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Cristopher Segura Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Es buenísimo y me encanta. Lo malo es que está en taka taka y no entiendo un choto. Soy otaku y la vaina, pero también me baño, ¿sabes?
Sherrice jackson Game Hunter Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


game size is 4.5gb. i downloaded the full thing. not sure how much it is without that. tutorial is long though and deleting your account is the way to reroll.

i really like this. graphics are high quality. as far as gameplay goes its good. think alchemist code where you move on a grid. differences between the two is that this game has more 3d graphics when it comes to the battle and they don't look chibi? also quite a bit of cut in animations. there are less skills than in alchemist code though.

you get enough to do 3 ten rolls and there is a gacha up that guarantees a ssr (very first gacha you see.) you convert your diamonds to coins and it costs 1600 to get 10. bare in mind that the third step in that gacha is paid though. the rate is your standard 3%. you get 10 coins and about 3500 diamonds to start.

only gripe i have with this is the costs for premium currency but i mean if you're never going to spend real money in the game then it doesn't matter.

am i gonna play this? hell yeah. really happy with the way it turned out.
ขวัญชัย สิทธิเสนา Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Raiden - Sunny Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Вот дождались! О Стальном Алхимике знают все(ладно-ладно, почти все). Серваки запустятся только завтра, но нам дали возможность пощупать геймплей в небольшом обучении. Что тут сказать - выглядит просто потрясающе. Отличные анимации, оригинальная озвучка, добротное музыкальное сопровождение. Боевка как в Alchemy Stars, но выглядит благодаря анимациям на голову выше. Узнаем больше завтра, но пока - однозначно к ознакомлению.
P.S. Надо пересмотреть сериал аккурат к открытию серверов 🤌
Bradyn Hay Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


le jeu est trop classe par contre quelqu'un pourrait me dire comment on met les traductions
Angel Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Норм пошаговая гача игра , донат необязательный, алмазов дают много, прокачка персов не очень геморная, всем советую , вот мой промокод MTgwNDY0ODQzNTQ4MjM1MjY5NjIuMTEwMDAxMy41Njk0ODcwOA==
RE:projekt Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


ini game turn-based RPG, untuk penyuka FMA mungkin bakalan suka. grafiknya manteb bener.
Ricardo Fernández Rojas Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Es juego gacha de estrategia por turnos, visualmente esta muy bien, tiene muchas cinemáticas en anime, voces originales y los efectos visuales de los ataques estan bien realizados. 100% recomendado y mucho mas para los fans de FMA, los drop rates estan bastante amigables y salen buenas cartas. Soy de costa rica y no necesité instalar VPN para acceder al juego.
Lecaton Explorador de Juegos Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Excelente entrega que, en mi opinión, ha logrado mantener la esencia de Fullmetal Alchemist.
Como es de esperar por su tema, la trama es muy buena y tan solo con sus elementos narrativos me transmite fácilmente lo que observo en pantalla, algo que valoro mucho.
Su gameplay es tipo JRPG y estrategia por turnos, pero además implementa una simulación de combate en tiempo real. Este último aspecto me recuerda al clásico Héroe * Senki WW.
Las ilustraciones son buenísimas. La calidad de los gráficos es alta. La adaptación en 3D de los personajes no está nada mal. El BGM y los efectos de sonido me parecen adecuadamente compuestos. Y por último, la interfaz de usuario me agrada.
Lo único que hubiera preferido es esperar a que descargue todos los datos requeridos antes de iniciar la partida, de esta forma evitar el lag y el comportamiento errático en general como consecuencia de su implementación.
Al final pienso que es un título bastante destacable y me parece recomendable para cualquier usuario con interés en los RPG's basados en turnos.
Primeros minutos: https://youtu.be/xLyJEiVyv1I
Nota: En el video se incluye la guía para vincular la cuenta.
Rojas Jam Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


The moment I started playing the game it felt nostalgic since I grew up watching the 2003 series and Brotherhood
Shiro Emia Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Я б сказал очень даже не плохо... Есть конечно свои минусы учитывая что это мобильная доилка, но в целом давольно качественно сделанная игра с красивой графикой И! Самое главное что с геймплеем! Да тут есть геймплей - это трпг. (пошаговая тактическая ролевая игра) не унылое "нажал и забыл" как большенство мобильных поделок паразитирующих на известных персонажах. Но и минусы тоже есть. 1 и самый большой для меня это прокачка копиями(нецензурные выражения), то есть мало выбить крутую легу, чтоб её выкачать нужно ещё 5,6 копий.... Точное количество уточняется)). Ну и по мелочи типа "ну купи“, батл пасс на старте, и куча гринда. (но тут радует что есть возможность скипать пройденный на 3* уровни).
Выговорился)... Ещё добавлю - такой бы я хотел видеть Код Гиасс, вышедшая недавно, а не то что выкатили разрабы.
Avarita Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Ok. Let me start with obvious thing: I am superbly happy that we got good FMA game.
I like it. A lot. It is good in terms of gameplay, graphics, music. Even voice acting is top notch. But I have few gripes that needs to be mentioned first. So lets start with review:

Graphics: Top notch, great animation of attacks, fluid scenes, well made special attacks(Scar is cosplaying as Naruto tho).
Almost everything is animated outside actual chat bubbles.

Sounds: Great sounds, quality up to par with Nier, fitting superbly with FMA theme. Nothing else to say. Unit sounds get boring after while, but hey, that is normal, so no need to take point for that.

Story: Cannot say much as my Jap is not all that good, but you get to relive FMA storyline with some extra things here and there. Fun is there to be had even if you just watch the animations go on(Famous Barry the Chopper scene is as much fun as it can get)

Gameplay: Solid. Turn based strategy at its best. You get turn, opponent gets turn. In PvP you trade actions with opponent(You can set it on auto, or play manually if you want). Unit abilities have good uses. AI play is bit dumb(There are some abilities that AI simply do not know HOW to use-Mei teleportation for example). But I had no problems doing what I wanted to do. There are combination attacks based on allegiance and bonuses based on how many you bring of same faction(Bonuses are from 2 and 4 units, they stack)

Grind: Well here we are, grind is ever present. Materials to level up, to get higher grade(That gives bonuses, unlocks modifications to abilities)

But biggest issue I have is Stars. So to explain this I will write this down:
To get 1 character from 1* to 6* you will need: 1*>2* Dupe; 2*>3* 2x any 2* characters; 3*>4* 3x Same character + 1 random 3*; 4*>5* 2(or 3, damn I forgot :() 4* characters; 5*>6* 1x 5* Original character and 2x 5* Randoms.
That is to say if you wanna 6* any SSR you will need 8 copies of it.

Stamina: Stamina is another bitter pill. You only get 120 stamina, your cap will not grow and most rounds take 10 or 20 stamina, while you recover 1 per tick.

That is to say. I am playing the game, I love it and I will continue playing it for long time.
And as a shameless plug, here is my invitation code that will give you some rewards so please enjoy the game and do not get frustrated by RNG: MTcyMTk0NTAxMzE3NzcwNjcyOTUuMTEwMDAxMy4xNzY1NzQ2MDU=
AnD_JP Game Hunter Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Эх, поздновато Алхимик получил экранизацию в виде игры. Не сказать, что игра как-то выделяется. Неплохая графика, классический геймплей, пересказ легендарной истории и конечно любимая гача. Играть в неё надо будет долго, чтобы хорошо прокачаться. Если данное творение будут долго поддерживать, то игра будет неплохой.
А так игрушка ничем не выделяется.
7Lords Game Hunter Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


鋼の錬金術師 MOBILE Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Gameplay: https://youtu.be/fdmRu5646uk
Pereranchino Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Так долго ждал и вот, наконец то она вышла... Жду открытия сервака, и русского языка естественно, ну или английского
Arcaik Gaiji Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Enfin un gros jeux magnifique signé square enix qui a était pompé a 100% sur kalpa of univers sous la licence de fma, ce qui et une et bonne chose vue que c'était mon jeu mobile pref, décor persso animations magnifique, menu du jeux clean beau et épuré, a par la pity qui et bcp plus généreux dans kalpa... fmam le meilleur turn based tactique mobile rien a dire excellent, et en septembre ff7 ever crisis tjr de square qui sera le meilleur turn based de tt les temp rien que pour son histoire.
Gragra Pash Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


pourquoi quand le jeux fini de télécharger ses données pour le tuto il y a un ecran qui apparaît et me dit votre terminal n'est pas un jeux car il ne répond pas au spécifiquation requises (svp aidez moi)
❃.✮▹由紀◃✮.❃ Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


The game is great, you must download it, the anime is great, you must watch it 🤩
bunnyeon Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


Note. You can skip this review as it's only a person opinion for me, as a fan of the anime itself. :)

I can say that this is perfect for me despite being in JP Server as one of the people that have read the manga, watched the anime both original and brotherhood, now I'm looking forward for the next part of their movie.

It's literally easy to understand and you know what's going on with the story even just by watching it.
But with the bonus of additional extra side story those are one of that I don't have any idea so I don't understand but it's still a good addition, nevertheless.

This is one of the best anime game. Good job and keep it up. Never stop being generous with your playerbase.
Dinosaurio Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese


bomnito jueguito de un chaneque rubio eléctrico con poderes sobrenaturales


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