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ĐánhGiáDạo Punishing: Gray Raven | English


Đối với tôi:
- Đồ họa: 4/5
- Âm thanh: 4/5
- Gameplay: 3.5/5
- Câu truyện: 3.5/5
Trò chơi đã làm rất tốt thiết kế về đồ họa cũng như âm thanh, có một câu truyện dễ hiểu, tuy nhiên, tôi cảm thấy khá tù túng khi chơi game: tôi ko có quá nhiều thứ để làm, ngoại trừ vòng lặp về farm đồ trong game và nâng cấp, đến thời điểm hiện tại, tôi chưa thấy chế độ chơi nào khác ngoài lặp đi lặp lại việc tiêu diệt kẻ địch. Thế giới game chưa được chăm chút về độ "mở của thế giới và map"- so sánh với HI 3rd. Cốt truyện được truyền tải khá rời rạc, chưa thể làm cho tôi chú tâm, chưa đủ cuốn hút tôi tìm hiểu. Cơ chế combat khá nghèo nàn, chưa đa dạng về kiểu combo.
Nói chung, tôi khá hài lòng về chất lượng của game, nhưng chỉ dừng lại ở mức tối thiểu. Sau khi dành nhiều thời gian cho game, tôi nhận thấy nhà phát triển chưa chú tâm vào phát triển cho game, chưa tạo được sức hút đáng kể đối với người chơi.
Renai Circular Motion Punishing: Gray Raven | English


This game is epic. I was very hesitant at first because of my storage space but when I heard that it only takes 2 gb of space, I instantly downloaded it.
The gameplay is great, and the UI reminds me of Arknights. The waifus are very pretty but the 2 main dudes both look like Gawain from FGO.

-Also please don't see this as a Honkai Clone. It just has the same gameplay as Honkai, much like Action Taimanin and Agent of The Nigh thingy game.
Buddha Punishing: Gray Raven | English


Alright I will rate this game as a HI3rd player since the time Kiana WC shooting gun. Gameplay: skillwise, better than HI3rd. Story: nah HI3rd do more char development. Music: both is good. Skin: both have effect and non-effect skin but Hi3rd have more change color skin. Mechanic: Hi3rd teach you how to use every second in every dodge; PGR teach you how not to spam dodge like a madman so both is good. Overall PGR have some mechanic and punishment gameplay so it feel like a fresh air for oldbie HI3rd like me
Yorudan Punishing: Gray Raven | English


We all know that Honkai is arguably one of the best ARPG out there but PGR is an absolute rival!
if you love HI3RD and wanna try something new then PGR is absolutely a must try. Characters rely more on their inherent skills (in-game name Orb Ping) rather than having to get a full set of 'stigmata' passives like in HI3rd.

'Conciousness' (in-game name for the "stigmata") have great boost for characters but it doesn't make them rely on them too much or a must have full set.

The soundtracks are amazing and suite the game atmosphere of a post apocalyptic world while also being that modern cyber-esque feeling.

Events are fun and they also give quite a boost for new comers!

Its definitely worth a try for both new to the ARPG genre or veterans alike!
shimada mayu Moderador Punishing: Gray Raven | English


Buen juego. Muy f2p podrás obtener todos Los rango S cada banner solo reuniendo sin meter un centavo.
Es un evento cada mes.. Es algo malo pero entendible
Poder armar un pj con memorias es sumamente fácil, se pueden armar con armas 5* sin necesidad de las e rango 6*. Todo en este juego me parece muy fácil .si metes dinero te recompensa mucho y te hace avanzar demasiado.
『Awitah』 Punishing: Gray Raven | English


En definitiva una joya. La historia esta muy entretenida, el gameplay esta muy bien y si eres f2p es bastante fácil conseguir cualquier personaje y armarlo.

A veces los ataques en el gameplay van muy rápidos y no me entero de lo que está pasando xd, solo se hace un evento al mes lo que me parece algo aburrido pero es comprensible. Me gustaría que le metieran una traducción al español para aquellas personas que no llevan un inglés muy avanzado pudiesen enterarse bien, pero a parte de eso el juego está muy bueno y claro que recomiendo [鬼臉]
destru Punishing: Gray Raven | English


el juego es una maravilla diria yo me envicie bastante con este pero recientemente para no decir hoy me paso algo raro y me desconecto del servidor no le di importancia porque bueno se supone que los servidores son en norte-america pero cuando trate de reconectarme me rechazo y me dijo que si queria volver a intentar loguearme (mi ingles no es muy bueno asi que quiza malentendi) le dije que si y me reinicio el juego todo parecia normal hasta que le di a iniciar y pues me volvio a poner en la introduccion

edit: despues de unas horas jugando recuperé 4 dias de esfuerzo perdido en tan sólo un dia xd y de hecho me fue mejor con lo que aprendi
harriszarhan Game Hunter Punishing: Gray Raven | English


This game is great. A complex version of Honkai Impact. Only downside is the "monetization" towards Global players. Other than that is worth the wait for English version.
cluelessowain Punishing: Gray Raven | English


This game continues to amaze me. Honestly, graphics and mechanics pretty much top tier, and I'm even saying that as someone who played honkai, which is what people usually compare this with. Mechanics may be complicated in the beginning but they become instinctive when you get the hang of it. The game isn't too easy either (I guess unless you're a whale) so it makes it pretty fun. As for the story, it could use some work -- it's pretty average.

For the gacha rolling aspect, spark is nicely and godly low (only 60 pulls for assured S Construct banner unit; 30 pulls for pity 6-star weapon) which already makes it pretty worth to play. Just make sure that if you're f2p or even a dolphin, I'd suggest going for construct banners with 60 to spark rather than taking a huge gamble for the 90 to spark. Pity/Spark count also carries over to the next banner of the same type.

There's also reasonable currency gain (around 5k a month minimum), and so far, all A Construct units have been completely free (of course, as long as you grind for their shards).

The game is pretty chill. Each banner lasts a month, along with the event stages they come with. New S constructs, based on how the schedule is currently now, seems to appear every 2 months. So in the middle is pretty quick day-to-day grinding (likely opening the game 2 times a day, around 15-30 minutes each session), and event clearing.

Be sure however, that your phone can actually run this game. It has considerably high graphics so if your device is pretty low end, then there's really nothing you can do about that (of course it won't work/be laggy/heat up, etc). Except maybe go use a different device or an emulator. If you do have the device to run it, then you can at least try this game out. You'd actually feel rewarded to grind compared to what several games put us gacha players through.
Tiago L. Punishing: Gray Raven | English


Eu comecei a jogar PGR no inicio do servidor global, foi amor a primeira vista, minha conta nao é nem de longe muito poderosa, mas eu adoro o gameplay do PGR e amo como os eventos sempre são interessantes ❤️
Azalea08 Punishing: Gray Raven | English


The gameplay and story is good, for an action RPG this game is amazing. The combat is fluid and responsive, albeit it's pretty hardcore for an ARPG. The gacha is the most F2P you can imagine in a sense that you can get all S rank on release order without spending any money if you farm BC everyday. One of the downside i can think is early global release which is rough but for now it's mostly has been fixed and also farming for memory/equipment is pretty annoying cause you can't control the drop.
fmei Punishing: Gray Raven | English


started playing just this week. got to commander rank 40 already. the graphics just amazes me. havent played this kind of game since blank city (too bad blank city went bye bye). been enjoying so far and the music is awesome. though currently struggling whether i should join the events already with only 1 S and 3 A constructs.
Uta No Mori Game Hunter Punishing: Gray Raven | English


The graphics are good, the gameplay is quite fun, the story is a little complicated, but interesting. The gacha system wasn't bad at all. There are many interesting events and features in this game. The difficulty level was not too high.

Plus, this game can be played on low spec devices and of course you still can adjust the graphics quality [哇噻]
IWeissSchneeI Punishing: Gray Raven | English


An absolute great game for Hack N' Slash and ARPG fans~
Its definitely become a rival toward HI3 but no means to hate on both sides, because i like them both but this game is really fun.

Amazing, has a very Fast-Pace actions with unique skill and dodge mechanics. Having a limit to the dodge is really great to challange your dodging skills especially against BOSSes. Animations is really good and fluid. Overall with these Fast Attacks, it'll make you feel like a BOSS 😈.
The story is pretty interesting. Though unfortunately the story isn't exactly Fully Voice-Acted. YES, it feels like playing a VN games which probably can lead you to feel sleepy depend on how you play the story but its not bad. There also a story scene inside the gameplay which is good to spice things up with some interaction to the game. And having each character their own Back-Story mode which is called the Interlude is really nice to get to know your character better.
The design of these characters is really nice, they are called Construct so having a Hybrid of Mecha and Humans design is pretty good. Mech-Humanoid with Urban-Style vibes is interesting. Each character has their own charms to affect players to enjoy the game and suit their play style.
Vanguard Sound Studio has done amazing job for the music in this game. Really awesome, fitting for the game whole setup Urban-Mecha vibes😎. Voice-Acting in this game is amazing, can't really argue with these famous Voice-Actors. I can't say much about the Sound Effect it doesn't appeal me that much but overall is nice.
I would say the Gacha in this game is pretty friendly especially on the Event Banners for new characters, because they give you 100% Guaranteed for that specific character so that you don't have to worry about getting anyone else. Unless you're pulling on the Basic Banner then yeah you'll get random😝. They also had the Guarantee Rolls max up to 60(For Beginners Basic Banner up to 40 will change to 60 once you get an S-Rank) and as for Weapon up to 30(With Target Rate System increase specific weapon choice by 80%) is really nice, unlike most games in which case most of them had around 80-100 Rolls and YES this game have that banner too but why would you wanna pick that?😆. Unless you have a lot of money to spend😓. But this game is a Pitty Game so you won't have to worry about it as especially during New Event Banners is up you can grind/farm your BlackCards cause the event duration is 30days.
Character building is pretty easy not too hard(Plus the Event item reward and shops can help). Though i do say is wasting a lot of Stamina easily because i usually have to focus on one resource (i.e EXP or Materials) but thankfully the game have added Mission or Item Shop for extra Stamina refill which can help a bit. If you are worried for not having a 6*Memory? Once you're around Lv.40-50, you can try the Event Stages for Guarantee 6*Memory. Its random drop but it'll surely help you to build your character as you progress later on.
The Graphics in this game is amazing and i do wanna say that this game does support Low-End. The various setting in this game really help a lot(Tried this game on a Low-End Phone with Full Left Graphic Settings and it works fine). But of course i play this with an Emulator High-End Settings and it looks amazing. But you can play around with the settings to find your comfortable gameplay set up.

Overall Yeah~
This game is really great as a Hack N' Slash fans i do say so myself. The Stamina Limit does kinda a bit bad because at some point once you're done, you feel like you've been playing for 10-20minutes. But this is a Mobile Game after all, Playing Limit is always needed for a "Reason".
Siegfreid Punishing: Gray Raven | English


El juego es increible y muy diverrido, el farneo no se siente pesado como en otros juegos, las voces en japones estan muy bien, los eventos traen mucho contenido, es un gran juego y se viene mucho contenido bueno
RPGLover88 Punishing: Gray Raven | English


This is an incredible ARPG! I've been playing the EN version ever since it came out and I just love it!

The good points:

-Breathtaking 3D graphics.

-Beautiful characters.

-An extremely fun and fast paced gameplay.

-In this game, your power level means nothing. Even if your gear is no good, as long as you're skilled and patient, you can beat up every enemy that comes your way!

-Incredible music that will pump you up during battles, so make sure you put your headphones on!

-An interesting story.

-F2P friendly if you know how to manage your black cards(free gacha currency).

The bad points:

-An extremely low amount of stamina

-You need a lot of stamina to enter most event or special stages. The amount of stamina needed for story stages is okay though.

-Because of the two points above, you can usually play only 5~20 minutes a day. Once you're done with the story stages that are currently available, you can only do event or special stages and for those, most of the time, you'll have to spend 20~30 stamina per stage and you only have a maximum of 160 stamina.

-Some character skins can cost up to 120$. Seriously, this is ridiculous... Good thing I'm not interested in those. 😆

Overall, this game is REALLY good! If you don't care about character skins and you don't mind playing a game a few minutes a day, then by all means, do give this game a try! [哇噻][哇噻][開心]

For me, PGR is an upgraded version of Honkai Impact 3rd. 😆 Don't get me wrong though! I also love HI3rd but last time I played the game, there were just waaay too many events for me. Like my mother used to say: Too much is like not enough, and that's so darn true!
Gaming Panda303 Punishing: Gray Raven | English


I was a month late from the released but i was in time to enjoy all the event so here my review.
This is one of the best game that i have played alot of people may see a simalarity with honkai impact if you have played that game and i do agreed but there are special in it own ways.
imo Honkai is a more chill game (im not a too late game so can't be sure) while pgr is like darksoul even if your character is maxed if you get hit ur dead basicly the countless resets in phantom paincage and warzone is imersurable and then there babel tower the ultimate end game content i didn't get far in to the first one but i managed to get 120+ to get all the reward and a badge it hard put not imposible even with a low level character i mainly used decent level character and some gears of my top characters which could get around 3k which is enough for me.
This getting too long so overall good game good story good music a good game if you miss the adrenaline that you get fr playing darksoul and if you didn't play darksoul prepare for one heck of a ride. If you didn't get rage quit from it im sure your gonna enjoy this game alot.
Gohrok Punishing: Gray Raven | English


Un juego muy bueno del género HnS, lo probé en el servidor chino hace años, y aún recuerdo el hype que me causó que se lance en su versión global.

Algo soso en gráficos comparado con la competencia, pero sus mecánicas lo compensan.
Un juego bastante amigable para los f2p y un gacha regalón para los nuevos.

Tiene una historia post apocalíptica como la mayoría del género, pero, tiene su dirección bien definida, una historia buena, a mi gusto.

Un juego que DEBERÍAS probar para estar bien dentro del género, me gusta.
Engelberth Martinez Punishing: Gray Raven | English


Excelente juego, como gacha es super f2p puedes obtener todos los personajes sin mucho problema gracias al sistema de pity que tiene.
Las mecánicas son muy buenas y variadas cada personaje se siente diferente
Leviatan27 HQ Punishing: Gray Raven | English


Una belleza, es como si honkai, Devil My Cry y Nier automata hubieran tenido un hijo xD


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