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Otakunippon DogLife: BitLife Dogs


The game is great, you can have a dog's life and make your own story based on your choices that you make [賣萌][賣萌]
But the game has too much ad's [大哭][發火]
Not_homosexual DogLife: BitLife Dogs


i got ran over
Griucty 3759 Game Hunter DogLife: BitLife Dogs


Want to be a dog? Well, there you have it my dear little human...
Will you be a good doog or a bad doog..?

This game is a prequel to the Original game Bitlife, made by the same developers, it shows you how you could be into a life created by your own desire.
Warning : Even if it is a game only with word and no picture, it contain violence and sexual content. (It's really tiny but it count, I have to say it anyway. ) So please, be aware of that.

In this game, instead of controlling a human life, you are in charge of a Dog's (or cat) life.
By this, you chose what to do (followed by true action and content (not everything heh..) ) as Bitlife it has no real goal, it you and only you to decide of a ending by your own good.

It is fine.. Even if it has no music, it has a lot of add (and even some are Download in this game to show even if you turn off your internet... What Genious they are! [厲害]) it could create a good story, it has most of the time a new event for you to live with or suffer. Everything is random and randomly generalized. It's really good, but more fun mean....

"Buy it."

Yeah-yeah of course! Why do WE think that something we like could be.. Only free.. (we can play it without, it's just less.. Open)
It shows some option for us to buy more feature. And a lot of good things I suppose?
Anyway, it's fine, for the price, it is good enough.
For a game who make a lot of versatile life and a lot of event and extra features is good.

So in conclusion, If you really like to create a life, make some good, bad, incredible or weird choice, it's in this game!

Good game! [厲害]
Lucii11 DogLife: BitLife Dogs


Kinda boring
Magical Universe DogLife: BitLife Dogs


It's okay.
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