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Menroth Brown Dust | Global


Are you ready to whale your way to the top? Has some nice art but you never really see it, for the style of game it should at least be more visually appealing. Gacha rates are abysmal so skilling up a 5* as f2p is a long trek, especially when something new and shiny comes along and makes it obsolete.
NumberZ Letter0 Brown Dust | Global


i dont play this anymore, and i deleted my account data
Aditya Ramdhani Brown Dust | Global


Since this is a personal review, so my review is totally subjective with my own point of view about this game.

To start, i'm just gonna say this is a freakin bomb. Massive amount of fun, especially after "step-up" events that making this game MORE and FAR MORE fun than before. If you don't know about this step-up events, it is an event that gave you merc with +9 with max stars and level up to 7 days (cmiiw).

So, the gameplay is automatic, what you have to do is set up a formation with 9 mercs with various range of attacks, skills, etc. Skills is so vast with a LOT of buffs and debuffs. There is a lot things that going on in skills, making the game more exciting and really fun to play with.

As i'm saying this is my personal point of view, the graphics is really beautiful. Truly a piece of art, an incredible art. I love how the way it looks, the artworks and the battle sprites reminding me of an old JRPG games that i liked. Perfectly visualized and suit the gameplay very well.

Grinding is fine because you basically can auto anything and the next thing I want to talk about is mercenaries.
Not all 5* is great and not all below 5* is bad. 4* sometimes can be really helpful and more useful instead of 5* if you build it right. There is this thing called Novice Arena too, the arena that only 3* mercs and three 4* mercs allowed to be used, making the game not really oriented to 5* mercs.

Overall this game is amazing, all time favorite RPG on mobile. I love how the way it looks and how the way it plays. Its just suits me really well. The only downside that i can think of is time. Grind is fine, you can relax while grinding but it takes a lot of time. Grind feels different in here and i kinda hate it. Leveling up mercs is fun but upgrading mercs to +9 or +15 is hard, especially for 5* after playing this game quite a long time.

Nevertheless, this game still feels great. All time favorite rpg in mobile.
azhari 9020 Brown Dust | Global


lol play it again after 500+ days offline (only play it a few days after the release date) and now just realized how much fun this game is , hah a bit of regret what if but oh well it can't be helped

this game is nice because

-f2p friendly easy gacha pulls to got for 4/5 stars
-Free Hero 5* & 4* that has +9 skils level in fgo it was NP)
-Waifu... thats it why i played this game :3
-Unique Graphic idk why but i like it its like old but fresh
-Interesting story which we are as the protagonist
-Easier for farming materials with multi auto
-Much Way to get energy without using any Diamond

well still a bit much more but just try it ur own to know how it feel

Q : if its good why u just played it now?
A : haah sadly when this game just released my schedule has full of other game and other activity, but now i has bored in some game and looking for the new fresh one to play then remembered about this one :v

so i tried it... and i loved it :3

NB : Size 1,68gb (july 2020)
drumroll Brown Dust | Global


Ever changing meta with so hard to build mercenaries.. Building a merc= 9skillbooks + 5 companions from gacha + soul gear max.. when u finally build a merc meta changes and it becomes useless[大哭][大哭][大哭]
Other than that pve is solid.. pvp is good but like i said ever changing meta.. designed for whales to completely dominate
Capsule~ Brown Dust | Global


very great game, friendly to f2p player and so many interesting event, the minus part is i think because there only a few op character and that make the game unbalanced.
well the thing that i like is there a arena only use 3* or 4* character
please correct me if im wrong everyone
have a good day [開心][開心][開心]

sorry for bad english [可憐][可憐]
Ricardo Light Brown Dust | Global


😍( ^_^ )/~~ Excelente juego lo disfruto mucho y tiene la capacidad de engancharte a jugarlo!!! Debes de tenerlo.
カルロス カヌール Brown Dust | Global


Talvez parezca un juego simple, pero el Arte de cada personaje es bueno, el gacha esta masomenos pero es bastante amigable con los jugadres Free, dam bastantes Gemas y personajes ya subidos y fuertes para los que empiezan a jugarlo
Liam Luna Miguel Brown Dust | Global


Browndust/Brave Nine es un excelente juego, las ilustraciones de los personajes son demasiado buenas, la historia principal aunque es larga, es interesante y divertida de pasar (Sin mencionar lo bien remunerada en cuestión de premios) la música no esta tan mal pero es algo a lo que muchas veces no le prestarás atención, el gameplay es tan complicado, en el sentido de armar equipos, tienes que leer, posicionar y pensar exactamente que es lo que quieres lograr dependiendo de lo que estés jugando, el gacha muchas veces es bueno, pero como en todos estos juegos, tienen sus momentos buenos y malos, esta super centralizado el meta pero que eso no te desanime, dale una oportunidad, quizás te llegue a gustar.
Pesa 2GB y requiere Internet pa'jugar.
คนบ้า Anime Brown Dust | Global


อยากได้ผู้ช่วยค่ะ!! ไม่ได้ซักที ฮือออ
Niggo PF Brown Dust | Global


its a really fun game and i play it since release and the content is getting better and better
Tsukishima Kyou Brown Dust | Global


not suitable for "play for fun" player, this game require time and heavy grind in order to raise a unit
Sena Brown Dust | Global


- First. It has auto battle. You upgrade your units and have to lay them strategically on the board to fight against the enemies. Each character has a role to play and you gotta watch the positioning and attack order and whatnot. It's really basic, but engaging enough.
- Second. It could do with more voice acting. While not entirely needed for it to be considered a good experience, nowadays voice acting is pretty much a must for these types of games. Even the most basic of mobages have a nice cast of japanese voice acting. Here the voices are restricted to the 5* characters only, so it feels really underwhelming. Who knows, maybe they'll add more VA in the future.
- Third. The protagonist is totally you. And that is all I ask from these games. They nailed that super well. The MC design is faceless and generic, but still really badass. The art is awesome, too. Shame not every character gets a nice CG. Low star characters get only a simplified sprite. A good mobage overall. 7.8/10
เงา อัคคี Brown Dust | Global


ตํานานสงครามชุดว่ายนํ้า นม ตูด ๆลๆ [哇噻]😊
LoliXXx Brown Dust | Global


Muy bueno... He pasado muy buenas horas con el, arte bastante bueno... Waifus bien buenas.
Yuki Sedrech Brown Dust | Global


What's the best is : OFFLINE AUTO BATTLE.
Not all games have this, I have so many energy like 50k I can set auto and come back with a lot of loots. Plus you can set up so many auto for different kind of stages, it's a win for me. Everytime event dungeon happen and I need event currency, I can just run 999 auto battle for 10 hours and come back and get all the freebies hahah! ez
Recently finished the Trails collab in just 1 day and I got everyone lol. If you gonna play gacha, then save. Focus to get the freebies since they give a lot. Compare to FGO, Azur Lane or others, do they willing to give everything easily? Nah. BV feed the players really well.

Gacha have good pity, 80 attempts and 120 attempts, it's easy to get scrolls and diamonds, I barely hit pity. Missions freebies where they give maxed units and more, I never top-up yet I have all of the OP units and dominate well in pvp. This game is underrated as hell, but it have features that BIG GAMES doesn't have. Props to the Dev that keep going and improving, from Brown Dust name to Brave Nine. Been there and enjoyed every single thing. Bless.
wolf_terapon.v.2 Brown Dust | Global


เกมดีภาพสวย มือใหม่อยู่ได้ เเต่ต้องอดทน เเละขยันหน่อย ของมีเเจกตลอด อยู่สบาย ติดปัญหาเดียวชุดคอสตูมบางส่วนไม่น่าจะต้องใช้ ตั๋วworld คนส่วนมากมันไม่ได้ไง นี่เเหละปัญหา โหมดpvpจะมี2เเบบ คือ 1.pvpปกติลงได้ทุกตัวละคร 2.pvpมือสมัครเล่น ลงได้เเค่ตัวละครที่กำหนด มันสนุกตรงนี้เเหละ ต้องคอยลุ้นว่าทีมจะรอดมั้ย lol
David Surya Brown Dust | Global


So far, i like the story of this game eventhough i found it similar with GBF (searching about MC's Father story, harem stuff)

For gameplay, its okay for PvE but not with PvP like you cant control what unit do you want to attack first in PvP.

For graphics, its pretty good for the splash art and some cutscenes in story too but not when it comes to fighting.

For sound, its actually great but i think there are bugs about that (or maybe from my device itself) that make it sounds crappy.

F2P friendly? i can say yes, especially if you're new players like me. Its pretty easy to get diamond(ingame currencies) and also there is some step up mission for new players so they can get 4-5 stars mercenary.

Also i love feature about auto repeat. You can repeat almost everything and control when you want to stop it.

Overall its good game, its just need improvement with gameplay and that will be perfect game

Artwork & Graphic
F2P Friendly
PvE Gameplay

PvP Gameplay
Michael Ishibashi Brown Dust | Global


I've been having a blast playing through the game's story missions! The game has a tactical battle system, where you select what characters you want to fight and then place them on a grid. And you want to place them strategically, with defenders on the frontline and the fighters / ranged attackers behind them! Then when you're ready, the battles will play out automatically and victory is determined by your team and your layout!

The graphics and presentation are all great as well. I especially love the designs of the female characters! They are cuuuuute and I want to roll just for them! The only thing I wish though, is that the art carried over to the battles. All of the characters have mini-chibi sprites during battles and while they're cute, they're not as good looking as their main art!

You should try this game out if you're looking for a JRPG with a bit more of a focus on strategy! Or if you really like cute girls, that's a good reason too! [開心]
Master-sama Brown Dust | Global


now the jp server have english sub, sooooo cool


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