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Ayant THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors




Tellement nul, sais vraiment une immense déception. plus rien n'avoir avec les anciens jeux......
Chung Vui Ken THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


i can't rate this game because i only play at browser not phone so i kinda need advice on how i can enter the game
Makoto THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


Жаль что игра превратилась гребанное jrpg
Menroth THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


It's nothing special, mostly picking the right answers to questions and a minigame style music battle, over and over.
Akane-chan THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


Haven't really enjoyed the gameplay. Oh well...
世界で一番可愛い妹 THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


-не понятный геймплей
Teekung Hayashi THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


It bad cannot play when after download finish

เข้าเกมก็ไม่ได้ โหลดเสร็จแล้ว งงจริง ต้องลงทะเบียนหรือป่าว
William Gunawan THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


IM@S = 5/5 !
deerychan THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


совершенно ничего не понимаю из геймплея, но останусь ради красивых карт и любимой девочки (ради которой я рероллила больше 15 раз и в итоге пришлось довольствоваться лишь её ср)
Ka¥ THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


Graphic and sound is the best no doubt but the game crash too frequently. Get your SSR in reroll gacha as much as you capable since the gacha chances to get SSR after that is abysmal(for free player).
Vangui THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


This game goes back to the arcade Im@s roots. It is a really simplfied version of that and it isn't that bad. The biggest missing thing is the lack of 3D models, meaning no dancing MV, Idolm@ster series main selling point.
Also, this is the type you don't need to play everyday. Just a few Produce a week and some FES and you can get the main event rewards easily. But if you play a lot, you will feel burned by playing the same events over and over.

Overall, a nice game for Im@s fans, just to fill the time when you are recovering your stamina in other games.
Tea cup THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


honestly idk what im doing because i dont know how to play this game but I got attached to baby tenka😍 so i'll stay for a bit longer
Hisashi Nekagami THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


Well... if there's one thing I would like nit-pick or being negative about this game is that this is not the same Idolm@ster like previous.

it's more to picking the three different performance, match and tap at the right time to get highest point.

As for the gacha... ehh... I don't know how to explain it but I would suggest to give a first look and experience for yourself.

other than that.. it's a good game just one nit pick had to be pointed out.
Sirin THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


нихуя не понятно, но очень интересно
shimotsuki THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


Shiny Colors is a very interesting idolm@ster game, shying away from the rhythm gameplay of the other 3 and going for something more akin to the console idolm@ster games. It's definitely not for everyone, but I'd say it's worth a shot for all.

Graphics: 10
For starters, the game's card art is absolutely gorgeous. The whole game and character designs have this pastel/soft aesthetic going on for most of them, in contrast to the very brightly colored CG, ML and SideM casts. They were the first of the idolmaster games to have animated cards as well, and likely where the other games got this idea from. The card art is very consistent and always breathtaking to see when a new card is released.

Sound: 8
Well, where do I even start here... Shinymas isn't a rhythm game, so don't expect to find a lot of music when entering. You can hear short versions of the unit songs during either auditions in produce mode or fes lives, and though they're *very* short versions of the original songs, they're mostly pleasing to listen to. My real gripe with the sound in this game comes with the voice acting and some sound effects. The seiyuus are, for the most part, newbies, and you can hear it in some of their voices. I don't hold it against them, but some voice lines are jarring to listen to, especially some of the oldest homescreen voices. Some sound effects are way too loud, and I usually find myself playing this game on mute when I'm not interested in reading the story.

Gameplay: 7
The gameplay for Shinymas is not for everyone. Being a japanese game, it's hard to keep up if you don't understand everything you're reading, and even harder if you don't understand anything at all. Luckily for me I do have some japanese knowledge, but I believe this game to be harder to get into if you don't know japanese at all. Although, there are various fanmade guides on how to play and a very active Discord server you can go to if you need help.
Other than the gameplay getting repetitive and some produce runs being longer than it should be necessary to, the fes and audition mechanisms can be broken sometimes, which makes the game frustrating to play more often than not. However, when everything goes well, it's incredibly fun and entertaining. Which is why I have mixed opinions on this.

Storyline: 10
Though I haven't read many stories because I'm only invested in a few characters, the stories that I have read were very interesting and different from other idol series, and different from other idolmaster series as well. The entire shinymas cast is made up of 3dimensional characters, and learning more about them is always a fun and heartwarming experience, if not heartbreaking. They're worth a read.

Value: 6
I haven't actually spent any money in this game, because when I look into something that I'm interested in buying (such as limited outfits, for example) they tend to come in bundles at a high price, which is not what I'm looking for, since as I stated earlier: I'm only invested in a few characters and I'd have no use for, let's say, 5 dress tickets, if I only wanted 2 to begin with.
Prices and bundles aside, it's a fairly generous game, and decently manageable if you're a f2p player. I produce two of the girls in the cast, and so far I have all of their pcards, though sadly not all of their scards. Earning jewels can get hard after you've completed most of the easier missions, and though you get well rewarded for getting True Endings, they're not very fun to do. Overall, they could be more generous.

My final verdict is that this game deserves a chance. As I've said before, it's not for everyone, but you might end up falling in love with it, if only you give it one chance. The cast is very lovely, and the art is worth sticking around for as well.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, but you can play this game on browser, too. It's very useful and generally more pleasing to play on PC than on mobile.
LauraAriga THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


The game is really and fun, but how to win the wing? I'm stuck.
Naru THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors


Thanks to the Hololive girls for recommending this Gacha game 草


Really bizzare mechanic
this game is a mix of Fgo and with a mmo skill tree
With the touch of idol
Wyu Otonori THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors




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