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D.N Rabbit Family's Carrot Farm


Simple Farming and Selling crops on you own shop,Simple Gameplay, Unfortunately It's Online Games,in First Impression I thought its Offline Farming Games,not much expectation from this game..

Edit* Some bug i found before has been fixed i think because they won't appear anymore
Jibriel_a Rabbit Family's Carrot Farm


This is a simple farming game with a cute art style. Here you work as a farmer/stock farmer. You harvest crops and sell them on the market. You only have two livestock and land for farming, that's it, you cant buy more animal or expand your land.
At first maybe its kida frustrating to play since some plant take longer to harvest and the land is limited while consumr demand is high.

You can "upgrade" your livestock so that they will produce faster. There are no pop up ads, however you will have to watch ads to get items or to hire someone to work.

Its not hard to get money and diamonds. Imo this game is not stingy.

anw there are few bugs but not really affect the gameplay
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