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Flandre Scarlet Cytus


The game is created by Rayark team.Of course im supporting taiwan games!
Storyline only exists in 1 chapter.Which makes me feel kind of dissapointing.
You have to purchase for other chapters
Just like any ad game.You have to purchase to buy non ad version which is why i always turn off wifi.
The music is really good.Its kind of like Osu mania tho
iKr0NoX Cytus


Its been 7 years ago since i started playing cytus and still love the game.
Carmesyn Cytus


O jogo por si só para quem gosta do estilo é quase perfeito, todas as musicas podem ser jogadas de graça e quantas vezes o jogador quiser, sem contar a grande variedade de ritmos e músicas, o que deixa a desejar são as atualizações de expansão do jogo, novos estilos de jogo, novas músicas e etc. Mas só de poder jogar um jogo dessa qualidade e de graça já é o suficiente para merecer uma nota 4/5 ou maior. Vale ressaltar a espera de 30 segundos para jogar a música e a necessidade de internet num jogo praticamente offline, esse é o único motivo do jogo não merecer nota máxima. Recomendo!
Řėpłąÿ Cytus


1. A great collection of scenic background art that set the mood of the music. The menu screens give off a very sleek design. A wallpaper collector's dream.
2. Not your mainstream library of music. Kudos for exploring a variety of genres and styles. Additional touch sounds also contribute to the futuristic theme.
3. For an android user, the game performs quite well. The only downside is when players encounter levels with heavy tapping. Controls are easy to understand, tutorial was able to explain the controls in an simple manner. There are secret features.
4. Based off gameplay alone, there isn't a clear cut (concrete) story. The game allows the player to interpret freely the sequence of events. An interesting idea, made better with the background images and music.
5. I find this game deserves praise for a few aspects. First, the game has given me a chance to listen to different styles I never usually encounter. Second, there is a sense of satisfaction when I complete a level perfectly. This is a reachable goal for most levels and it does give me some pride to attain '100%' on an entire chapter. Third, it has managed to impress me with its vivid storytelling by combining a track, an image and vague details.

Overall, this game is worth the effort should you:
-want to listen to its tales
-desire to let your fingers dance across your screen
-like appreciating pictures
-believe its offered challenges are goals you want to realise

Other things to note:
-Majority of the content is free, a few bits require payment
-As of this point in time, the game no longer has continuous content additions.
-If I recall, downloading the game was not free for Apple. However, there was the chance that it went free during the game's anniversary. So purchase this game then if you want to save up on the buying fee.

Crulhet Verindyonh Cytus


Wolf Muñiz Cytus


es un juego bastante atractivo y llamativo a la vista algo pesada pero vale la pena si quieres probar algo diferente d los juegos del mismo tipo como muchos otros juegos de permitira y saver q dan agil eres en reacción y mental.
tiene una variedad música favorable q le gustara mas de auno
Khanh Truong Cytus


i don't pay money


Weird rhythm of songs; i'm used to sharper🤔
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