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Igami Hyperforma



connecting to cyberspace..40%..65%..94%..100%
starting to collect data from users...program launched successfully

[ graphic ] Aesthetically_beautiful: TRUE
[ sound ] Atmospheric: TRUE
[ game ] Challenging: TRUE
Repetitive: TRUE
Feels_repetitive: FALSE
[ story ] Intriguing: TRUE

Content: Fully free, all chapters can be unlocked by collecting all the keys [ get 3 stars in each levels ] or instantly unlock them by made a purchase to support the developer.

[search play store: Hyperforma Premium]
Existence: AFFIRMATIVE; Paid: TRUE;

Comment: I've completed the game 100% (including all the achievements) a while ago, redownload again and it seems it's more polished now.
The gameplay is like break breaker, the ball won't fall but instead can be destroyed, no need to break all the blocks but instead only the core.
Some levels quite hard but not impossible to pass, you may need some time to figure out how to finish them.

Decide: RECOMMEÑDĘÐ%;-_"*
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