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Hoa Trà Ngày Hạ Otome Ken Musashi


This game is so great that I spent the whole 4 days to clear map in order to read story.
All the characters are cute and well developed, especially our main heroine Kokura An. An is a normal high school girl until she picks up the wooden sword of her previous life Miyamoto Musashi and then caught up in consecutive battles with her previous life's rivals, lover, daughter... But with her talent, kindness, bravery and the strength of friendship, she conquers them all. Above is the brief summary of the first arc Ganryuu Arc. I really look forward to the next part Ishin Arc when An becomes the transfer student to Ishin Academy, where stay the incarnations of Meiji Ishin's famous swordmans.
The gameplay mostly aims at Japanese, or those who is good at Japanese. With good Japanese the battle is not quite hard when you had strong team and good reflexes (which you can gain after playing for a few days). Otherwise you will lose all the time that you only want to quit this game right away.
ユーリア Otome Ken Musashi


если вы лютый знаток японского и легко можете составлять слова из предложенных кандзей/букв - вы будете шарит в этой игре. потому что именно так наносятся удары.
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