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愛辰巳 Dance Trips


💯🙂🙂Super Good
Kouki Elska Dance Trips


This game is basically a hybrid Otome and Cooking or Restaurant Simulator. Most of the time, you will be playing the restaurant and cooking part of the game, by tapping food for your poor chef to cook, then fulfilling customer's food request, or one of the 3 guys who ocassionally come to eat. You unlock recipes over time, and also unlock bits of the Otome game story in fragments... Because of how short and later on infrequent the story bits are, and you need to grind a lot of the restaurant sim part, I would not recommend this as an OTOME story game, but as a restaurant simulator/clicker type game, it is fun. Over time, the restaurant part becomes really grindy though. Some recipes cook instantly, while higher level ingredients can take hours... And you need a LOT of ingredients to make certain things. It isn't very punishing if you cannot get those high level foods to please customers though, there is no punishment for turning down customers. There is gacha to alter your guys' looks.
Sherrice jackson Dance Trips


Service ended back in March of 2019 according to Otomate.

And if you try to login to the game you get a communication error.

Not sure why this is still available for download.
BadKatanaChan Dance Trips


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