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Chris_Pendragon Zenonia Chronobreak


lets cut to the chase,for those who have played zenonia 1 to 5 and S,this game...is not like those,the story is boring ish,the graphics are really good and amazing, gameplay is a disrespect to other zenonia games cause its so goddamn slow and it kinda resembles ni no kuni cross worlds and summoners wars chronicles so of course its got gacha mechanics,the classes you could choose from are two handed sword,double swords,wizarding staff(healer),and some orb, they're honestly fun to mess with,good animations and skills

by itself it's painfully a fine game,but comparing it to other zenonia games (which i know those are 2d and this is 3d but as another game in the zenonia world we i should) its not good at all

(also i entered the game basically by brute forcing it with vpn connected to an indian server,which worked some how,it also doesn't need a phone verification, atleast for me it didn't )
7Lords Game Hunter Zenonia Chronobreak


Zenonia Chronobreak Gameplay 제노니아 - MMORPG Android IOS

Ľaplus-samă Zenonia Chronobreak


1First Zenonia Chronobreak


Do you still remember Zenonia? Now they don't make a sequel to the series anymore, but they make the game system into an MMORPG, which is really what is now this crowded, for now the game still uses Korean.

The features in the game are decent like MMORPG games in general, have job classes, have varied skills in each class, and are accompanied by a little fairy guide.

There is something unique here, there is a card that will affect your ability status, not only that, he changes the appearance of his character at once but still takes your main character.
Reithking Gamers Zenonia Chronobreak


This is best MMORPG Zenonia Chronobreak i play 2023 I love story Including Weapon class and Character Creation is amazing
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