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Mika Chan Onmyoji | Traditional Chinese


thanks very, I happy ^^
หําน้อย คอยรักก Onmyoji | Traditional Chinese


Gia Minh Onmyoji | Traditional Chinese


Love it
Fabio Sayegh Onmyoji | Traditional Chinese


Jogando no servidor em INGLÊS!

confira a minha resenha e a página para baixar no link abaixo:
Tamamo No Mae Onmyoji | Traditional Chinese


very like. very love[開心][開心][開心]
GAMEHOY Onmyoji | Traditional Chinese


The game is fun if you like something that requires strategies and smaert thinking. There are plenty ways to build an effective team. SP and SSR are great, but keep in mind they apprears rarely i used 180 amulet once and nothing higher than SR showed up; but there is another occasion that I only used 20 amulets in an event and i got 3 SSR from it. Your luck is a HUGE factor for this game.

Super P2W Rate up "event" summons are a joke, you have to spend over $100 just to have a higher drop percentage. Every single event I've participated in literally all day and I have nothing to show for it yet other users have better luck. They had a VIP "event" which is over so not only have I yet to get an SP unit or something that isn't a dupe. I'm not even rewarded for spending money on this game. This is a scam, you aren't even guaranteed a ssr for a X summon. What a waste of money.

Don't be discouraged just because it's a turn-based arena type of game. The thrill is in strategically using shikigamis and customizing their stats. There are plenty of shikigamis to choose from and you are not confined to the usual melee, long range, burst types. Each shikigami is unique. The game also has a nice storyline, which will be enjoyed best by Heian period and Japanese mythology enthusiasts.

All and all the game is great! The storyline is great, good graphics, wonderful concept, BUT the space it takes up on my phone is just wow (7.25GB) and the gotcha system is beyond annoying and feels horribly unfair! I've been playing for several months and got a few SSR but can't pull a SP for the life of me! Even the SR are hard to come by! But if you can look past the space and gotcha rates it's a great game with a wonderful story!

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B. Hwajoong Onmyoji | Traditional Chinese


หาเมนเทอร์ค่ะ แง

//I'm looking for mentor ;-;
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