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Tracey Karpas Angel Legion


I like this game. [色色]
Dont allow negative comments get to you, devs. This game is great. Just keep making it better & better in everyway. Refine refine refine. And ignore the negative comments. Thats just their opinion. Not the truth of things. [微笑]
Krozeru Angel Legion


It's pretty fun for an idle game, even though it is your normal idle gacha game. And I like the function where you can customize the characters.
Zaharu Angel Legion


Not gonna lie, it's a solid game, but it's just missing a few camera angles, if you know what I mean. It was designed for the cultured, but it's not cultured enough for my tastes. 🧐
Haize Angel Legion


ItzKenny Angel Legion


Its simple. I see "Idle" I instantly download. the game is pretty fun, I'd say its worth trying. You may & may not like it.
Iskandaru 02 Angel Legion


wow the graphic of this game really caught my eyes, make your girls by your own test, cool storyline really make me enjoy, hope developer will make this game much more exciting[開心]
Bahamut Black Moderator Angel Legion


Actually I was skeptical about the game, but I'm really enjoying the game. Really fun.
sollux. Angel Legion


‼️ Warning: Long Review Ahead ‼️

Storage Size: 0.95 GB (or so my phone says)

Overall thoughts: It's quite a good game to pass time, and collecting outfits/dressing up my characters is by far my favorite feature. Game could use a bit more booba, but that's a minor issue. Watching the battles can get a bit boring sometimes, but the story looks promising (disclaimer: I haven't read much of it though).

Gameplay: Turn-based combat with equippable items that you can use in battle to help your characters and stuff. Uses 3D graphics. Has auto mode (good for lazy peopme like me). Contains an idle battle system as well so rewards continue to accumulate when you go offline. It's a little bit pay-to-win, but who cares. The gacha isn't the best.

Art/Graphics/Character Design: Pretty good. 3D model quality was better than I thought. Character customisation is super advanced and there are lots of outfits that you can get to dress up your characters in. The game seems to have a futuristic/science-fiction theme. I personally find the Mysterious Girl really pretty.

Extra: There's also a fun VR (Virtual Reality) function that you can play around with. I love it [微笑]

Thanks for reading besties :)
Erin DeLotelle Angel Legion


It's all in English so that's good. Not a bad game at all. But also not a grade A game either. Worth playing though.
Avarita Angel Legion


Well.. What to say. It is good looking game? Yes.
It is fun to play? Could be, even tho it is Idle gacha game with typical AFK style game type progression. With some addons it can be relatively fun.

Does it take a lot of your time? That depends on you, purely on you. I joined S2 that started in Dec 31st and spend few hours in game. I enjoyed myself so far and I plan to play for while(Yes I am F2P)

F2P Friendly? Relatively. In early stages you get lot of currency and pull tokens, but as usual do not expected to win against whales(I am not saying its not possible, but pretty close to low to no chance). But I did not yet met whale on S2(But its been up for 2 days only).

Story? To be honest after while I started skipping, but from what I read before that, yeah not worst. Tho some translation problems exists.

Overal: Needs better translation, gameplay can be fun and there are no "elemental" bonuses for having 5 of something in party. So build your own way(There is one limit and that is about main girl, but its rather lax and can be easily worked into pretty much any combination).

So give it a shot, you might like it, or not. But from my point of view, not the worst time killer.
Mizukili Angel Legion


Для первой игры этого издателя, в целом не плохо, только одно НО, игра предусматривала множественность серверов, видимо каждые несколько дней по новому, но не пошла, ибо игра банально мертва, в неё играют человек 100, хотя в целом идея не плохая. Дают фри костюмы и возможность каждую девочку детализировать вплоть до ресниц, глаз, носа, причёски и т.д. (приятный бонус для f2p игроков).

1. Графика атмосферная, физика персонажей хромает, но тем не менее выглядит все хорошо.
2. Донат, как и везде дорогой, куклы/шмотки/пассы покупаются, как и везде, тут просто сервер один и те, может быть тестировали проект, а не донили [不滿]
3. Сюжет тут похож на destiny/warframe, проходишь, открываешь планеты, летаешь по космосу(пошагово), есть бортовой журнал с событиями.
4. Пве интересно в первые дня 2, у меня за 120 кукол вышло 5 S кукол(2 повторки), 9 глав за плечами, сегодня зашёл и за 10 минут забрал награды и покачал 7 уровней. ПВП скипается и время не тратит, в целом скучно.
5. Первая игра из такого жанра за лет 5, которая уже вышла мёртвой, хоть и не от нейм разрабов. Причём ощущение с первого дня и это удручает.
6. Энергия тут нужна для шагового прохождения(полёту по секторам в космосе) пул маленький, но заходя пару раз в день хватит. На остальное не тратится.
7. Ивент при заходе есть, ачивки так же, подобие бп для покупки есть, f2p аналог аналогично имеется.
8. Багов не встретил, ошибок тоже, оптимизирована и для старичков, тоже плюс не малый на нынешнем рынке.

В целом поиграть можно, но как факт - игра мертва(х3).
リオ Angel Legion


Please read another review to find your answer..

or you can download this game and find the answer by your self..[怪笑][怪笑][厲害]
Noele Angel Legion


DATE Angel Legion


good graphics and smooth gameplay but after i played 2 days and log in again my account has gone so i uninstalled :)
Đặng HoànG Angel Legion


game này giá như bên dev họ chăm chỉ update ev thân thiện và ra char mới thì đã rất hay r
Winllow Angel Legion


Честно, ожидал большего но это смесь (Warframe+Dead Space+Евангелион), локации в сторе не понятны, за два дня с 20 сумонов 1-S перс, да скажите рандом и тд но копить на сумоны такое дрочево, максимум что сдесь приятно это некоторые модельки Тян, я называю такие игры скачал зашёл удалил, даже не стоит тратить на эту игру время.
Club51 Gameplay Angel Legion


Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG Gameplay

Alexander Angel Legion


it's really not a bad game. It reminds me a bit of afk arena but with good graphics an cute girls. you can even edit their appearance and unlock costumes for free. give it a try, you might like it.


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