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its like many other rhythm game. piano like, click to the beat, and a little storyline which is just playing more songs. the songs are limited as i need to purchase with ingame currency (that are hard to get). nothing interesting, really. Its just a game youll probably play in free time. also it doesnt drain my battery a lot and i was pretty surprised.
also beware if you rely on hitsounds, as this game doesnt have one
Professor Shenlin KALPA


The app icon is Godoka tier.

The gameplay needs more work, like having sounds while tapping notes and the gameplay feels clunky for me.

Game is decent yet it satisfy my rhythm fingers so I'll say the game is good and worth checking out if you love rhythm games like me.


Another rhythm game, nothing special with the gameplay.

It doesn't take a lot of storage, give it a try!
Sheira KALPA


Suaranya soundnya menggema!! Recomment nih utk yang suka music bass. (◠‿◕)(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Keren lagunya
antori antori KALPA


incredibly fun rhythm game! with captivating story and very customizable Gameplay!

Graphics: the ingame and menu UIs are very clean, polished and pretty with smooth animations! character art is really nice too [色色]

Sound: A mass amount of songs of all genra with many popular rhythm game artists's custom songs, story and menu bgm is wonderful too [開心][開心]

Gameplay: Down scroll 5 lane game with no gimmicks aside from scroll speed variations [哇噻] that's all i ever wanted i didn't ask for horizontal lanes or floating notes or flick notes i just wanted normal click and hold Gameplay [色色][色色] and game perfectly delivers! (i find it hard to hit out lanes accurately though maby increasing their hitbox would be nice [厲害]) many many otions to play with from scroll speed visual sync audio sync adding stickers to in-game screen pretty much everything is changeable in options [色色]
sadly no multi-player yet [難過]

Story: found the story a refreshing breath of air, finally a good rhythm game narrative with interesting plot lines loveable characters and beautiful art sprinkled in [色色][色色] all while playing fun songs in-between, just amazing experience!

Value: i found it was easy to get new songs through research system as rewards for clearing missions and game has tons of songs by default anyway so i'd say it's a great f2p game [開心][開心][開心][開心]

Overall i dont think kalpa does anything special to deferentiate itself from other rhythm games but it absolutely perfects all the base things other games were struggling on [開心] you'll enjoy it for sure!
Nur Khamelia Khusairi KALPA


I really love the characters in it. it's so cute and I gonna draw kalpa. she is soo cute. the story kinda fun. but i'm not into the musics and the songs. i'm looking for relaxing and interesting song like deemo. but other than musics, I love everything in it.
miu067 KALPA


I downloaded this immediately after watching Jack's vid yesterday. It's definitely better than I expected. I'm still a beginner at the time of writing this review so this is just my initial opinion.

Firstly, the graphics, chara design, the music, are all amazing! It's themed after the galaxy and stuff so everything here is very ethereal and beautiful. The songs/music are also not bad. There are definitely songs but I've come across more edm or traditional type music.

The gameplay is really interesting. While playing the game is just like any other rhythm game, there are a lot more to it. It has a lot of mechanics to it like for example, you can change the size of the playboard and adjust where to keep the tap line, customise the screen with stickers and even skins for the charas and notes etc. There are music packs but it's still relatively easy to get songs. The materials required for upgrading your charas or unlocking stories are also really easy to obtain. It's alot like Arcaea but an f2p friendly ver.

As for the story, I generally don't pay much attention to stories for these tyoe of games so I won't comment much. Just to summarise(badly), the mc has to go around playing songs to save the universe. The translation can be wonky at times but it's rarely noticeable so it doesn't really feel off putting.

Just to note again, I'm a new player so these are just my poorly written first impression of the game. Take whatever from this review and if you do play it I hope you enjoy and have a good time with it. Also, another thing I noticed is that alot of the reviews under this mentioned not having hit sounds. Don't worry they've already added that feature.
Tiper Zero KALPA


El juego está bien, pero se toma mucho tiempo para conectarse si es que jugamos Online.

Otra cosa que me molesta es que, para pasar de constelación hay que jugar todas las dificultades de las 10 canciones, eso lo hace aburrido.

Por ultimo, no estaría mal darle la opción al jugador para que desbloquee canciones a medida que juega o pagar con una moneda propia del juego como suele pasar en Phigros, o Malody.

Otra cosa, pido que se optimice para dispositivos de Gama Baja. Me resultaria mas comodo jugarlo en mi tablet, pero por mas que desactive los efectos sigue sin funcionar de forma fluida y sin bajones de frame.
Hector De La Cruz Nieva KALPA


Es buenísimo el juego incluso en mobile de gamma media, el detalle es el pay to play, de ahí en fuera si eres paciente con login bonus puedes tener varias cosas


game đc vãi các bác ạ.
còn chờ gì nữa, nhanh tay bấm phím download thôi. 😂😂😂
bulotska. KALPA


игрулька прикольная, песенки хорошие, потыкать на кнопочки можно
CheeseSandwich KALPA


KALPA is one of those games that are inspired by other games in terms of Storyline like Arcaea, and have the gameplay similar to any Rayark game (DEEMO, Voez). While the game is great, there isn't much going on aside from the Arcade and KALPA difficulties. I presume this game is still much in development as there's no keysounds (which is normal for most rhythm games on Mobile). It's a good game to download, although don't expect yourself to sink too much time into it unless you're willing to pay a few bucks for some extra courses or songs.

Overall: Good game, worth giving a try. Hope it gets more stuff in the future!
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor KALPA


🔴KALPA เกมแนวเสียงเพลงดนตรีแตะจอตามจังหวะของเสียงเพลงที่ มีแถบให้สัมผัสถึง 5 จุดด้วยกัน มีการแตะค้างสไลด์อะไรปกติ จังหวะตัววิ่งจะวิ่งจากบนลงล่าง เกจพลังจะเปลี่ยนแปลงตามคะแนนในการกด มีเพลงหลากหลายให้เลือก
Lecaton Explorador de Juegos KALPA


Muy buen juego de estilo rítmico. Los soundtracks son muy buenos, todo lo contrario a mi habilidad con el teclado para jugar algo así jaja, es por eso que normalmente no hago gameplay de estos títulos musicales, esta es una excepción. Incluye algunos personajes que podrán desbloquearse conforme juguemos, el estilo artístico en general y los retratos son muy buenos, realmente tenemos un buen ejemplar. Adicionalmente, ofrece una vinculación sencilla de cuentas.
Primeros minutos: https://youtu.be/ysLVVJ-6j8M .
Kali Fyu KALPA


I absolutely adore this game ! The events are nice and the rewards are cool ! apart from some minors bug the game is fluid and fun to play !


KanaoTsuyuri KALPA


O jogo e muito bom, a jogabilidade também e boa só algumas vezes que da uma travada, Os Gráfico também são bom, a história pra mim não e la muito boa mais da pra da um Sal, o jogo ta rodando em celular fraco pelo menos meu, Mais Bem tenha uma boa Gameplay


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