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_HIBIKKI_ Everdale


Yikes...not much of a review for this game huh?Welp time to review this...overall i like this farming game that supercell made but one thing thats missing "trading" with your valey mates...sure you can sent gifts but that have a cooldown or something i want to be able to trade items not only able gift material to my valey mates.Thats all i can say for this game(i mean its a farming game and building your valley up to max lvl which is 15)
Lilicth Guilarte Laporte Everdale


Mui buen juego me ubiese gustado que tuviera más actualiciones en el futuro
JailseuM Everdale


Blocked at the loading screen...😒
Pun Pun Everdale


really want to play it but i stuck in the loading screen for like forever even though the vpn had been turned on the whole time. does anyone know if it's a bug or something wrong with my phone...?
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