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it's a huge otome game, and a lot more resources have been put into it, including ideas that contribute to the entirety of tears of themis. i'll be breaking it down as usual since i have no way of organizing my thoughts otherwise.

① graphics: 4/5
- it's not very impressive when you look at it as a "game", but for games of this category (otome, specifically), the graphics are quite astounding. there's an option to set it to smooth, high quality, or ultra, so if you're not one to settle for less, go snatch that ultra setting. that, though, implies the possibility of switching to a lower resolution for people whose devices aren't exactly optimized for big games. there's actually not much to pick on in this regard, so perhaps the only factor that took a number away from my rating would be my personal preferences. i'm not very much into the art style of the game, as it looks stiff to me somehow, but the colors, movements, and other sets of visuals are frankly good. the background and character designs aren't too "new" or unique, but it goes along with the theme the game has been set to have.

② sound: 3/5
- before we get into the minor details, i'd like to announce the cast list for the guys is amazing. we have yuki kaji as luke pearce/minase natsuhiko, suwabe junichi as artem wing/sakyo shizuma, fukuyama jun as dr. vyn richter/moritsuki rei, and ishikawa kaito as marius von hagen/izumi kei. literally an all-star, so i have no complaints in that department as a casual seiyuu appreciator. that being said, the background music sets quite an atmosphere, but it's nothing special. it's what you would expect from a game, and that's it. regarding quality, though, i think it goes along with the graphics setting you've chosen, so it's not a problem either. there are no errors or glitches in the voiced lines.

※ the text did have bugs on the first day of the game's release, but they fixed it right after they handed out a survey! talk about efficient…

③gameplay: 4/5
- [before edit] reminding everyone once again that 3 isn't a low rating in my book, rather, it's the representative for "good" as it is in the little egg-shaped things on this app. so, the reason why i rated the gameplay a 3 is because it runs mostly the same way as other otome games and/or story-based games out there in the market.

there's the main story, there's subcategorized "cases" for farming materials needed to build your cards, there's a log-in system which gives you rewards, card stories, and a "visitation" option to raise your affection with the characters. all of these have been seen in similar games, so it's not going to be very hard for seasoned players to navigate. oh, don't forget the gacha.

the one thing i do like here is the trial system which appears once in every chapter of the main story. they added a minigame-ish segment (event) which turns the debate music retro, and an investigation segment. trial system is basically a simulation of a court trial, the minigame called trials of themis is an 8-bit version set in the age of greek gods and goddesses, and the investigation includes the "looking around the room to search for evidence which isn't really too challenging because they highlight the evidence" type of gameplay, the "looking closely at an object to spot obvious details", and "making connections", which is probably the one i enjoy the most among the three as it needs you to use logic (there's the option of clicking everything too, but…)

it's basically the theme of the game, though, so it's not like it was such a huge surprise to find them in there.

edited‼️i turned my rating from 3 to 4, as i initially completely forgot about the phone feature which allows you to look through the data you've run into while reading the story (i like archives), and you can listen to voice messages, video calls, and some other section which, again, has slipped my mind, through this phone. it is also possible to have chats with your contacts, which is a sure feature in otome games nowadays, but it sure is interesting in this one.

④ storyline: 5/5
- absolutely obsessed with good storylines; i've lowered the bar for my expectations regarding romance games in this particular area (i don't mean to offend, but they do usually have less substance than story-driven rpgs, or something like nier;automata. it's not as if i intend to put otome romance games under a bad light, as i've played quite a few before, which presents the fact that i base this on experience and not a hasty generalization from third party observation and speculation), but this one really does make me clap for mihoyo's story department all over again.

the direction can get predictable (at least for me), but the way they're executed is absolutely wonderful. of course there are cliches to elicit the ドキドキ effect, but that's part of the game. the SR card stories have been good to me so far, and the personal stories do help you discover the secrets of your oshi. i'm not too far into the main story yet, but it's been a remarkable ride so far. i like how i actually do something in the game while i read. besides playing rock paper scissors and old maid with the leads in the visit function. a word, though. they're not exactly bite-sized, and some concepts may be a little slippery for some (it involves the law, various industries in high society, and cryptic words from our local shrink which i find really fun to read), but i don't think it gets very technical, so it's nothing to worry about as long as your knowledge is broader than the average 6th grader's.

there's something happening in the shadows here, and i brought this point out to intrigue; not to spoil. checking for yourself would be the best ; )

⑤ value: 4/5
- ooh that's high! yes, it is. it does its job as an otome game, all the while introducing new concepts and a really wide range of possibilities for other like games under development to learn from. the size could be considered a little on the big side, but the fully-voiced main story and the graphics, along with the pleasing visuals, will make the investment in at least 3GB of your storage space worth it. they'll probably add more content in the future, but it's guaranteed to not hit the double digits, at least (genshin's a different category, so calm down). this has been a long enough review-- perhaps a little too long-- but i can say i'll keep playing this game for a while.
apreqorie TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


смачні мужики, нет ну вы серьезно, Вин вперёд, открываю клуб стэна Вина, давайте, хорни камрэд, присоединяйтесь 😼
Ксения Филиппова TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


10 артемов из 10
fvllmoon TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


here goes an indonesian review,

.bismilah ssr marius.

oke jadi total sizenya sekitar 2gb. dengan size segede itu kita dapet: pertama, cerita full voiced. ceritanya sendiri asik, karakter²nya idaman, and lineup seiyuu-nya cuy[色色] ga bakal kecewa deh sama suaranya. sedikit minus mungkin buat sebagian orang, nama karakter yg disebut di dub sama yg di teks bisa beda karna nama²nya emang beda² tergantung bahasa yg dipilih.

kedua, banyak fitur. buat ceritanya aja mihoyo ngasih fitur debat, investigasi tkp, introgasi tersangka, dan pengadilan. belum lagi yg lain, contohnya minigame yg kita bisa mainin sama karakternya (sejauh ini baru ada batu-gunting-kertas sama old maid).

ketiga, grafik super bagus. seperti yg mungkin kita semua udah tau, mihoyo tuh ga pernah ngecewain soal grafik. di prolog aja udah kealiatan kok. terus juga semua kartu sr-ssr nya gerak gengs. plus, gap kualitas? art kartu sr sama ssr tuh tipis, jadi sr aja bisa keliatan kea ssr wkwk.

soal gachanya, aku kurang tau berapa droprate nya tapi dalam 2 hari main (ga ingat berapa pull) aku udah 3 kali dapet ssr & punya lebih dari 5 sr. gachanya juga punya sistem pity kea di genshin, kamu pasti bakal dapet ssr di pull ke 90. 1 pull gachanya ngonsumsi 180 currency yg aku lupa namanya apa tapi warnanya biru gitu, dia kea diamond/gem lah disini. bisa juga pake tears of themis, semacam "tiket" buat nge-gacha.

currency nya itu menurut aku sejauh ini ga terlalu susah didapet. ada banyak sumbernya, apa lagi gamenya masih baru jadi ada event² menguntungkan gitu huehuehue.

-gils panjang juga nih review-
cooniegum TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


The only problem I have with the game is the eng translation. For context, I used JP dub in game. While reading the eng text, I realized lots of translations are off which results in some characters felt plain, sometimes even cold, compared to the JP dub. As I don't know and don't use the CN, I'm not sure how it's supposed to look like originally. But in my opinion, for a pretty big developer, they certainly could've done better with the eng text.

Other than that, I enjoyed Ace Attorney series a lot, so this game feels fresh for a visual novel otome game.
kyoka TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


Игра сразу напомнила Ace Attorney в интерпретации Михоё, и после первого "Objection!" все встаёт на свои места. Вообщем, Ace Attorney местного разлива, но с возможностью палапать красивых мужиков 10/10[怪笑][怪笑][怪笑]
Amanda Kaim TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


Apparently women are stupid and this game is made especially for them. No thinking required, the game leads you by hand all the time. All pieces of evidence are marked, you don't need to pay attention. Debates are just glorified rock-paper-scissors. The characters' design is plain and boring. The story is a cringe-fest. I don't recommend this game unless you like when your intelligence is insulted.
textfrom appstore TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


Game berukuran 2,5 GB (akan lebih besar jika kamu mengunduh suara versi korea/cina . aku sendiri mengunduh suara versi jepang ,karna yang paling kecil) ..game ini bertemakan raising sims card battles + investigate hidden object.

Cerita di prolog awal akan membuat kamu bingung tentang siapa itu Luke, Marius, Artem dan Vyn(ya jika kamu bukan tukang skip) ..kamu akan menjadi seorang asisten dari sebuah agensi pengacara terkemuka ..

Visual karakter nya jujur bagus bagus recommended lah buat ciwi² yang doyan cowok² webtoon hhe ..buat aku sendiri yang belum pernah memainkan versi terdahulunya yang lain , lumayan seru sih ..

dalam satu chapter kamu tidak hanya melakukan battle melulu tapi juga melakukan investigasi sebuah kasus untuk mendapatkan tambahan clue yang akan berguna dalam sidang di akhir cerita,ada guarantee SSR di beginner banner dengan hanya 40x summon , ya asal rajin login dan menyelesaikan daily quest perkembangan mu in game akan lancar (kurasa)[怪笑][怪笑][怪笑]enjoy
RubyFallルビー TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


The best otome game that i have ever played so far[開心]

Story? 5/5 !!
That's the best thing tbh The story is amazing and interesting..

Graphics? 5/5 !!
When i first entered the game it's like i've been teleported to heaven[睡覺]

Sound? 4/5 !
Bg sound match the scene
For the character voice, it's sooo good[色色]

Gameplay? 4/5 !
Interesting detective+card game[哇噻]

Is it worth playing?
yep! go ahead and give it a try[厲害]
makkuchan TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


все мы хотим Вина, но Вин не хочет нас


Best f2p (free to play) otome game ever happened !
Well, at the beginning (first episode /chapter) its more like a tutorial, so you gotta be patient until you start episode 2, then you're free to make choices, investigate, etc.
That was for the gameplay, now to the storyline just OMG. The details of the characters, their background stories and everything they worked on within the story is just amazing! [大哭]
Unexpected things happens and you're free to make choices,,, its really valuable,
You can also Interact with the characters, visit them and talk to them @-@.
Of course it mihoyo's work so its perfect in its own way~
yokihi TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


Ещё одна выкачивалка денег от михое. Сюжет после 3 главы поднадоедает, вроде интересно, но слишком предсказуемо. Играть только ради мальчиков ну так себе, в общем сюжет с картинками мужичков я и в группе вк посмотреть могу
daito TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


perfeito, tudo no jogo é muito bem feito e eu gostei muito de como a história se desenrola. por ser feito pela Mihoyo, tinha certeza de que seria algo muito bem trabalhado. o sistema de gacha não é complicado, e o jogo todo em si é bem interativo!! as dublagens são maravilhosas também, um trabalho incrível dos dubladores!! é perfeito
Romina Lorca Morales TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


The art and character design of the game is gorgeous, even Rare Cards look really nice! I really like that the characters are adults and not teenagers, and the themes it touches are well done in my opinion. You can definitely play as a F2P if not getting many cards doesn't bother you, otherwise it'll be quite frustrating since getting Stellis is a slow process. The game mechanics are fun, it reminds me a bit of Ace Attorney and Danganronpa, and if you're someone with little time to play there's an autoplay mode so you can just let your character debating while you do something else. I really like this game!!
якто TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


как же я люблю лапать их трогать гладить


I have played lots of otome games until now and Tears Of Themis is one of the best. The characters, story, interaction make me thrilled when i open the game. Best game ever and the first one i can't choose between 4 of them [賣萌][賣萌]
Juice Box TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


This game is great! I feel like the graphics are very good and i love all the characters designs! i like the debates that you can have in between the storyline! i feel like it gives me a Danganronpa feel without actually seeing the people's bodies and doing all those hard mini games inside of the debates. I like solving mysteries and this game gives me exactly what i want without it being too difficult for me😭.

For the gacha part of the game... I don't really have nothing bad to say about it because I've gotten alot of good cards without having to spend any money on it. I've already gotten a Vyn ssr 3 times without spending any money or purchasing more summons with actual money.

i like the storyline because the mc isn't a yes ma'am/sir kind of mc. The mc actually questions situations and doesnt try to back out of a case if it's too difficult. IAn example of this would be if one of the characters try to get her not to do something. She'll ask why instead of staying quiet. The mc also doesn't expect handouts from the boys. If they do her a favor, she'll try make it up in her own way. The only thing i cant stand about the mc is that she is dense as hell. If one character obviously sort of confesses to her she'll immediately say something like "as a friend." on her Adrien things😭. The last is that the mc doesn't just drop her beliefs for any of the boys.

I also like how the characters are written. No spoilers for any of them but all i can say is that i like how it's more to them than meets the eye. You can read their personal stories. My personal favorites are Artem and Vyn.
Hakuryuu Shirone TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


It's become one of my fav games already. I loveee the characters, graphics and gameplay. The gameplay is unique. It's a game of romance and case-solving. Mystery games such as case-solving detective game is totallllyyy my fav type of genre. Add a little romance and spice to it and it's perfect! I play this game almost every day. I just can't stop playing it. I'm addicted to it. Love it💖💖
Sherrice jackson Game Hunter TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


Size is 2.3gb.

rerolling doesn't seem to be easy as you need to login with an account in order to start the game.

the only problems i have with this game currently are the gacha rate which is 2%. and the beginning of the story where i feel like it was just completely unnecessary. I'll change this if something comes up but for now meh. the story doesn't seem to be bad by the way. seems like the mc is studying to be an attorney so its a nice change of pace from having something to do with music or tv or entertainment in general.

the game gives you enough to do a 10roll and gives you one for the tutorial. it seems that the permanent gacha has a pity system. i can't tell if it's after 30 rolls you are guaranteed a SSR or it's 40 because i don't know if the tutorial counts.

anyway you use cards to counter arguments. once the opponent's health is 0 they lose. however if your health goes to 0 or if you don't win within 10 turns you lose. there is an attribute system too so that helps as well.

finally i'll continue to play so long as the story is interesting enough

UPDATE: after finding out that you can convert S chips to roll the value of the game is now 3/5 for me. (2% gacha rate is still not good imo)
T-ara TEARS OF THEMIS | Global


Es un muy buen juego de la mano de una buena empresa entorno a la creación de medios de entretenimiento. Me gusta que esté traducido a varios idiomas para poder jugarlo, aunque es verdad que le faltan los registros de voz en inglés, no es impedimento para jugarlo, ya que todo va a estar al alcance de tu mano. Por ejemplo, nada mas entrar al juego, vas a encontrarte con un pequeño asistente el cual te va a dar las indicaciones de cada uno de los modos del juego, para que te puedas desenvolver desde el minuto 1 con toda comodidad.

Los gráficos del juego son muy buenos, ya que aue aunque sea un juego em 2D,tiene planos en 3D los cuales te ayudan a adentrarte en el ambiente. Si ir mas lejos esto lo podemos ver nada más entramos al juego, con el prólogo.

Aún siendo un juego otome, tiene una gran versatilidad ya que puedes interactuar dentro de la misma historia, no solo escogiendo tu ruta, sino que también investigando.

Por último, me gustaría hacer una positiva mención Mihoyo ha a la hora de poder interactuar con los personajes.

Es un juego muy interesante el cual no está dentro de ls trama repetitiva de los juegos otome. Por ahora, aún he encontrado pocas cosas negativas a resaltar, así que la experiencia de juego compensa esos errores.


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