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KPCahyadi Dawn of the Breakers


Average game from switch that been ported to mobile.

The control works.. just works like todd howard would say because it felt really awkward and janky i mean it felt like they really wanted to implemented 2 kind of control scheme between one hand operating and two hand operating, it just weird tbh.

The story well yeah it's good but it just like any other stereotypes power ranger esque where it combines the daily activity and action, some people also said it was like persona but i disagree because it wasn't similar at all.

The art just like their other game getamped and also the voice acting is just kinda feel half-assed or inconsistent, i mean there was a time all the char speak and suddenly few of them become radio silent and stay like that until you completed the segment.

And the gameplay well it's same as your beat em'up mobile game except when you initiate the quest the game become monopoly esque.

It's not bad it's just average.
キツネズライ Dawn of the Breakers


If you ever tried Getamped、you should already realize this is only humanized version of its gear/weapons.
The story is kinda fun to read and the way they implement it into mobile with unique playstyle is worth the try
Tho、the dice disc has no chill.
Nagi Maza Dawn of the Breakers


this game is the best and I really love the storyline too. Its a great time killer. but at times the maintenance is annoying
Claudio Cipri Dawn of the Breakers


muy buen juego
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