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Shiro Mirai Game Hunter DarkSurvival


Good rougelite survival kinda refreshing than usual endless survival where when your high you can just afk
Cons :map is limited size
/hard farming for crystal
/need korean naver cafe to join event
/there obstacles in map which if you dint notice you endup trapped
/mobs never dissapear
Pro: there bossess in map to get some skill(dont stay in 1 boss in map it get stronger each death)
/movement is smooth
/most skill focus in defending and close to you than regular rougelite survival
/item and exp never dissapear
M. Soracle DarkSurvival


the game is based on Vampire Surviver on Steam and it does a very good job to make the gameplay as close as possible. the only difference between the two games is that Vampire Survivor is only playable on Steam and in a paid game but DarkSurvival is free2play mobile game which is a very big plus. there are way much more content in DarkSurvival that makes it incredibly addicting! so you need to play at your own risk[賣萌] trust me, you won't be able to get enough sleep!
bobby harjanta DarkSurvival


the fk is this game supposed to do. enemy suddenly jump into you, and the hero cant even attack. my highscore wss only 15 sec
van dang ngo DarkSurvival


First of all, this game deserves 5 stars no matter what people is speaking
However, another milking simulator game, why would this game have an energy system? That destroyed everything
"Never block your customers behind a paywall" thats a simple rule. How did Vampire Survival become the most famous survival game even its just a copy of Magic Survival?
This game got the awesome graphic, awesome abilities and one thing that bring the whole game down, "Energy system", why would this always happen to literally every good game?
So thanks for your efforts but without that energy system, you deserve 5 stars and 5 stars only
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