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Ampere Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


english version please
キツネズライ Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


one of COLOPL's masterpiece, just the downside its potrait view, it would be better if it comes with landscape or an option to change the point of view
Xeco Wu Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


Good at the start, get worst along the way
Popy Pary Pypop Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


เกมดีมาก ภาพสวย ตัวละครน่ารัก เสียงนี่...sukoi!!
Wolf Legacy109 Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


Really cool game. You can get event characters for free or buy them. Gameplay can be boring to awesome, mostly awesome. Idk about story, can't read Japanese. clothes is weird they show to much skin sometimes.
Surachai Phutthaaram Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


เล่นมาเป็นปี มี 4 ดาวแค่ตัวเดียว เรทสุ่มแย่มาก สำหรับสายฟรีแบบผม
Rock Metal Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


Buen Juego y Fluido. Jugabilidad muy buena. Hace falta el Inglés como mínimo.[開心][開心][開心][開心]
иду жрать Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


одна из лучших игр, которые я тут видела
графика хорошая, геймплей и управление на высоте и очень захватывают, персонажи милые
правда фансервиса типа костюмов в которых девушки остаются почти голые тут...мягко говоря много
но для кого-то это даже плюс так что🤷
короче рекомендую определенно
Edgy Ris Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


Great gameplay and very refreshing. I cant grade the story since i dont read jp.
KuxsFM Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


Me ha viciado demasiado, la jugabilidad durante las misiones es muy buena, la música no me termina de gustar pero eso no significa que sea mala, en fin, un gran juego.
Retrovertigo Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


I love mecha musume, and this game really perfect for me [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]
AceGaming 27 Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


This game is really good.

Pour les Français se jeux est vraiment bien , les graphisme sont vraiment très beau. Le gameplay est plutôt et ces un jeu plutôt accessible car je peut jouer avec un Samsung Galaxy J5 = 2GO de RAM.
Corolin Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


i really love this game., grat wasting time!!
uniconnn32TH Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


กาชาสำหรับผมไม่ค่อยเกลือน่ะ ผมว่า
IshigamiYuu Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


this game gacha rate make me want to stop playing
srsly its has been 1 and half month i play this game.
getting just 1 scout ticket are so hard, and the gacha really bad drop rate (even worse than fgo) tbh i love this game uniq game play and voice actor but after saving 35 ticket and they only give 3* its really break my motivations, you know this game log in bonus are trash and you need atleast 2 days daily to get 1 scout ticket, if you telling me to top up dude, make it english first then make it global + SEA server, if i can buy your gem i can do it, iLL POUR MY MONEY TO COLOPL CEO FACE just for my waifu goddam it, this is suck
Cao Hoang Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


có người Việt Nam nào chơi trò này ko? nếu có thì chỉ cho mình cách kiếm gem với
Miserie Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


if only its IN English):
OfficeDude Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


i have been playing this game for 30 hours total ingame time for 5 days now. I gotta says this is a HUGE GEM!. The reason why.


No enegry to do any missions compared to other app games , you can play from morning till night with no limits.

Fast pace button mashing , easy to play but gets harder for those high level bosses, good for challenges.

Gacha is so so , Epic Seven and FGO is far worst tbh. For me the gacha is meh out of 40 tickets gotten 4, 4 stars units.

Very F2P friendly , usually the people complain is the gacha for 4 star characters due to level max higher but either way its possible to do with 3 stars as long your squad is stacked with good gear.

Tips what i learned from playing.
Get good gear at the hexagon map , super high rewards , difficulty for some hexagon have a chance to drop high level gear end gear however each gear is specific for certain characters. just keep farming from there for me, my 3 men squad group have all the end gear stuff after 5 days of playing 6 hours a day. All of them are level 70 to 65.

Please do the event missions and get those material drops , exp drop , money , for me i dont bother with the cosmetic. You really need alot of this materials to make your gear to 4 stars. For the fighting aspect i rather level everyone in my squad together and have one high level character but not too far from the others so incase if your strongest went down , your other characters can at least have a fighting chance.


BULLCR*P boss fights. Bosses in the lvl 60 to lvl 80 fights are absolutely crazy , if your character have a low speed compared to higher speed characters. Your just gonna get yourself killed , make sure you have one fast unit in your squad like dodging lazers everywhere while they are tracking you with thier aimbot mechanics.
BOSS AOE is super dumb u cant escape , there is a high chance you will get hurt from it.
Some bosses will purposely fly out of the arena zone while spamming HUGE amount of lazers at you. so you have no choice but to go close as possible so that you weapon can actuall hit the boss.

Bosses will purposely time your Ultimate kill move
for example when i try to do my ulti on the boss , he would go immune for that whole ulti until its finish so some cases i recommed only for ulti when the red numbers shows at the top of the boss.

Materials are very scarce when there isnt any events giving you or sold out when you brough the whole materials for that event exchange rewards.

OVERALL i still love this game , i personally played on the DMM player PC version which they can transfer from pc to phone for the account data. But to you get the DMM player u need a DMM acc and a vpn to japan also changing your computer time zone which u can check tutorials online on how to make a DMM account. For the account transfer to phone to pc cause DMM dont accepte google play accounts , you got to check reddit or tutorial site.

I hope my opinion was useful and have fun with the game.[不滿][開心][微笑] Thanks for reading till the end! ✌
Claudio Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese




Me gusta mucho el juego, lo malo es que desde hace unos días no puedo jugarlo con fluidez ya que se congela cuando hago una misión ya sea simple o de multiplayer.

No se porque me pasa esto ahora, siempre lo jugue de manera fluida y van 5 días que se traba o se cierra.
Alguien tiene alguna solución?.
Neko Oro Alice Gear Aegis | Japanese


Tienen razón todos es buen juego con varias armas y personajes. Aunque a mi no me convence el control de movimiento y de disparo juntos, ojalá agrege un botón de disparo aparte.


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