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Crystal Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


(Disclaimer: Week 3 Review)

This is probably the best Touhou gacha game out there right now gameplay-wise. I'm very surprised that it took this long to get a shmup in this scale onto mobile devices. The visuals and presentation are clean and striking, the soundtrack is good (as usual), and the story seems interesting from what I've read so far. However, this game doesn't seem to have much staying power right now, due to the strange choices it has made.

The stamina system (AP) is brutal if you are starting out. Although it regens at 10 minutes for 1 AP (Max is 100), you will level up pretty quickly so you will end up overflowing. So you would start doing character stories/events to drain AP, but each run would take 15-25 minutes (no autoclear), which won't be looked at favoredly for basic dailies. If you aren't proactive, I'm sure you'll just end up with too much AP that is kept everyday, and you will end up wasting a bunch of regen everyday.

Then there is the shmup gameplay. Using 30 AP, you will play 5 unique stages, and you just clear them. However these 5 stages are only unique to the story. If you were to replay the story, you play the exact same 5 stages, which will become monotonous as you grind that. You will probably say, "Isn't that just mainline Touhou?". There's a difference between playing stages because you feel like doing it and playing stages because you need to use AP so that it doesn't cap. You will end up just burning out at some point if you keep that mindset for a while.

The characters are also pretty important when playing a Touhou game as well. You will have Reimu, and then a free character chosen at random. The only way to obtain new characters is through the gacha, which is a bad decision in my opinion. As its a shmup, there is already little variety in how its played: shoot and dodge, so having them being locked behind that isn't nice to say the least. On the plus side, there isn't a big power gap between the worst and best character, so you can play whoever you like without worrying about being suboptimal.

Then, there's the gacha. There is a character and weapon (card) banner: 2.5% to spark a 5* and 200 pity to guarantee. The banner characters are limited, so you won't be able to get Aya anymore as of right now. If you obtain the banner character before 200, the pity will reset. Strange idea, it means if 2 banner characters are running, you can't use the guarantee to get the other banner character if you already got one early.

As for the endgame, it's where it gets polarizing. There's only a couple things you can do. First, the Tower, which is basically a long list of stages that increase in difficulty. Next are the character stories and events, only good for if you need a better kit for a character, or for event currency. Lastly are the boss rush stages, done once a day, but you can select the difficulty you want. There isn't much depth put into anything besides the gameplay.

In conclusion, I still think its a good Touhou game since it is "free", and it's worth a try if you have ever played any mainline Touhou. But I wouldn't recommend playing it for the gacha itself, unless you really want a character you like. I can appreciate the amount of effort put into this, but as I stand:

Good game, but keep playing only if you feel like it's still fun.

Edit 1 (11/29/23): With the first event now being released, there is now another source to use AP (Stamina), although you would still need to do the usual 20-30 minute runs in there as well.

Edit 2 (12/11/23): Since I've reached level 22, the highest level as of now (not anymore 12/14), I added a category for the state of the endgame. They also fixed linking accounts and the loading glitch, so I've removed that entire paragraph. I've decided to overhaul most of the review since its 3 weeks into the game, and I've gotten out of the honeymoon period.
Lecaton Explorador de Juegos Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


Aunque visualmente puede ser algo simple, los combates me gustaron. Me parece un shoot 'em up entretenido con buenas ilustraciones.
El drop rate teórico es favorable y el BGM resulta destacable.
Cabe mencionar que la animación L2D de los personajes se puede activar al asignarlos al lobby.
En cuanto al aspecto técnico, en reiteradas ocasiones la app dejaba de responder y tuve que reiniciarla. Además, pude notar que le falta compatibilidad con algunos dispositivos.
Al final sí me parece un producto que vale la pena probar si los RPG tipo shoot 'em up con desplazamiento lateral y/o si la franquicia Touhou son de interés. Sin embargo, considero que tendrán que mejorar su rendimiento.
Por último, pienso que puede terminar opacado por títulos similares que están más pulidos como Sky Fortress: Odyssey.
Primeros minutos y guía para vincular la cuenta:
harou Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


def a much needed touhou shmup game, lots of replayability with the shikigami for ez griding, though the gatcha could be improved, there are too many chars to make some just "special banner" only.
Good selection of song remixes from all previous mainline games
could be big if it went global.
Ginghis Ken Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


Currently getting an error, "データの更新があります", so presumably either some launch issues, or maybe waiting on an update?
Flandre Scarlet 20 Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


I'm honestly enjoying this a lot! Very fun and interactive, the story is neat so far as well
Dei-kun Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


I love Touhou. This must be the best Touhou title on Mobile Phone. There were many amazing titles so far on this contemporary Touhou, but this one comes back to Azure Reflection moments and it looks very similar to original experiences, too. Dialogues are voiced, the art is awesome, as always, and the music is beyond human knowledge. However... I would love to play this on a bigger screen (Yes, PC!) [可憐][可憐] I hope this title gets enough reception. It was very sad to see Danmaku Kagura closing (as I expected from previous DeNA games). I hope they fix the story mode sprites, because they are tiny / huge (they don't take the shape of my screen). I have no words for this Touhou title, simply amazing! Let's make a wish for a PC port [大哭]
donny don Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


a worthy touhou game that will give satisfaction to your touhou nostalgia and simping needs.
gaia aetherys Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


fun game. units have no rarity so its just play whoever you get and or whoever looks fun since rerolling is also fast and easy.
Monika Dandaszova Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


It's not a bad game but it has many bugs. Also it's hard to get new characters . I'm a little disappointed .
Piya Teekapark Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


โทโฮเวอร์ชั่นสาวม้า แต่ดีตรงเวลตัวละครอัพแล้วอยู่ตลอด ตัวละครไม่สำคัญ การ์ด 5* สำหรับอัพสกิลสำคัญกว่า การ์ด 5* ปกติ สกิลก็ดีกว่าการ์ด 4* ปลดเต็มแล้ว
AmaSuna Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


They ain't playing around with those bullets 🫨
Taros The Void Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


ShinyRaichu94 Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


Ronnie Harris Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


OtaQoo70975255 Touhou Fantasy Eclipse


5 star 0.0% so so bad
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