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нанамин Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


кроули прекрасный идеальный добрый очаровательный решительный ставь лайк если согласен
chuusukii Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


this game will be the end of you. it will consume everything on its way. you'll go bankrupt, you have to sell everything you possess. Lilia Vanrogue will come up to your bed at night to remind you of your sufferings . Jade Leech will shove down mushrooms down your throat. Jamil Viper will have you on a chokehold. Trey Clover can and will bake the most horrid pastries and force you to eat them ✨ with tea✨. Rook Hunt will follow you wherever you go to make sure that you'll stay in this deep hellhole and yOU CANNOT ESCAPE.

Vil Schoenheit will poison you in your sleep because you're prettier than him and that you didn't snagged his Dorm Card. Leona Kingscholar will pounce on your for stepping on his tail because you didn't save up for his Fairy Gala. Riddle Rosehearts will insult you for being dumb and playing this game despite all the warnings you've seen. Idia Shroud will call you a normie for not spending at all on his Ghost Marriage. Malleus Draconia will simply laugh at your troubles because you're struggling to keep your sanity waiting for Book 7. Kalim Al-Asim will cry and blame you if you hate him because you're defying against the law. Azul Ashengrotto will force you to sign a contract that states that you're now a simp fof him and he would haunt all your pulls.
Ramu Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


Do not play this game if you don't want to see Lilia hanging down like a bat at 3 am , Azul crying over a lost coin , Malleus yeeting himself every second, Sebek yelling because he lost Malleus again, Floyd fighting everyone, Jade stealing your popcorn 🍿, Idia hacking the school computers, Jamil being done of life and everything, Epel being Epel , Vil being your coach about your life goals and much more... (Also these are not spoilers but according to their personality)

Anyways real review time:


Honestly one of the best gacha games so far , f2p friendly definitely easy to get a 10 roll, by logging in , doing weekly quests and they're really easy it's usually "Play Twistunes 5 times." (That's the rhythm minigame)

The gacha rate isn't so bad everyone so far manages to get SSRS easily you can't just have 1 SSR you'll have plently

Stories do NOT cost any energy and you can always read them again

The game is meant to be causal even though the energy recharges very very fast you have 10/10 yes but events and log in give a lot of "shards" (way to restore energy) and events / shop as well

Promotions about 10 rolls are great 250 dias for 10 key while a 10 roll is 300 dias you basically save 50 dias

Whenever there's someone birthday you get a 10 roll

All srs are stunning you never get disappointed with the artstyle.

Story 5/5 Truly a ride.

Chara design 5/5 (It's made by the author of Black Butler also)

Events 5/5 Beanfest is truly enjoyable or the cooking event

Gameplay 4/5 Twistunes system is quite bleh for me but doesn't ruin the game experience nor the story it's just hard and normal that are insane.

Characters 5/5 you'll love them all for sure there's nobody you can hate or else fight me if you do

Voicelines are kinda funny and funky sometimes, and different from the original but still makes sense to the characters and give a funny view it doesn't bother me.

But everything is *chefs kiss* a beautiful mess of a game we all love here , this game has its own aesthetic and I'm living for it.

That was my first review hopefully it was complete enough and excuse my poor English too sgsghs-
4415 Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


Я никогда не играл в Twisted Wonderland, поэтому не понимаю вашей одержимости персонажами. Я чувствую, что мы должны различать реальность и игру. Они выглядят хорошо, но они ненастоящие. Мы должны наслаждаться жизнью, каждый день думать о практических вещах, а не смотреть на бумажных людей. Вы должны стремиться к собственному счастью, и вас не должны ослеплять цифровые вещи. Моя жизнь полна, и в следующую среду у нас с Джамилем свадьба, все не забудьте прийти поддержать.
Психоз Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


Наконец-то!!! Осталось русскую версию дождаться... (я знаю, что маловероятно, но надежда умирает последней)
NagisaTsukimiyama Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


polub ten komentarz jjesli chcesz zeby malleus znalazl ssie nad twoim llozkiem o 3 w nocy
КалимКин Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


ура, бебрята, мы дождались.
я теперь могу читать и не нужно лезть никуда, юху. это победа, дамы и господа.
Luka Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


родился ради риддла, пошол в школу ради риддла, сдал егэ па риддлу, пошол на работу ради риддла, умер ради риддла
mika Disney Twisted Wonderland | English



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! WANGI WANGI WANGI WANGI HU HA HU HA HU HA, aaaah baunya Jamil wangi aku mau nyiumin aroma wanginya Jamil AAAAAAAAH Rambutnya. AAAHHH rambutnya juga pengen aku elus-elus ----- AAAAAH Jamil keluar pertama kali juga manis!!! Dia kalau lagi marah itu juga manis banget AAAAAAAAH JAMIL LUCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU......... GUA BAKAL RELA JADI ANIMEK BUAT JAMIL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH

Apa? Jamil itu gak nyata? Cuma karakter 2 dimensi katamu?


GUA GAK PEDULI SAMA KENYATAAN POKOKNYA GAK PEDULI Jamil ngeliat gw. Jamil di laptop ngeliatin gw. Jamil... kamu percaya sama aku? AAAAAAAAHHH syukur Jamil gak malu merelakan aku aaaaaah!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAH GUA MASIH PUNYA JAMIL, SENDIRI PUN NGGAK SAMA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH


konsonan langit yang akan menjadi sebuah takdir cinta kita menjadikan hamparan bahwa saksi ini detik ini secara sinaran ultraspeng yang mulai diaungi greenday. akan menjadi cranberries cinta kita menjadi nyataa. aku sudah mempersembahkan terjun dari helikopter untuk kamu sayaaaaaaang
LaHeinit Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


Agradezco al internet por enseñarme que existe qooapp y con eso poder descargar juegos que no estan disponibles en la store de mi región.... en cuanto al juego, es hermoso! Lo que me motivo a jugarlo desde el principio fue el diseño de personajes de Yana Toboso y la verdad es que la historia es muy entretenida. Aunque si esperaban un otome donde realmente tener una ruta exclusiva o un romance, esto no es lo que buscan...
Cloud-gazer Game Hunter Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


I have long been waiting for this game to have an English translation and finally it has come!
It did took me long to decide to write a review until Beanfest[耍帥]

A regular person having to wake up inside a coffin and having to chase around a cat with flaming ears, next thing, you learned you're stuck in Twisted Wonderland and has to go around the school surviving your new school life while being surrounded by powerful handsome men with issues-- ultimately becoming the underpaid overtime school therapist-student.
An oversimplified synopsis as to what this game is.
Sadly, you can only headcanon it as an Otome game since the design is a huge "clickbait" for a Rhythm game!
Did I regret it?
My phone storage does, but emotionally there's nothing to regret here!

As expected of Japanese Rhythm games and the fact that Disney is involved here, it's all safe to say that you'll be receiving enjoyable game design-- which then makes it seem like an Otome game all over again! (I'm sorry for repeating that)
For players that are artists, the game illustrations and sprites are more than enough to guide you especially the coloring and proportions. Above all, the characters are all unique not only in personality but in character expressions. There's also the animations that helped in the story narration especially when it's a 2D presentation and 2nd person POV.

As for the soundtracks, there's a lot of variations depending on the scene, events, and characters involved-- it's quite immersive. After having played the game and getting used to the soundtracks, the Last Song Syndrome in my brain will automatically play the "calm school life" OST whenever I'm just doing normal stuff.
It makes me wonder if I'm just vibing to the music for too long or I'm starting to go crazy?/j

Character interactions in the game is the most immersive, obviously. Not to mention about Yuu's personality is clearly a regular person but leans more towards the snarky and sarcastic side of humanity-- which makes it fun especially if you're someone who's less vocal of your opinions irl.
The game offers you choices but it merely triggers reactions from the characters and doesn't affect the story in any way, which makes your vocalization of opinions less heavy.
Well, going as far with all the students' behaviors in the story thus-- not only the characters but also the faceless extras-- as a normal person, we, the Yuu's, are the destined to become the mediators for this unstable powerful dudes. What a life~
Gachatrosss Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


Akhirnya nggak perlu translator buat nge translate lagi ಥ‿ಥ Ini gamenya bagus banget, cuma sayang drop rate gachanya bikin dada panas ಥ‿ಥ Tolonglah kirain nguli dias tu mudah apa (ノ`Д´)ノ彡

Harapan saya cuma satu : Azul sayang, Silver sayang, pulang yuk nakk...... Nggak capek nyasar di akun org mulu ಥ_ಥ
• Плакса • Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


пиздато, я не играла на японском и не знакома с фандомом, но теперь появился английский язык и это шикарно!
KamadoShivu Game Hunter Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


twisted wordeland finalmente lançou o server em inglês e foi pra todo o mundo (aleluia irmãos)
o jogo está impecável e sinto como se fosse a primeira vez que jogo
por enquanto tem poucas cards SSR então está bem fácil colecionar e economizar gema, a história tá legal ( o começo é sempre meio arrastado ), a gameplay é muito divertida vai de touch como A3, ritmo como ENSEMBLE e fight como OBEY ME ( fica a recomendação pra quem gosta )
o jogo é bem pesado (2,55 gb no meu) e está dando uma largadas mas é só o primeiro dia e logo deve otimizar ele
é muito bom poder jogar e entender tudo e estar no mesmo nível que todo mundo
dêem uma chance para TW vale muito a pena
Cy√ Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


Pomieszałem Harnolda z lodo herbatą
Leżę ma molo a gardło
Łaskotam powoli pianą
Kurwa, brother
Promki z biedronki
Tak brykają zgniłe domki

Lemon? peach tea? jeden chuj
Lipton? Nestea? jeden chuj
Ciupaga każdej nada nut
Harnaś to prima garkotłuk
Ugotował mi prima radlera
O smaku wygranego kapselka

W moim metalowym kubeczku
Radler ideolo
Kurwa brother ale kombo
Leje harnolda z puchy
Pół na pół
Z lodo herbatą
Leżę na molo a gardło
Łaskotam powoli pianą, kurwa

Ruszyłem z belki
Garbik, fajeczka
No i poleciało
Zmierzałem na hel, ale zawiało
Ląduje w krainie tysiąca bajor
Leją mi harnolda z lodo herbatą
Wciągam puchę za puchą, wciągam flanę za flaną
Jak na narciarza przystało
Po 14 wale zgona z przytupem
Następnym razem cię przytule
W moim metalowym kubeczku
Radler ideolo
Kurwa brother ale kombo
Leje harnolda z puchy
Pół na pół
Z lodo herbatą
Leżę na molo a gardło
Łaskotam powoli pianą, kurwa

W moim metalowym kubeczku
Radler ideolo
Kurwa brother ale kombo
Leje harnolda z puchy
Pół na pół
Z lodo herbatą
Leżę na molo a gardło
Łaskotam powoli pianą, kurwa

Góralu czy ci nie żal
To kolejna przegrana zawleczka
Ale nie bój gada, gramy dalej
By każdy miał po jednej, na lewej i prawej

W moim metalowym kubeczku
Radler ideolo
Kurwa brother ale kombo
Leje harnolda z puchy
Pół na pół
Z lodo herbatą
Leżę na molo a gardło
Łaskotam powoli pianą, kurwa
W moim metalowym kubeczku
Radler ideolo
Kurwa brother ale kombo
Leje harnolda z puchy
Pół na pół
Z lodo herbatą
Leżę na molo a gardło
Łaskotam powoli pianą, kurwa
Charonyx Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


I've played the Japanese version for a while now and I'm gonna be starting again in the English version!

Graphics: In my opinion, it is VERY pretty. I love the art style and the character designs which Yana Toboso had created. The characters are live 2-D with voice acting in the main story, a Japanese dub with English subtitles. The cards are all high quality and I feel they get even more pretty as time progresses

Sound and Voice Acting: I like the BGM and the VA's are really good at showcasing their emotions. There are many moments where it can be funny or solemn and they do a great job shifting the mood when it's appropriate

Gameplay: It's a more casual sort of gameplay where you collect cards and level them up for battle in the main story, events, etc. The cards are obtained through a gacha system where an SSR card is obtained pulling 100 times, guaranteed, or it can appear before the meter reaches 100 (it can appear in your first pull, first ten pull, etc.) albeit there's a lower chance. Of course there are events where some limited time SSR cards have a higher chance of appearing.
There is no meta gaming or rankings so, for people who are fine with a more casual gameplay experience, might like this game. I would say it's pretty F2P friendly since I haven't paid yet and I can still obtain the cards I want while being caught up to the main story in the Japanese version. The first ten pulls which the tutorial will give the player have unlimited rerolls. You can obtain 1 SSR, 2 SR's and 7 R cards which can be rerolled until you get the ones you want.
Lastly, it does have a daily login and weekly missions so you can pop in every day to login and complete your mission for the week which can take you up to 20-25 minutes as well as doing lessons which help your card be stronger and help you progress more smoothly through the story.

Story: I really love these characters and the story that is going to be told. They all have their own personalities and I honestly like if not love all of them. I'm not sure how many chapters are released as of yet in the main story but they all have their own conflict and unique charm. Also, something that is frequently misinterpreted is that this isn't an otome game, it's an adventure game focused on the story and the interactions between the characters and the MC.

(Also, for the people worried about the pre-registration rewards, it will be available to all players who have cleared Episode 8 of the Prologue on the 28th of February)

All in all, I really love this game and I recommend it to anyone who likes good characters and a good story with casual gameplay
KiwiLoveGreen Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


Làm con dân chơi game này từ bản Nhật lâu rồi nên muốn chia sẻ một số thứ nên ngoi lên đây ghi cái review này. Phần review này có phần lớn giống review của tôi bên bản Nhật nhưng có chỉnh sửa và thêm vào 5. ở trong review này:
1. Đúng như các bạn bên dưới nói, mấy ông trong đây chất lượng và đẹp trai thật- mà đây cũng là cái lí do chính tôi đến với cái game này-
2. Với một con dân nghiện đỏ đen trá hình như tôi (nói thẳng ra là nghiện gacha-) thì con game này thật sự không pay to win tí nào nhé. Tất nhiên nạp để mua đá thì sẽ có thể có nhiều thẻ nhân vật xịn hơn, nhưng các yếu tố để khiến thẻ mạnh hơn thì lại phụ thuộc vào nhiều yếu tố khác nhau.
3. Game này không nạp vẫn có đủ đá để quay gacha ổn áp được nhé, cố làm nhiệm vụ tuần + đăng nhập hằng ngày + tham gia event chăm chỉ + đến sinh nhật của các anh thì được tặng 10 lượt quay luôn! và tất nhiên là tiết kiệm thì bạn sẽ có nhiều thôi.
- Không nên tiêu xài hoang phí đá khi chơi game này nhé, mà đá hầu như là chỉ để quay thôi mà, bạn nên chỉ tập trung vào một gacha nhất định, xác định được thẻ nhân vật mà bạn muốn có mà quay. Vì các thẻ nhân vật event sẽ chỉ quay lại theo khi mà các sự kiện được quay lại, lúc đó không đủ đá thì chỉ ngồi ngắm mà tiếc :') mà nếu quay được 100 lần thì chắc chắn một thẻ ssr sẽ ra nhé
4. về game play, tôi muốn nói game play của con game này là một nồi thập cẩm chính hiệu. Phần âm nhạc của game đôi lúc khiến tôi trầm cảm thực sự, nó biến hóa đủ kiểu. Bất ngờ là game khi vào đấu là đánh theo lượt, đồ họa quality theo phong cách anime, mấy cái animaton chibi của mấy ổng cute lắm ;-;.
5. Cốt truyện game rất được luôn, người tạo nên các dàn trai trong đây cũng là tác giả của bộ Quản Gia Hắc Ám nên không có gì phải bàn cãi cả, plot TỐT lắm uwu. Các nhân vật cũng đều rất nổi bật, không bị nhu mờ bởi mc hay người khác, được dựa trên phản diện nổi tiếng của Disney nữa nên sẽ quen thuộc nhưng cũng mới lạ.
6. Nếu muốn hỏi về mấy cái khác thì các bạn có thể hỏi, cái nào tôi trả lời được thì tôi sẽ cố giúp nhé. Và các bạn có thể nói về mấy ông mà mấy bà thích ở đây (đừng spam thông báo cho máy tôi quá-) tôi muốn nói lên tiếng lòng là tôi thích Rook Hunt và Malleus nhất game luôn á :D
=>10/10 đề xuất mạnh
Marmanon Disney Twisted Wonderland | English


обожнюю цю гру дякую за найкращих чоловіків


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