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ES.Liez Megido 72


Edited after months of playing (since 2018 Aug) and QooApp finally allows editing a review via browser(Thanks QooApp!). This is JRPG with battle system inspired by trading card game (there's PVP mode for time-killing). The characters (with Solomon's Goetic demons theme) are very varied in both appearances(human and 'demon' form), personality, and playstyle. All start from 1-star and can be evolved to 6-star. So you get to choose who to evolve based on their ability rather than rarities. Even story units can hold their own ground. The same goes to the event freebies.

Non-chibi 3D models are well-made (some motions are really fun to look at). Music is great. You get to hear at least 1 new track or new remixed version every month :D

Recommend to anyone who loves TCG/RPG hybrid. The downside is you need the Japanese language knowledge (or some sort of JRPG gamer's memory) given the game's complexity. the system UI can use more work (they're improving) and character design can feel old-fashioned(says, 90's shounen manga). I still can't excuse the main protagonist's outfit but the game is fun enough for you to look past that (and get used to it, sort of). They're also not shy away from showing some disturbing graphic violence (self-stabbing is one of the mildest examples). They were done in a somewhat artistic way (no gore) but unsettlingness can be too much for a sensitive person. Rates aren't really bad (unit rates are normally 5% and boosted to 10% in Sabbath banner) but you don't get to roll much often (especially after finishing main story chapter3). In your unluckiest month, the event freebie will be the only new unit you'll get.
n1gjohn Megido 72


Pretty much my new favorite game. Been playing it for a good while and I love how creative you can be with team composition, and the units have so much personality to them.
M.P Panca Megido 72


Addictive Gameplay, Many Cool and Cute Character, Nice BGM, but the gacha rates pretty bad, as i already used all beginner pick up gacha, i dont know when new characters will come to me again as i already wasting so much story gems on normal gacha only to get summons. and one thing, this game will be pretty hard even in early stage if you doesnt have any support chara
Keele Zeibel Megido 72


Its different from normal rpg, plus the character summon does not have rarity.
Kien Cuong Nguyen Tien Megido 72


Unique battle system with intense skill base, the RNG is still there but manageable. What I like about this game is they give us a lot of good free megido from the start and when story progress later, some free megido even stronger than gacha one. Most gacha megido are usable and we can build a team for our favorite megido. Art is great, each character seem unique compare to other game, though sometimes I feel confuse about their gender (Paimon)
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