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Seicchi Million Dollar Boys


Well, the gameplay is so easy! Just collect the moneys, diamonds(?) and interact with some handsome guys to raise your rank[色色][色色]

Also, In this game there are many cafes. Starting from the cat cafe, jazz cafe, penpen cafe((?) Idk, my japanese is sucks lol) and etc. Their chibi also cute! It's make me happy for playing it.

My favorite chara is Ichihaya and Mitsuya.[開心][開心]
AAHHHHHHH Million Dollar Boys


The game is good, I just wish there will be an English version[大哭]
Siur Million Dollar Boys


Twoja stara
Puszcza sie za
bodoque1321 Million Dollar Boys


٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ hear me out... you are one million into debt and lucky for you every character is handsome and very helpful lol yay! it's a restaurant idle game, you start managing a cat cafe then you expand the business. there are tons of cute minigames to interact with the handsome boys. hehe
Dokja Million Dollar Boys


el juego es muy entretenido , su tema casual no aburre y es perfecto para jugarlo cuando no hay nada que hacer , me encanta
Sexy Santa Claus Million Dollar Boys


to be honest, this isnt a bad game, it truly is fun especially at the start, i havent been able to play in awhile so im not past the 4th cafe, but ive been playing for a while and it is pretty fun!

i cannot read japanese very well and my kanji knowledge is nonexistent but i still have fun playing the game, ofc being able to understand it would be better but its still a quirky game thats fun to play in your downtime, without understsnding japanese you can still see and experience the individuality of each character and the sprites are super cute haha :]

its a standard tap/click to collect game qhere you tap to collect the money the boys who work at your cafe make to pay off your debt, you can give gifts to the debt guy every once in a while and he will actually lower your debt by a few thousand everytime its really funny. (you progress by levelling up your boys which will increase the amount of money they make which furthers your debt payoff progress! at every certain level up cap you will need gems to keep levelling them up, but tou get a lot of free gems and all of the level up caps come with character stories after yoy use gems to unlock kt! )

you can also play high or low or whatever the game is called with him where you choose either high or low on a card he cgooses and if you win you receive money from him and can use that to pay off your debt! of course though, if you lose he takes every single earning you got from him back.

The game also has a offline coection feature where you can still make money while the app is closed, BUT it can only holr a certain amount and once it hits the limit you will noy collect any more offline funds.

it is indeed generous though with the little powerups and acheicements that will get. you lots of money !

overall the game is fun, its better to play it during your down time as you cant really play it consistently unless you can sit for hours and tap and collect money (or in app purchases will also make things faster haha)
Oatthaphon_pan Million Dollar Boys


ภาพสวยมากค่ะ ผู้หล่อด้วย555 เนื้อเรื่องดีค่ะ I like it.😍
Heyya Million Dollar Boys


I love this game
ラムネ味のコーラ Million Dollar Boys


QUser49591513 Million Dollar Boys


Char design is cute and story is good enough
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