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X.E.N.O Sin Chronicle


If you easily offended over the fact, skip my review. I write based on what i experienced, info i get, and what happen from the other players without filtering my words.

Is the game fun? Yes but with a catch that you need to know before playing.

Start with the important part, perfomance issue. If your phone not a flagship phone, you will having a hardtime enjoying the game bcs even with low setting, the game will lag or stutter. Heck, some phone won't able to enter the game and just stuck at black loading screen. Also an info i heard, you can't play on emulator like bluestack bcs the game detect it as illegal access.

Even thought the art is good, the poorly optimization is questionable too, the game running so heavy. When I test on all max graphic, with good device it running smoothly yet all their 3D assests is not even high quality, a bit stiff animation and sometimes jagged 3D assets.

The gameplay is somewhat good to certain degree, but it just give you a false sense of freedom and action, because you just move in a 3D dungeon that cover a really small area. Then the battle in which you able to move and choose your action ala nier mobage but at the end you just gonna turn on auto and 3x speed when you unlock those feature. The "action" scheme is kinda pointless to me, bcs it just another turn base gacha games. You just need to pick which target and your action. That's all.

Another problem is their grind, you only able to lvl up through stages and this is the start of your nightmare (unless you able to play non stop somehow like a neet), the exp gain per stage is not that big, even though you have skip ticket to instantly farm the stages that you already cleared with 3* result, the skip tix you have is just a few and very limited. Mostly it coming from 3* stage clearance rewards, which is again annoying bcs they deliberately put a monster way much stronger than you on some stages, even have a tutorial to just avoid it and revisit the stage later so you can defeat it. Hence naking you unable to 3* the stages and miss the rewads. I will stop here about gameplay bcs the rest is just another typical gacha games feature and another hellish grind stuff.

The story is what they are trying to sell, it branched and you choose your own fate about the flow of the story and how it roll, like what they already advertised. This is a unique part for me, since it make you think about the consequences of your choice. (And the fact that most of you can't read japanese so you get confused more.) Overall, the story is good for me and interesting even though it just you usual shounen fantasy story plot.

Their monetization tho, typical Sega. It worse, the drop rate is not as worse as FGO. 3* unit as highest rarity is 2% rate, but 1 pool of banner is mixed with fairy, a support unit which also have their own rarity.
Important part here, there's no spark or pity for F2P. Sparks (or coin gacha exchange for rate up chara if you don't know), only available for PAID GEMS pull and 1 spark cost 140 coin (14 multi) or so, I already forgot. So just count all those money just to spark 1 unit that prob overcreeped in the future. So as F2P, go crying or just suck it up if you get a bad pull result. Please correct me if I get this part wrong.

Gems also hard to get, the most gems you get is only from missions and log in. Even the pre reg rewards only give you 800 gems and you need to grind your ass for the rest because 1 multi cost 1500 gems. They give yellow tix called story tix but the first 2 tix you get is fixed result as part of the tutorial and story. You can get 1 multi tix that guaranteed 3* unit, but again you need to grind your ass off to clear all mission to claim it.

Overall it's fun to play games, I personally like the game and their arts, just don't get too serious over it and better get a good device to play it if any of you wanna play this game. Because the game will overheat and draining battery so fast even on mid-end device.
7Lords Game Hunter Sin Chronicle


シン・クロニクル | Sin Chronicle Gameplay: https://youtu.be/ZlsACeVjDdw
Diego Caballero Sin Chronicle


Dia 1: 25 de Marzo del 2022
Peso en dispositivo: 1.03 GB (hasta la mision 1)
Es mucho mas ligero de lo que esperaba.
Sinembargo si es un poco exigente con el rendimie to por lo cual le baje los specs al minimo apenas pude. esto mejoro el rendimiento un 80% más.

Abril 17: resumen: Se acabó para mi. ya lo dejo. en verdad es extremadamente tacaño, ni el login ni las misiones disriss dsn gemas, lo qur dsn es un chiste que literal no alcanza ni para una single al mes. es uns lastima pero ha resultado ser uns mierda a pesar de que tenia el potencial para ser bueno.

prefiero jugar Guardian Tales y Soul Tide donde facil hago 20 o mas tiros cada semana y son super generosos.

Gacha y Reroll:
Han dado 1500 gemas dos veces y con lo demas quenhan dado salieron unas cuantas multis. cerca de 5. aparte dan un ticket de reroll infinito para gacha de historia que es muy bueno. yo saque a mi 3ra 3☆ Maya quien es muy buena por su 2da habilidad que pega duro a la vez que encadena. me ha salido un 3☆mas pero vi que era maluco asique esta en la banca. sigo intentando conseguir a Hana en el banner especial.

Gemas: Aparte de los primeros premios de jugador nuevo, son extremadamente escasas. creo que no alcanza ni para una multi a la semana.

El gameplay es bueno, un poquito simple al principio pero si aumenta un poco la dificultad mas adelante pero nada abrupto. Es un RPG por turnos donde puedes posicionar y mover a tus unidades. las habilidades cuestan 1, 2 o 3 puntos de batalla que son los puntos de acciones que puedes tomar en un turno. moverse no consume BP y puedes pasar acumulando los puntos para el sofuiente turno.

exploración: igual quel gameplay, por ahora es bastsnte basica, no hay mucho oculto. solo ves dos vias una lleva a tal lado y la otra a otro.

Los tiquets para skipear son muy muy limitados pero tampoco hay demasiado que farmear.

conclusión: es un juego decente con buena historia aunque el no saber japones le quita mucho de su encanto. ojala pronto se vea una version Global o una traduccion aunque sea al ingles. Con tan pocas gemas que dan la verdad le quita mucho la gracia de aefuir jugando.
Minh Hiếu Lê Sin Chronicle


Mình đã rất kỳ vọng vào game khi biết đây là game của SEGA, nhưng mọi thứ đã sụp đổ khi mình chơi. Đồ họa thì đơ, cứng, giựt lag, haiz. Trải nghiệm ban đầu là như shit, sau này thế nào thì chưa biết. [可憐][可憐][可憐]
KirA Sin Chronicle


I am gonna give my review after playing for days
please read this won't take long,well let's start now

-First,the graphics is good enough and okay
as someone who is into storyline than insane graphic which is mostly popular nowadays
it also remind me of the first strategy game ,persona 3 portable which also have potato graphic but the storyline and how the system work amazed me
-Second, soundtracks are amazing
I did say they did pretty well and the voice acting hits me much better than most anime
the truth is I even tears up while playing intro and ending of chapter 1 (I am seriously not lying)
-Third,the storyline is promising as they say
storyline will change based on your choices
I already experienced almost every choices by playing multiple accounts, it's really made me feel like I am on an adventure
-Lastly,I see you guys blaming how the system made us level up only by playing storyline stages
please put that in mind that this is not like others games but a unique one
you will have a chat-time with your teammates even after replaying the stage to level up or farm weapons
(will not activate when you used skip tickets,you will only get weapons and exp)
the rewards are really good now,you can easily get 20 pulls as a starter and can farm another 10 pulls in around 10 minutes after doing some missions like adding hastag/changing character icon/enhancing weapons, rankings up the weapons,turning weapons into materials (This also do the same for spirit)
well, it's all for now
ask me anything if you are trouble understanding
Setsuna Kiritsune Sin Chronicle


it should have been good game if not for the lag.
I like the battle style, it's like Sen no Kiseki, and it's good I think.
I understand but can't relate to people who say "Graphic is meh", "Gameplay is boring" etc, . I think they watch/play too much game like Genshin/PGR or something else that have superb graphic and have a quick action based game (is that how it callled?)

if I have to say, the graphic is Graphic Great, I don't really think great graphic have to be as "high quality" as Genshin and co, there's a lot of game who have "lesser quality" graphic like WoTV, or even FFBE itself, but I do think it's intentional, I don't know how I should put this, It just I think not all game supposed to be have High quality modern graphic to be considered as a good game graphically.

and I hate when people say turn based game as "meh" gameplay, or "boring". just go play something else goddamit, don't go comparing this kind of game with other fast paced game, it's like comparing chess with paint ball/air soft, it's a literal different genre.

it's sad that there's many people (in general) underappreciate turn based game, even tough it's a really fun genre.

but aside from all that above I do agree this game is not really good, I mean, it's like I said, it's somehow so laggy when it's not supposed to. this would be a great game for me if is not for the lag.

oh man..... , and I'm very excited too when I see Hanae Natsuki-san's gameplay, to think it's this laggy. I hope this is some kind of bug so they can fix this up.
Colette Yamazaki Sin Chronicle


awesome game! play through the story and depending on your choice youll get a different result. dont expect anything ground breaking in that respects though.

game itself is pretty fun, casual turn based action similarly to the nepnep series if you played em. its pretty f2p friendly seeing as the concept of the game is centralized around the story. in that vein you can play it like the cat through time game or w.e it was called. you can try your hand at rerolling with the supplied guaranteed 3* pull from the event mission prize. but be forewarned this game isnt by any means a waifu collector. play it like that and youll be sorely disappointed.

tldr, sega game that is story centric. not a collection game. best have a firm grasp of japanese to enjoi the game or wait for a global release. [憋屈][憋屈]
SandyShine Sin Chronicle


untuk game nya sudah bagus, tapi rate gacha nya seperti game Jepang pada umumnya, MENGERIKAN. Grafis dan visualnya sudah bagus, untuk cerita karena berbahasa Jepang jadi kurang mengerti, lumayan [為什麼][微笑]
Silverion Sin Chronicle


The art is superb and all VA have their own characteristic loved em..

However the gameplay really weird on how they want to make it into "open field" which is not open at all its basically spam attack on enemy same as other turned based role play games, doesnt matter ur archer, mage or mellee attacker all can get into the same range either way so its pointless, even the boss can chase ur range attacker even though u ran away the furthest u can at start of the battle, make it more pointless

Without daily login, opening event login, i dunno how to get gacha currency its choking as hell and i think in the future u gonna have 10x gacha currency every 1 month of saving

Its a shame since this game have a great potential just need to cut some flaw and increase rewards for playing

aint gonna invest on a game who dont want to invest the best for the gamer
DRG !!!!! Sin Chronicle


3d models looked like shit, the background rendering was pretty bad even on high res, and the overall gameplay is pretty clunky. maybe they should have delay this futher
banktoom Sin Chronicle


จริงๆเกมก็ดีอยู่นะครับ ภาพสวย เพลงเพราะ ปัญหาใหญ่คือเกลือโคตร ถ้าจำไม่ผิดเรต 2% มั้ง แต่ดีหน่อยคือ สุ่ม 10 โรลส่วนใหญ่จะออกสองดาวมากกว่าดาวเดียว ตอนนี้ถ้าเล่นใหม่จะได้มา 3800 ดีกว่าตอนที่เปิดใหม่ๆที่ได้มาแค่ 800 ลองสุ่มได้ 25 โรล
Anthony Lopez Sin Chronicle


el juego es exelente y tengo y lg v40 pero se me friza y es molesto tengo que salir y volver entrar hasta un punto k nunca paso y tube que desintalarlo
DateALive Sin Chronicle


bcouw. kgapf lye lyvo.s lyvpshw Lv OK ✅
Ľaplus-samă Sin Chronicle


เกม :
แนว RPG turn-base จากค่าย SE
GA มีกลิ่นอายและลายเส้นที่เราคุ้นเคย สำหรับตัวเกมจะเน้นงานภาพเป็นหลัก

ระบบ :
ส่วนตัวลองเล่นแล้วระบบค่อนข้างธรรมดา จัดทีมลุยด่าน อัพเกรด ตัวละคร/อาวุธ เป็นหลัก แต่ที่เป็นจุดเด่นคือ ในการเล่นจะมี รูทให้เราเลือกคำตอบซึ่งมันจะส่งผลต่ออนาคตของตัวเอกเรา(ใครที่อ่านJPไม่ออกตรงนี้คือสำคัญ) ในเกมเป็นการผสมระหว่างopen dun.และเทิร์นเบส ควบคุมนูปแบบปาร์ตี้เวลาลง และภายในเกมยังมีโหมดย่อยให้เล่น เช่น เควสโลก และอีเว้นพิเศษ

กาชา :
ปกติ เรท แรร์ของตัวละคร 3 ดาวมี 2% และในตู้จะมีตัวละครและภูติผสมกัน
***ต้นเกมแจกตั๋วสุ่ม1*1ใบ กว่าจะได้สุ่ม 10โรลแรกถ้าจำไม่ผิดคือจบด่าน 1-2(ไม่รวมช่วงสอน)
Integra Anderson Sin Chronicle


Okay, most of all i know nothing about the game story cause it's full japanese. The gameplay is great, i love the character. But seriously SEGA ?, spark system only for paid crystal ??!! Just stop it or many players leave this game soon :)
Yashida Haru Sin Chronicle


Good game
Good graphic
Good theme song
Good gameplay
Good gecha rate
Good storyline
アンデルソンうちは Sin Chronicle


o game me lembra o estilo de batalha do jrpg Grandia o q é muito bom,
a main history do game ta bem interessante (entendo nihongo),
o gacha ao meu ver ta ok e logo de cara peguei dois personagens 3* chaves (no game a 2 tipos de 3* os normais e os personagens chaves q sao melhores q os 3* normais),
o game te da 2 tickets garantido de personagem chave 3* o q ja ajuda muito,
em resumo o game é muito bom se vc curte jrpg ao estilo Grandia e tbm se vc entende nihongo fica mais top ainda ja q na hora da escolha do destino vc consegue fazer o happy end de cada parte da main history xd
Zack - Sin Chronicle


i have alot of complain from this game, i'll make it short n to the point.

- shitty server
- slowest mobile game ever. (i can finish my cooking while it still loading)
- bullshit skip button (skip button only skip 3-5 dialogue)
- PS 2 graphic
- slow ass tutorial

- here the most important thing, strongest attacker n best buffer/healer only at limited time banner, only available 1 week from release. you will never get this 2 best characters until rerun in next year, if the game still EXIST. looking ar sega this game will dead in 6 months same as their other game.

so if u miss it or start playing today means 31 - 03 - 2022, don't download or just unisntall except you love playing the game as weakling that can be never compete the raid boss point and always be 2nd class citizen, good luck.

the only good point is the VA n music at home screen.
愛好 Sin Chronicle


Gotta say I love this game, I've been following the other Chain Chronicles game for quite some time and when the news that this game was coming out I was hyped.

I just recently downloaded this game and have been playing it non stop, diverging stories, good music and characters have a bit of similarities to the old CC game and so it got me really hooked. Gacha rates are very normal, not as annoying or bad as a few other gacha games.. Decent starter given at the beginning of the game. Overall a thumbs up. ( ^_^ )/~~
OtaQoo294764 Sin Chronicle


The game is pretty friendly to begin with. I don't have much to comment on the gacha rate since it's all just about luck. At least for me, it's much better rate than genshin[怪笑]

Remember to clear the beginner quests, they are easy to complete, just run the dungeons, level up character skills,upgrade weapon sort stuff. The only two mission would be confusing if you don't know Japanese is one require you to use dash in the dungeon and one require you to hit enemy before entering battle. After completing them, they reward you with a 10 pull ticket (rainbow color), with that ticket you can keep resetting till you are happy with your pulls ([賣萌]after summon it will pop up a window asking you if you satisfied with ur pull, choose いいえ then やり直し till you r happy with it[害羞]) . So you are guaranteed to start with 3 star characters. And they are giving out free gems, so not so bad for starters.

The battle is turn base. If that's not ur cup of tea,probably will be disappointed. They have auto battle options, it's up to u to turn it on or off. I assume they will come up with events which requires you manually to beat it. Leveling isn't much of a issue since they don't have million of materials in the game. Upon clear each stages, they reward you with a skip ticket allows you to fast clear stages that you completed with 3 stars, so you can level up your characters pretty quick and grind for weapons.

So far the only catch i found in the game is weapon grinding. All weapons has different rank from G to S, S is the highest i assume. And to increase the chance to get a S rank weapon requires multiple attempts and certain characters to increase the chance finding one, i can only imagine this will be energy consuming later on if you want to build a powerful team. Also the summoning pool has one called spirit summon, i have not unlock it yet, so i don't know how much that's going to drain gems.

The drawing is nice, but the 3D just kinda bad.

After all the game is worth trying .


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