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Léoo My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


it's just another one of those gacha scam games, which appears every day on mobile, it's a shame they're using the MHA name to suck their money, the character rates are terrible, you still need fragments even to level up category B characters it is difficult, the game is extremely P2W, unbalanced in PVP, grind extremely high, limited, boring and unrewarding, you feel like you spent 1 or 2 hour playing and your character had a pathetic increase in power and still the player is limited with energy, making his progress slow and almost an obligation to spend money.
The game has already started in a bad way and force you to spend a lot of money if you want your favorite characters and still more money for evolve to SSS [驚訝].
My tip for you that will really waste your time and money on MHA, keep in mind you F2P player is only here in this game to be humiliated when you have to face a P2W player either in PVP or in some Raid co-op, you will take time, months to get what you want and the frustration will always be greater failure for not get that S character you want so much because of the ridiculous% of the banners and still having this pathetic system of fragments making it impossible for an F2P player to maximize their S rank character.
This is just another scam game that in the end is not worth it be played seriously. [發怒]
Imperius My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


Shittiest rates with possibility of summoning only fragments, hundred servers, no pre reg rewards, auto play everything, blatant cash grab disguised as an MHA IP
KayzaSantoso My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


i played the taiwan version before, so i can tell this game is really good (but still need improvement).... i download the English version at taptap, but i can't play this right now because i don't have enough internet data for download the resource pack (yeah, i don't have wifi at home)

I will update the review when i download the resource pack and play it. SARANI MUKOE PLUS ULTRA![微笑]

edit : I'm already played for 2 days and it's freaking good. the menu in this version is more simple, and the pity is hella crazy (100x pull for S rank, and thanks god i don't need to a hundred pull to getting todoroki) and tofay i already get todoroki, uraraka, and iida from gacha today (i'm feel so lucky lol)

AND THE PvP is not fucking lagging *crying in happiness* but in 1 note : the matching system is fucking sucks. I recommended play 3 vs 3 (i forget the name) cus is not sucks like PvP (and my favorite🥰). And i hope i can get all might or at least bakugo or tokoyami😭
⭐เทพเอ่อแดก⭐? My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


Mirishikiari My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


who ever make this game I wanna kiss them sooo hard I love it damm 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰[哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]
Yoyok My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


Okay update my review since i play this game for a month since it's release
gameplay wise 3/5

-the combat systems feel like cheap version or failed version of honkai impact 3 and PGR minus the PVP
-the boss is quite challenging
-i change my mind about story, it's straight up bad, dev have to learn from honkai, fgo, arknights and PGR for good story

Gacha 2/5
-worse because it's use fragments and you need a lot for upgrade your characters, i know you can farm B rank and A rank fragments but it will takes a month or two to get that character or to upgrade that characters and you can do that for like 3 times i think per day
- pity counter up to 100 pulls to get S ranks characters while the CN version only 60 pulls to get S rank characters

Microtransaction 1/5
the worse that i ever seen:
- for 1 summon it cost 250 hero coin and for 1 10 multi you need 2500 hero coins and that is the same $50 that get you 3000 hero coins for it from paid shop, so if you want to reach pity you need $500 or 25000 hero coins if you have bad luck and that's already double the price from usual gacha that has pity systems
- packs that expensive and so many that being shove into our face and 1 pack can cost around $15-$20 and there's at least 4-5 packs like sponsorship pack, monthly card pack, weakly card pack, battle recruit pack, special recruit pack and etc in game right now
- stamina packs that cost $8( sorry not $5 but $8 i already double check the price) only for weak not a month (100 stamina + 50 hero coin)

Game Event
- the event itself is quite good
- but the reward for event is so bad, and they lock the good reward behind paywall(for about $10-$15) so only whales can enjoy the good reward while F2P just crying in corner, locking the good reward behind paywall is already bad for f2p in this game, be prepared that the game event from now on will have a paywall attach to them

Dev team
- the dev team itself didn't listen to player base and content creator, they listen now for stamina and daily coins because the review bom this game recieve and many content creator and players left the game, so they have to "listen" to player lol
- when i thought the dev can't get anymore bad they actually do, they nerf one of most hype character endeavor without player knowing it so they can milk more money out of players, this already considered as type of scam
- they do this to in all might card as well, they show you can get mt.lady or midnight card from gacha but if you check the list of card there's not a single card of mt.lady or midnight this already type of false advertisement

i give this game 2/5 my review for this game getting worse lol, i don't recommend this game for F2P player and remember this is my personal review, i know they give a lot of free start at least for month but after that ? you have to relied on money and the worse part this game is pvp game, this game is not worth your time or your money, find other game or return to your original game
Tony Mejia My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


POKEwaifu My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


quando eu comecei a jogar eu realmente achava que esse jogo era uma merda atualmente eu acho que ele é o melhor do mercado, principalmente o PvP dele que é inigualável , sem comparação, nunca achei que eu veria um PvP tão diver tido assim
sieno ss My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


good game despite autoplay but as the mision lvl go higher auto isnt Enough to clear the mission well ofcourse if you pay and lucky at the same time its different story. p2w ofcourse it is but most of the mobile games are like that. didnt want to play p2w games just dont play mobile game.
Jonathan Christian Sung My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


mrc tv My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


Zeyzitus My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


The game is good but Horribly Optimized for mid-end smartphones (mine is A30)
Victor Osvaldo Martinez Felix My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


está súper genial me instale la china pero corre mejor la de mi localidad se trababa un poco en PVP pero es identica a la china es de lo mejor lastima que la instale tarde ya no pude completar el evento y ya esta all might piche play store no me dejaba descargar y se tarda demasiado y no se me ocurrió descargarla aqui antes😤😭😭😭😭
vaine aurelius My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


The file already fixed!
GY KP My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


สนุกดีนะ👍 เล่นเพลินดี แต่เค็มมากเลย(เกลือ)😂
Pechwanta Pechnin My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


วราลี คำหงษา My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


สนุกดีนะ เราเล่นก็เกลือบ้างไม่เกลือบ้าง เพลินๆ ดีนะ ต้องลองดูจร้า 😁😁
Error FF My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


ทำไมเข้ารหัสเดิมไม่ได้อ่ะ เล่นตั้งแต่เดือนที่แล้วแแล้ลบเกมพอเดือนนี้เข้ารหัสเดิมไม่ได้[大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭]
Glitch My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


to anyone having trouble playing it download apk pure and then download this game but the one that 9.1 rating the one with 8.something is the same as this one
works for me now
Aikawa Shiro My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | English


The gameplay is really REALLY fun (At least for me), until you try to roll for another character. It's all fragments, fragments, fragments, and guess what? Not only they troll you with only fragments, most of the time they'll be fragments for the heroes you already own! And even if they do gave you one for another character, well, good luck unlocking them since they mostly give out 1 frag each roll and the ones you need to unlock needs 30ish 50ish fragments? Highest I saw is 90 so you better ready your wallet if you wanna invest in this game (Which I don't really recommend, like seriously better skip this one)


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