm others!)

EDGAR☆ β·Mission Exterminator Readyyy!


Can't belive that I have wasted my time waiting for this game to come out. The gameplay is extremely boring, the storyline is so fcking long, the characters are cute at the pv but in game they are not. I can't get the point of this game to be honest. Is it a type of game that the players are forced to tap in nowhere like an idiot?
Good job SEGA.
p/s: shutting down is a wise desicion.
yuukinm7 Readyyy!


I've been following the updates since the announcement of this game. The game is simple and I like it. It's not a rhythm game but I can relax, read story and chill in it also the boysss are absolutely adorableee, of course the seiyuus too. My currently best boi is Usui btw ////// might hav more best bois soon [懵懂][懵懂][懵懂]
Tenma Mitsuru Readyyy!


I've been following this series ever since I watched SP!CA's MV preview and I've never ever regretted it in my life. I'm always grateful I found Readyyy! and fell to this hell. The graphics, character designs, songs, MV, and everything are top notch. The story is just what usual idol boys game has but it's purely just a story to raise idol boys so it doesn't have too much otome to it, it's a fresh feelings. The seiyuus are rookies but they're so lovable and fun! I know they're not the best, but I'm sure they'll grow to be the best one day! SEGA is also great in promoting them, once you get to Readyyy!, it's really easy to remember them all!
I will always support Hiro and the man behind him, Hayato. SP!CA are all my precious sons.
renkiP Readyyy!


I have seen their pv's last year and honestly i really wanted to see what the final game would look like, since it was promising and pf course, handsome boys. I really hoped it was gonna be a rhythm game, but an ordinary otome mechanism is okay for me. so far, everything is great, music wise and art wise. still haven't picked my best boi but he'll soon come to me.
hellostar sik Readyyy!


haaaa eargasm
サンブリ Readyyy!


I've been waiting this for so long! Happy to be finally meeting with my new sons~
Saturn06 Readyyy!


Very nice so far! Excited to see what's to come for this game :)
Miyabi Readyyy!


I enjoy this game because it's a otome game (๑•̀ω•́๑)

The cards and characters are beautiful! You can reroll the first 10 free gacha until you get the card you want! Since my internet speed is VERY SLOW so I think it really nice for them to include this features and I don't need to clear the data and re-download again just to re-gacha. My luck is pretty good in this game too so...(๑•̀ᄇ•́)و ✧

But I think the tutorial is too long. You need to read about 10 stories. As many of us are not good in Japanese, maybe some of us will feel annoyed going through these stories (they have speed up feature but no skip feature). However, it is a fair game to me since the re-gacha feature save my time in the first place so I am okay with it.//
Suzuki Horie Readyyy!


Full of ikemen![色色][色色][色色]
Kill Fish Readyyy!


Это всё, конечно, хорошо, пирипири ай втащили катку, НО ЛУЧШЕ БЫ СЕГА НЕ УБИВАЛА ЮМЕИРО КАСТ.
KHiiro2845 Readyyy!


I hope they don't take down this game too..[大哭]
April/Sierra Vivar Readyyy!


I've played this game since it first came out, and I love the designs of the characters and the music, but having to play the game is just very time consuming. The game already took up 1.6 GB on my phone in less than a week as well. Not to mention, the tutorial was very long. I was excited at first, but having to watch and read the characters talk in a language I barely understand made me lose interest, and that can be one point that can have people drop out. The gameplay is also very similar to Enstars as well. I was expecting a rhythm game, which would excite many players, but the closest thing to that is when the heart meter gets full during a live. Besides that, I do love the characters and music. The VAs of the characters did a great job, and I love everyone of them, even if a few people don't like their personality. I love the music too. This game may have its ups and downs, but it's out for only more than a month now. I'll still follow the series, so I wish SEGA good luck!
hmakusakura Readyyy!


so nice I like this game so much😍😍😍😍
Kinan 08 Readyyy!


Even though its not a rhythm game, i love it!!


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