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Kiritoukun My Hero Academia Smash Rising


please make english version
Adrian Frtalj My Hero Academia Smash Rising


Release the global version!!
Zekkinz My Hero Academia Smash Rising


this game is trash just like bakugou

now that i caught your attention...

this game is pretty nice! kinda like the gameplay style here.. even it means tapping it.. but the title quite makes sense since my finger just turn into detroit finger... english version when?? :v
a day just like any other My Hero Academia Smash Rising


smash tap is be always the best game (SMASH TAP) NO that other horrible version (smash raising)
Deynimation My Hero Academia Smash Rising


bring back smash tap, please. this game is boring
Víctorq My Hero Academia Smash Rising


smash tap was better👎
hikari666 My Hero Academia Smash Rising


smash tap is better than rising :(
Angelo Pastre-Thuer My Hero Academia Smash Rising


is biurifol is fantastic is liaif is a q vrg io no hablo ingles :v
GageTheMage My Hero Academia Smash Rising


The Bigfatsoman My Hero Academia Smash Rising


ill be honest here. Ik that almost everyone that played "smash tap" or should i say the prior version to "smash rising" says the old ones better. and i say yea but if u r not willing to change it back than could u atleast bring back the old play style. Like fine the stuff that u added are fine but i would rather have u keep the old Smash Tap fighting style, its just alot more fun. oh and ur player boosting with cards sytem i would say is fine but make more of them move cards and i mean the old ones.

So all im saying is that bring back the old battle style and maybe change it with how it is now with the 3 move set kind of deal, i would say thats fine. and i mean for us to be able to control our character and stuff like in the old smash tap but have 3 skills to use.

Comment ur own thoughts on this review

sorry i know this might not happen but u know i atleast want what i wrote to be implemeanted/reimplemeanted

P.S I instaled the game back just to leave this review
JohnIgnacio My Hero Academia Smash Rising


This Game is so ugly!! Pls Back Smash tap its better than to this game
miri~chan My Hero Academia Smash Rising


Prefiero la antigua jugabilidad V:
Celina Hetalia My Hero Academia Smash Rising


Smash Tap was a great game, so why did they replace it with this trash? There's not one thing good about smash rising. Smash tap was superior in every way. If you're considering getting this game because you like Boku no hero academia I wouldn't recommend it at all. The gameplay is so boring, whenever I try to play this game I end up closing out of it because of how boring it is. I haven't deleted it yet because I guess I have a small amount of hope that they will bring smash tap back. I would hate to lose all of my progress. I really hate smash rising so if you're looking for a fun game to play, don't get this it's not fun at all. I know I shouldn't be complaining about this on a Japanese app, but I don't know a lot of Japanese and smash rising is so confusing. Smash tap was extremely easy to figure out. I instantly knew what everything was and how to do things, but smash rising is very confusing if you don't know a lot of Japanese. I don't even know if there's a multiplay.
Jeahee Beahee Gayhee My Hero Academia Smash Rising


I really, really like the game so far! The art is amazing, and I love seeing all the events that come out! Easily one of the greatest games I've played, and it's kept my attention much longer than most games I've ever played! ^-^
I really love all the different events, and the story mode is fun to do! I'm glad the story mode also has a hard mode, so it gives you more to do, and it gives you a chance to do something more challenging along the way!
Seeing all the different character cards is amazing too! The art is beautiful, and nicely done, and I love how it various for new ones depending on what is happening in real life at the time!
Overall, its a beautiful, wonderful game
Hanzo01 My Hero Academia Smash Rising


Preferivo smash tap
SANTOX My Hero Academia Smash Rising


Extraño smash tap :'v
Nadya Wyr My Hero Academia Smash Rising


really poorly made game. I miss smash tap!! smash tap was so good, I really never seen a game like it! you can have different costumes, the gadgets were so good too, and how you could control the character. the models were adorable and the graphics and art was so pretty! now its crap. Smash Rising is restrictive and poorly animated. the graphics are pretty and that's pretty much the best part abt it. farming up gems is extremely difficult and the only way to get gems are daily bonuses. It's a bad RIP off of My Hero's One Justice (which I recommend buying it's so good!!). this is pathetic. I'm disappointed.
Hanif Anggoro My Hero Academia Smash Rising


how wonderful that game is
Spokii My Hero Academia Smash Rising


i don't like the new upload.
Yunnyko My Hero Academia Smash Rising


Era mejor smash tap :v


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