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dark pikacha CDO2:Dungeon Defense


A pretty decent indle game. Its what you expect. You are dungeon master and are task with surviving 50 waves. In order to do so you summon monsters from 5 tribes. Each has unique synergy buff to them. pretty easy right? Once finish lvl 0 of challenge differculty. You move towards the next difficulty. Each differculty has a debuff towards you. This stacks onto the next levels of differculty. So yeah I am not a expert at this.
Marcio Jr CDO2:Dungeon Defense


Very nice dungeon defense game with some roguelike elements and difficulty scaling.

Graphics are basic but pretty good, the current problem I have right now is that I can't seem to connect to game servers to try out "ranked" mode and grab rewards that require connection.
Christian DelaCruz CDO2:Dungeon Defense


Well just what you expect when you play. Good, but it's just that.
Tho the game can try adding a storyline
might make the game abit more interesting.
time lasper CDO2:Dungeon Defense


strategy game which makes me think and not think at the same time. It can be very simple or complex based on your geme play style
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