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Destiny soo Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


- Characters say good morning / afternoon / evening / night to you in different speeches.

- Live2D. Touch their head and chest area to trigger different reactions...

- You can control your character manually, not turn based and boring gameplay.

- Can "Auto" play

- Gift program that you can raise your affection with the characters and in return, they will give you Orbs!

- Gifting is not the only way to raise affection. There is a ... sword rubbing session (which is kinda lewd and NSFW) that raise affection as well.

- This game is very F2P friendly.

- SR and UR are the only difference are that UR have more variety of unique moves. BUT even SR are usable and it has been proven by players

- Change-able background and costumes for characters. (farmable, no need cash like other games)

- Sword Fes. Every end of month, there will be a Sword Fes and it raise the chances of players getting UR characters like GBF legfest.

- Have collab events with Anime.
RPGLover88 Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


I was sure I rated this game a while ago... weird. 🤔
Anyways, heres what I have to say about this game:

If youre a f2p player and youre searching for a REAL f2p game, then search no further! This is the game for you! Nothing is locked behind a paywall in this game. ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING.

You get a truckload of bronze coins in this game. Bronze coins are the most common currency in Tenka Hyakken and you can use those coins in the gacha. Yes! You heard that right! In the regular gacha, 10 draws is 20k bronze coins and if you complete just one event, you can easily get between 500k~1m of those coins. Thats... well, a LOT of gacha draws. [哇噻] Most characters can be obtained from the regular gacha. The rest can be obtained either from the "orb gacha", like I call it, or from the end of the month gacha, which is also called Swordfes(The characters in this game are sword girls or Mitsurugi in Japanese). Theres also limited time gachas, which come back several times a year, and anime collab gachas, which comes back every year or 2 but Ill talk about those later.

In Tenka Hyakken, theres only 2 character rarity: SR and UR. Obviously, most UR characters are stronger than the SR characters but that doesnt mean you shouldnt use the SR characters! As long as you give them good gear, SR characters can become incredibly strong! Also, if you get the same character more than once, the first 2 duplicates will limit break that character and after that, theyll be converted into flame items, which can upgrade any character of that rarity. For exemple, if you get the same SR character 4 times, that SR character will be automatically limit breaked twice and the 2 other duplicates will be converted into SR flames. With those 2 SR flames, you can limit break other SR characters of your choosing twice. Its the same for UR characters. Get more than 2 duplicates of a UR character and youll get UR flame items. So you dont absolutely need the exact same character like in most gacha games.

Lets now talk about events. In Tenka Hyakken, clearing event stages will reward you with lots of items. Among those items, there are special event items that you can exchange for lots of neat stuff! Have you ever played a game where character skins were locked behind a paywall? *Ahem*Azur Lane*Ahem* Well, in Tenka Hyakken, you can use event items, which you can FARM, to get those character skins. In some events, you can even buy characters or rare gear with those event items. Events will ALWAYS give a humongous amount of orbs too. What are "orbs", you ask? Orbs, which in other gacha games are called crystals, gems or even cubes, are this games main gacha currency. Orbs can also be used to buy more gear storage space(500 max) and big stamina potions. Youll get a truckload of stamina potions from events and login bonuses, so I dont recommend buying them. Instead, I recommend that you save your orbs for the anime collab characters.

Now, about the different kinds of gacha:

I already talked about the regular gacha where you can use copper coins to get characters and gear.

The "orb gacha" is pretty much the same as the regular gacha but you have better chances to get UR characters and gear.

The limited time gachas usually contains special character variants. Most of the time, those variants only have a different appearance but some of them have different stats and/or skills.

The gear gacha is similar to the "orb gacha". The only difference is that you can only obtain gear from this gacha.

The end of the month or "Swordfes" gacha always comes back on the last day of the month. Several characters that can only be obtained in this gacha. Drop rates for UR characters and gear are also greatly increased.

Finally, the rarest but most exciting type of gacha: The anime collab event gachas. Tenka Hyakken came out around 3 years ago, and since then, this game had MANY anime collab events. Angel Beats!, Shakugan no Shana, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, Strike the blood and in a month or 2, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. This kind of gacha happens pretty rarely and each one of them only comes back every year or 2.

Each character has a live 2D skin and depending on the time of the day, where you touch them and their lvl of affection towards the player(you), the characters will say something different. This is a really neat little feature!

Phew... Took me a while to write all that! XD
If you want a shorter version of everything above, well, read this: Tenka Hyakken is a free to play friendly side scrolling action role playing game with LOTS of neat and cute sword girls, great music, and fun gameplay. Oh and with lots of anime collabs! Its also VERY free to play friendly! Wait... I already said that. XD
Anyway! Give this game a try and I can assure you that you wont regret it! 😃😃
NiKKmat Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


whats good about it :
- the gameplay is awesome, _(:3 」∠ )_
- the girls are cuteeeeee (/ □ \)
- they have amazing personalities
- i like the design
- i like the opening song
- they update a lot even in the site they have unreleased girls that i probably would like

whats crappy :
- the gender pronounce is not unisex, some of the girls call us brother? like im a girl hello?
- the sounds are quite fine but the sword rubbing is not a good idea. like what?
- the gacha's low rate of getting the swords, yes i might get URs or something but yeah they arent what i want. _(:3 」∠ )_
- the storyline is too focused on the three starters, yes i love them but it is way to centered and i hate having to go through their uninteresting stories.
- the animation in this game sexualized the girls, like when they talk their chest will start to wiggle and it irritates me a lot.
- downloading data takes too long.

i really like uguisumaru tomonari shes really pretty oh god. _(°ω°」 ∠) queen ugu
- Yuuichi - Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


The game that actually try to balance old unit and new unit.

Completely ignore tier list so that every unit become usable including SR.

Character strength highly influence by equipment and how much you willing to invest on blooming panel (aka skill tree)

Event that can be complete within one day. Nope, i'm not over-exaggerated. 70 runs and you're done with the event.

A newly added spark system since last december on every banner make it easier for player to target any character/equipment that they want. That said, you need to manage the in-game currency and not to get baited by new banner (most banner will return eventually so take your time).
Bear Black Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


Mấy ông chỉ tui cách sao lưu hay nên làm gì để ko mất dữ liệu với!
Xóa game hay xóa data là mất hết dữ liệu là sao nhỉ ai chỉ với!!!
S1lveg1N Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


Игра мне понравилось, много милых тянок и геймплей мне нравится. Жаль не пойму о чем они разговаривают. Очень хочется чтобы снова была коллаборация с Angel Beats! так как меня не было во время коллаба, очень хочу Юри и Канаде
А так игра отличная[色色]
Đ.Q Thắng Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


good game. Need an English version because I don't understand anything[為什麼][為什麼][為什麼][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭]
Dan Gonzalez Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


i like the game, but the rate up is awful. didnt got the ssr rate up and it sucks. fun game wish thr rate up was better though. If anyone got any tips to get sakuta orbs please let me know. I'm still new to the game lol
Đỗ Minh Anh Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


came because of the interesting art and concept
stay for the jingling boobs and horny moan
10/10 fapable
Theloverof5TWINS Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


i played it for a bit its my first day soo maybe something small changes in my future opinion
1 off happy late birthday to this game it did 4 years yesterday (how did i took so long to find it...)

-SOUNDTRACK-Amazing i never added a music from a game to my playlist and this game did it all the music is awsome and the exta sound efeects are sugoi

-VOICE ACCTING /DESINGS OF ART AND 2D LIVE MODELS-This game has one of the best voice accting i have ever heard and i played a lot of games and that is a must for me combine with such great music and you have perfection every characther has a voice that you listen and in the same moment you say to yourself yep this is rigth the 2d live models have so much detail the desings are so well made so original and realy reflects the personalaty of each characther they have so much extra details its so alive and interactive i feel so imersd with all of this things combined

STORIE/CENEARIOS-The game even goes as far as making diferente cenarios who change depending on time of the acction (i dont mean real life time but storie time)it fits so well everything else honestly at this point i feel like i am watching a visual novel and i dont even like visual novels i am an anime only the storie i had to translate because i felt with was good and i was rigth its not a master piece of storie like it needs an anime rn but if it had one that would be realy fun and enjoyable none the less it realy his solid on this aspect too

GRAPHICS/COMBAT-Despite some games who have huge budget an anime adaption backing up(cough cough princess something cough) this is not some auto play you wait to time some ultis and press 3 times faster on the opotion to end faster the combat stratigic and fun the ultis are decent i only saw the sr ones not the ur ones yet so i think those are going to be even better the bosses and minions are not my style in desing but this is a big variaton of them and they are challaging sometimes at least for a new player now the graphics the graphics are realy good i mean when i see chibis i dont tend to even try but in this one even the chibis forms have such a nice desing that sometimes i forget they are chibis gacha animation is great

EVENTS/COLLABS/VALUE-The game as toon of activities and events wich are original and realy fun at least the ones i saw
collbas are realy good my favorites being ANGEL BEATS(cant believe when i saw it in the list toon of extra points of the game for that also STRIKE THE BLOOD/RAILGUN such amazing animes and realy a fresh air to those over saturated collabs with lile re zero/slime and rising of the shield hero they are not bad animes but i see them collabing everywhere
ABOUT THE VALUE(if this point was bad i was not going to even lose time writing this first impressions)
the value on this game is amazing soo frendly too f2p players like i am used with japanese games who are so kind and considirate with the players you can easly have so much fun with this game wihout spending a penny but of course if you realy like it and have the chance suporting it is always a realy nice thing to doo to see a game you like evolving/collabing even more
the outfits i forgot about it even the cosmetics are farmable and you get toons of corrency to use on Gacha and events are realy generous

OVERAL-I am realy impressed this game blew my expections of the bat and continued to do so
Its a toon of fun so interactive so alive so rewarding imersive and feels so well made and solid its realy a gem a treasure of game of course nothing is perfect but i dont realy see a negative point worth mentioning in my experience until now maybe in the future i will update my opinion on the game

i hope this was helpfull have fun and enjoy the game i hope to share my luck on the post section very soon :)
2d anime girls with katanas kimonos etc... ara ara lolis yandares kuderes and the classic tsunderes i want them allll
BAMBOO Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


oh men. this game rating is so low that you never ever got a chance rolling an UR you wanted.[大哭]
Permpun music Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


Yui夢 Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


A mi parecer es un juego entretenido, aunque al inicio me costó acostumbrarme a jugar estos tipos de juegos en móvil, mi experiencia en este me ha encantado!
Este juego era todo lo que me gusta, pero es una pena que haya llegado un poco tarde para poder disfrutar el juego con todo su potencial [可憐]
Momoko Arakida Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


Very well made game, lots of cute girls, lots of fun, especially the Nanoha Event [色色]
It even has an active battle system, pretty much like a side scrolling action game, rather than the passive auto battle that's all too frequent, where you can only trigger the special skills at most.

However, the server is awfully slow, all too often, frequently resulting in longer waiting and loading times in between. It's especially bad during log in, which frequently takes a minute or longer, and often it just sits there, and I can't log in at all [發怒]
I haven't been playing near as much as I wanted because of that.

The Gacha is just plain awful, with girls and equipment sharing a pool, and the girl's rate is abysmally low [發火]
In the first (free) 10+1, I got one UR girl besides the equipment. In 3x 10+1 Fate Gacha (supposedly increased appearance rate) I got only a single SR girl! [發怒]
ธนกฤต เศรษฐรัตน์ Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


ティーシTc Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


Overall system are great even though it not fully live2d (fully l2d is like when u drag the screen character eyes will follow where you drag).
Characters will greet you in different line depend on time and affection.
You can set up 2nd skill for every girls.
F2P friendly and average character (3%) gacha rate (gacha rate increase to around 5-6% at the end of each month) but character and weapon and skill gacha share the same pool so good luck with that lol.
But one thing that bad is this game isn't well optimized, it too lag and have some fps drop even my phone can handle most 3D games (Like Honkai Impact). If your phone is flag ship tier then it fine i guess.
Otherwise this game is great and battery friendly better give it a try.
Also Facebook english community of this game admin always bad mouth other game and I got kicked and ban from his FB group , idk why.. did i triggered him ? lol btw his fb name is Destiny Jing Yuan Soo.
xyeta yasno Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


игра очень прикольная и милая,дают очень много плюшек прям авоав,я очень рада,карты тут классные,мечтаю выбить Илию :зз
Lecaton Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


Muy buen juego, me llamó la atención cuando noté que el movimiento en el escenario era lateral, un beat 'em up para acabar con todo lo que tengas al frente, me hubiera gustado más si fijara al objetivo más cercano de manera automática para que el combate sea más fluido en el modo manual, adicionalmente tiene toques de novela visual y simulador, también buena diversidad de opciones para poder interactuar con los personajes. El arte gráfico me gusta y la animación L2D está muy bien hecha, además agradezco la facilidad ofrecida para vincular la cuenta al inicio. No quiero ampliar más mi comentario dado que este juego ya tiene tiempo en el mercado, así que en resumen, lo recomiendo.
Primeros minutos: https://youtu.be/7et7GV4yHYY .
レッドバスター Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


Rudi Hendro Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


I really recommend this game


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