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Anh Khoai Lyrica Game


Excellent game. Art is beautiful. Music is soothing. 70% songs are Chinese and 30% are Japanese. Gameplay is awesome. You can play the game and learn the lyrics (which appear on your screen while you're playing) at the same time.

Sadly, game is not 100% free. Only a few songs are available. If you love the game and want to support it, you can buy more songs and unlock later chapters in Store.

I am not sure whether this is a problem to you guys or not, but the game can only be installed in Internal Storage (a.k.a. Phone memory). There is no way to move it to External Storage (SD card) and this is surely a big downfall to me.

All in all, Lyrica is a great game. Highly recommend for rythm game lover.

P/s: Does anyone know how to open Missions? My wifi is on and I have tried lots of way, but the game always refuses me to earn more songs through Missions. Unlucky me [大哭]
kityo Lyrica Game


I loved the game so much, I didn't find the story intresting but I have trouble paying attentionso thats probrably why
Kevin Regnard Lyrica Game


The music is especially great! but I hope I can find more full song. :'((((
Paru Lyrica Game


Boooooo Lyrica Game


Hmm the game itself is great but it's not kinda addictive (on my pov) but it's good and fun, the story is great the visuals too, all i can say is its fun but not addictive

プンプン Lyrica Game


As cytus player this game is interesting and unique
Nour Lyrica Game


Relaxing oriental musics and gorgeous arts are all I need to made me hooked with this game. The storyline is a nice one too, and the daily quest is challenging as well. Such a nice concept for a soothing rhythm game~
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