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Trump Yeah King's Raid


money hungry company giving people freedom with letting them play with ridiculous or a joke ign then tell them that's not appropriate or some shit and it is their fault for not understanding that other people might report for that kind of shit bcoz this stupid company suddenly want to become pg13 or whatever and then ask for money or leave the game? good job asshole
SweetNose W King's Raid


i like almost everything about this game but please fix the matchmaking system in arena. its so freakin frustrating. my character level is like 68~70 and enemy character is level 80++ and some already maxed. wtf man. how can i win with a maxed character. please make a fair matchmaking system like your oppenent is the same level as you.
Ramadhan Setiawan King's Raid


The 3D graphic is HQ, many playable characters you can pick.. so you'll have many variation build to enjoy this game xD
sky sword King's Raid


very bad. administrative don't care about the problem. stuck download for 2 days. the Silly soultion about reinstall or using VPN didnt works.
Azka Fauzi Afzal King's Raid


This Game very good.
In one apk you can decide what server suit with you. Even they made alternative voice/sound what suits with player.
Good Costume.

But Unique Class weapon it's Sucks please delete.
Sax ZamSam King's Raid


ดีหมดแต่ อยากได้ตัวใหม่ต้องเติมเปย์อย่างเดียว ไม่มีกาชาสายฟรี
Zinab Alasfoor King's Raid


The best game EVER!! very generous, very beautiful and has lotsa lore it's interesting!
but I hate the idea that it's only about farming, I get that it's the point of the game but adding *another* unique and different gameplay/mini game/mechanic would be very fun and awesome!
Xtra King's Raid


Good game with great graphic(especially with many waifuable material[鬼臉]) and enjoyable story[色色](even thou it get kinda dark by end of chapter pandemonium[大哭]), Sound is great too[怪笑] (i even sometimes open the game onlyto enjoy the ost haha), also they give you the choice to play auto or play manually (which i do most of time since auto never get you the dps your need to clear most content :v), and the character growth is manageable from start that i tried to speedrun the game by 7 hour to beat final chapter with my lvl 80 Seria[色色](not included epilogue lol and without spending even one cent [微笑])...
well for those who can't manage their character and rubies it can be hell in certain stage like ch.4 or 5 thou[厲害].
Mikamii King's Raid


Good game. Guys I can't top up at all in this game, whenever I'm going to buy there's always this error about "exception in query inventory:java.lang.NullPointerException" and so on. Halp me pls what should I do :(
Calango King's Raid


Vou dizer um fato: O FETICHE é PODER nesse jogo.
Sim, esse jogo tende atrair todos os tipos de gostos.

Jogo bonito, bons gráficos e possui uma boa história. Conforme que você vai progredindo a história principal, vai descobrindo a origem das outras quests, raids e personagens. Bem facinante.

Tem muitas funcionalidades para você ficar um bom tempo jogando e upar seus inumeros personagens. Você esquecer de fazer algo é uma coisa bem comum quando joga.

O gatcha existe, porém o gatcha não é para personagens, e sim para armas e itens, porque você consegue obter os personagens e suas inumeras skins através de rubis (gemas) que ganha absurdamente gratuitamente.

O problema desse jogo é que o seu progresso de UP é a Raid dos Dragões. Você vai focar a maior parte do tempo matando os dragões para obter os melhores equipamentos com os melhores status aleatórios. Você é aprisionado nesse modo, desde o início do jogo até o fim dele.
- Dificuldades em avançar na história? Mata os Dragões
- Dificuldade em avançar nos outros modos? Mata os Dragões
- Equipamentos fracos? Mata os Dragões
- Melhorar as armas? Mata os Dragões
- Up? Mata os Dragões

Claro que existem outros modos para melhorar seus personagens, itens e armas, (Labirinto, Cofre, Missões diarias, Missões da Guilda, Raids) porém a taxa grande do consumo de sua Energia/Stamina é nos Dragões, o que deixa o jogo monótono, chato e repititivo demais.
Haikal K King's Raid


i think this game is have many plus point, even the gacha is not very bad, gameplay insteresting, and very newbie friendly
ThyhonE King's Raid


[怪笑]Find Me on EU server for free BD 80 CARRY
King_Ender King's Raid


The hollow shadow of its former glory. This game, while remain superior in terms of graphics and character designs, has seen massive decline throughout the years and spawned numerous problems such as the infamous bugfest (unknown error, plagued the game for a few months until it got fixed recently).

Make no mistake, this game is very visually appealing and is renowned for its non-gacha method of acquisition of heroes (they are even purchasable with in-game premium currency) known as 'inn recruitment'. However, there is an equipment gacha and weapon dupes are necessary to ascend heroes' unique weapons in order for them to shine in Pvp as well as World boss ranking etc. The punch in the gut would be the rng gear ascension that basically wastes your hardly earned unique weapon should it failed.

However, the main issue of this game lies within the makers of it. Vespa.inc who had time and again turned a cold shoulder over the playerbase and commited various pro-P2w decisions.
Troxa Nhut King's Raid


it's a really great game, very easy to farming ruby , many contents,..the art and the 3d model is both beautiful ! And the Game publisher is friendly and they hear what player say! you dont have to pay nothing for getting stronger , or costume :D everything is farmable
Pongsatorn Trechinapong King's Raid


SNK King's Raid


Nice graphics, fantastic theme songs, storyline turns edgy. I should like this. I want to. Too bad it's an auto shitfest. Too bad it shills being able to get and rank any character for free, only for the whale meta to be focused on character-specific equipment.
juan diego poveda King's Raid


Too muchs bugs...
Ueda San King's Raid


Yuto Ena King's Raid


The best game
Fabio Sayegh King's Raid


King’s Raid é mais um colecionador de personagens, como tantos outros. No entanto, a arte e os gráficos não são como tantos outros! Os personagens são muito bem desenhados. O estilo anime dos personagens foi traduzido perfeitamente para os modelos 3D disponíveis durante o combate, e eles são muito bem animados também.

Como era de se esperar por ser um RPG, classes diferentes têm habilidades diferentes. O jogo ataca de maneira automática, e as habilidades são ativadas por você (se não estiver no modo automático).

Colecione heróis diferentes e interessantes, melhore eles e aumente os níveis e equipamentos, o de sempre… Mas com visuais incríveis, acabamento impecável, alta qualidade de vida…

King’s Raid não é SÓ mais um colecionador de personagens como tantos outros!!!


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