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Pachi_Koko Grimoire Melody


I'm not sure about the status of this game (I mean if it's "dead" or not), but the art and music is nice.

The only problem I see with this is that once you play the 7 - 10 songs, you might get bored. Other than that, not a bad game at all. Maybe check out the series that this game spawns from and support it if it's your cup of tea! [微笑]
anime boy237 Grimoire Melody


not something is keep around but it's a solid game!
Vallen Len Grimoire Melody


love it
Tiper Zero Grimoire Melody


The game is cool, I only want a new Guide sistem, I mean, something new that tell us when to touch the notes. Lyrica for example have a Cursor, in Cytus saga, the notes grow up to tell you when to tap
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