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Ke - Y Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


tl;dr: Totally not recommended, Event exclusive gachas are locked behind paywall. You more or less need to spend real money to purchase the ticket to be able to pull the event gachas, gems earned in game can't be used to exchange it. (With a very limited exception, described below.)

I've played the traditional Chinese version and I've got to say, I absolutely do not recommend it. Unless you are a die heart slime fan, stay clear of it. I initially stayed for Shuna, but when the first event hits, even she can't keep me from quitting the game.

This review will be based on the gacha system mainly since other reviewers were more or less spot on regarding graphics, gameplay and etc, but no one mentioned about the biggest problem with the gacha system.

Yes, the rate is extremely low, just like what other reviewers have mentioned. I did 305 pulls (5 being given for free, and 300 pulls is around $1000USD worth of gems) and only gotten 1 SS and 7S (none of them is Shuna at that). But that's not the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is that there are 2 types of summons, normal and special summons. Normal summons can be exchanged with gems, however, special summon tickets can only be purchased mainly with real money. You can use gems to purchase as well, but it's locked behind limited quantities for both daily and weekly purchases. Here is the problem, event exclusive gacha is locked behind Special Summons! You can only use special summon tickets to pull, and if you don't buy the limited daily and weekly special summon tickets and stock pile them from day 1, well, you will need to spend real money if you want more. It takes 70 pulls to give you 1 guaranteed event exclusive character, which will at least cost you around $350USD (this is with 60% off on the special summon tickets purchase, which I'm not sure if it's 60% off first time purchase or during the duration of the event) if you are really unlucky. I had saved up enough gems for 100 pulls for the event just to get slapped in the face saying, "No can do! You can't use those gems. Real money ONLY!"

Lastly, at random times, they will drop a X character rate up gacha. 80 pulls will give you a guaranteed S character. Problem is, the rate up gacha only lasts 3 days. So you are basically expected to whale if you do decide to pull.

So in conclusion, if you ever want the event exclusive characters, expect the need to spend real money just to have a chance to get them. Unless of course, you get really lucky.

I do whale on games I really like, but this game's gacha system is just abysmal. In all the games I've ever played, I've never seen a game being so money hungry up to the point where you need to spend real money just to be able to participate in the event exclusive gachas.
Naoki Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


po jogo incrivel cara dps de alguns dias chorando no canto pq o jogo n tava querendo funcionar a outra versao dava tela preta ou nem inciava as conversas vi esse e funcionou ele e um pouco pesado e infelizmente ele fecha se for possivel arrumar isso eu sei tem algumas pessoas q joga d boa mais nem todos tem a msm sorte só arrumando esse problema de fechar sozinho e pronto o jogo fica perfeito ja e vai ficar mais ainda
Snakeral Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


Bản sea này cũng hay nhưng khuyến khích ae chơi bản CN nhé. 90 nháy mà 4 em vàng rồi đây. Thậm chí có SS. [開心]
STVGozando Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


Como que season 2 (?) El juego literal tenia un msj del tipo trabajo en progreso en el rincon de la pantalla y ahora resulta que va por su season 2? cuando no es para nada estable, se cierra por cualquier motivo en dungeons de farmeo, historia, al finalizar batallas.. o simplemente si lo minimizas.. que mania de Lanzar juegos a medio cocinar al estilo early access para poder empezar a lucrar con ellos lo antes posible. Porque la tienda funciona de lujo e, no faltaria menos. Pero bueno, no es para darle nota baja porque en tema de juego es bueno, no WOW que barbaridad pero es un buen juego gacha y de lindos graficos. Los rates son una mierda eso si, tenes que practicamente siempre llegar a Pity por un S, ni hablar de los SS.
Рустам Юсупов Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


Игрушка вполне себе интересная, несмотря на всякие FGO, GF, Arknights, azur... здесь также имеется изюминка в геймплее. Игра скажем так, не простая, автобоем можно проходить только до определенного порога. далее уже нужно разбираться в механиках игры. Если же говорить о том, что было несколько недель назад, то да, скучновато, однако с последних обновлений контента стало куда больше. в подробности не буду вдаваться, но заняться теперь есть чем. Попробуйте, по крайне мере попытка влиться в эту игру "должно" стоить вашего времени.
Akbaru Berau-Kaltim Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


Mantap gamenya.. Keren! walau masih banyak bugnya tapi kalo aktifkan baterai savernya bakal mulus mainnya..aku berharap devnya segera perbaiki...
edit. kalau mainnya selalu crash,coba kosongkan memori hape sekitar 1,5GB+ dan force close program yang berjalan dihape(contoh-google chrome/fb dan lain lainnya)dan bagus mainnya dekat kipas atau tempat ber ac supaya tetap dingin hapenya
Cekfede Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


Adoro questo giocoooooo, è fantastico, e sto guardando anche l'anime perché è stupendo pure quello.
Ok ha qualche bug ma perché è ancora in anteprima quindi ci sta
Alexander Mallqui Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


Grandioso juego. 10 de 10 deberian dar mas facilidad de conseguir personajes SS
kaito takeshi Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


Dewa nutrijel.
Game turn based strategy jp pada umumnya, yang dimana gacha adalah segalanya XD
untuk gameplaynya sendiri aku blom menemukan sesuatu yang menarik perhatianku untuk saat ini dan sejauh yang kumainin storynya masih sama kek di animenya, dan ada beberapa scene yg memang diambil dari animenya
Gavvar Game Hunter Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


This game is pretty amazing it has a ton of potential to become one of the better gacha games at the moment in the market .
I have played thia game 4-5 days now
The story is pretty solid until the area i am at the moment 10/10
There are many intresting character's
I love the fact that the main character can change his kit(autohit , ultimate and etc when you devourer some certain item's)
The animation's are pretty good
The only negative thing is the restoration of energy (hopefully they will change it)

And there are some codes that we can redeem to gain some item's for anyone that didn't found them i will leave them below


Sithan Sun Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


best anime game,best drop rate,best stamina managing,no need to cash ,no intensive windows pop-up who insist you to cash,no advertisings,stay as you are i love you😚😚😚
Arthur Lázaro Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


นิว หน้ามึน Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


Senpainohentai Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


[大哭]Game hay đấy nhunge ai biết cachd khắc phục vào trận được 1 tí rồi lại văng ko
t ff Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


للعبه[哇噻][哇噻][哇噻] ممتازه هذي للعبه أفضل لعبه لانمي سلايم [賣萌][賣萌]
Shiro Emia Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


Дисбалансное недоделанное говно с контентом "за донат онли". История - тупо нарезка аниме и то не сначала...
Phoenix Leader Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


It's quite decent from what I've experienced so far in the game
the graphics are good, sound is great, gameplay is decent, but the gacha part doesn't feel like it's really there. and the difficulty around 3-9 normal and 1-5 elite makes it a bit too hard to progress without using real money to summon better characters that is able to pull you through 1-5 elite so you can finally break through your characters, and level them up to level 50, because most characters you're most likely to get can't beat 1-5 elite at level 30
Gatinho Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


the game is good but there are still some bugs in it, except that the game is perfect☺
KaioKen Tensura:King of Monsters | SEA


хорошая графика, озвучка есть, не очень сложно копить на гачу, боевая система класс.
Игра работает без багов и лагов.


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